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I’m trying to determine what could’ve caused the skull fracture pattern. You know–the angle, the type of blow. Something delivering plenty of force but that’s quite compact.
         Right. But-
But what?
         Wouldn’t the bone need to be closer to the surface to replicate a skull?

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Y/N looked down at the note.

There wasn’t much written on it just one sentence.

I thought it was cute how she said she was wearing her daddy’s shirt but the confusing part was that it wasn’t my shirt Y/N

I looked down at Brielle’s shirt, even though I already knew what or who’s shirt it was.

Why did he have to be so sarcastic with this though?

Just say be straight forward.

But that meant Dean had a conversation with my daughter.

“Bri, baby…” I said looking at her. “Did you or Unlce Seth read this?”

She looked up at me with innocent eyes. “No, mommy. Dean said not to read it and to give it to you.”

I nodded.

Okay so Seth didn’t know about this note, so that’s that.

But why didn’t he tell me, Dean talked to her?

Why does every time I figure one thing out something else pops up? I whined to myself.

“Hey Seth…” I blurted out causing both him and Roman to look at me. “Can you… um, can we talk for a second?”

Seth nodded. “Talk.”

I bit my lip.

Why couldn’t he get the hint?

“In the hall…” I said trying to avoid eye contact with Roman.

I’m pretty sure he’s curious now.

Not about me wanting to have a talk with Seth, that’s nothing new.

But the fact that I couldn’t do it in front of him, like usual.

“Alright..?” Seth mumbled as more of an answer.


The second the door closed, I shoved the piece of paper at Seth’s chest. “Dean told Bri to give this to me. He knows she thinks of Roman as her dad.”

“I saw him talking to her but I didn’t see him hand her this Y/N.”

So he did know.

“About that…” I said crossing my arms. “Why didn’t you tell me, Dean talked to her?”

“Y/N/N… It was just for a minute, and I swear I didn’t know he even came into catering. I got up to get Bri some water and looked over and Dean was sitting across from Bri.”

I nodded. “Again… why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just thought it was harmless. She didn’t say he said much, so I just treated it as a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.”

I groaned hitting his arm. “There’s never a don’t ask, don’t tell situation when it comes to my child.”

Seth sighed, probaly knowing I was right.

“Yeah I was stupid. I admit that. But you know if I felt something wasn’t right, I wouldn’t hide it. I love Brielle just as much as you and Roman.” Seth finished and I knew he meant it.

Not that I didn’t know before.

Like I said I was just worried.

Like always.

But who wouldn’t be if they knew the birth father of their child could be lurking around the corner?

Then finding out he gave her a note, to give to me.

Brielle could’ve opened it, and it’s not like she wouldn’t know what it said, she is in second grade.

She may not understand but it’ll be enough to confuse her.

But unfortunately that’s my ex for you.

All ways living for the moment, doing what feels right that second not concerned about what’s the cone from his actions later.

Or how it could affect someone.

“I’m sorry. I just got so worried when I saw that note, and you know how my mind starts working. Especially when I found out Dean–”


“Did someone say my name?” Dean asked standing there behind Y/N and Seth with a smirk.


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Obstacles 13 (ROMAN REIGNS)

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“Hey. Y/N I know you made it clear you never wanted to hear from me and I under–”

I rolled my eyes.

I’m not in the mood to hear from him, let alone listen to his rambling.

“Just get to it.”

“Right. Okay you um…” Y/N heard him pause on the other line. “You know…” He stuttered through his sentence again. “You remember that Nicole person.”

If there was ever a moment where I felt like dropping on my knees and scream like I was in some cheesy dramatic movie this would be one of those moments.

But foreal first Nicole calling me.

And now, I have Finn calling me, to talk about her.

Should I be catching on to some kind of sign universe?

Are you trying to tell me something?

“What about her?”

There was rustling in the background before Finn started talking again. “I just thought you should now that she called me, and I don’t know what she’s trying to do but you should be cautious if she tried to contact you. And don’t trust whatever she’s saying.”


Red flag.

“I’ll keep that in mind Finn. Bye.”

I sat down on the bed staring at nothing.

That was weird.

Why should I be so cautious?

And how did Finn even know her enough to the point of her knowing his number and calling her.

I remember when he came to me about finding her and Roman going into his hotel room, Finn made it clear she was unknown to him.


“I… I just don’t know why he would do this.” I said crying into Finn’s chest. “And you’re sure you hadn’t seen her around before?”

I could feel Finn’s body move and I assumed it was him shaking his head.

“Y/N. I’ve never seen her before last night…”


Thinking back on that emotional conversation I shared with Finn, I always thought it was weird.

I know Roman and he’s not the type of guy to just to stuff on impulse.

But the way Finn recalled the night to me, had me thinking otherwise.

I thought, well maybe Roman did have a night where he just lost himself.

Now I’m thinking otherwise.

All thanks to Finn’s cautionary call of course.

“He didn’t know Nicole before that night, but now he knows her enough to where she has his number to call him.” I repeated to myself.

What am I missing?

I know Finn didn’t just, link up with her afterwards.

Like hey I know my friend’s husband cheated on her with you, but let’s still meet up and maybe even exchange numbers.

“Something’s not adding up.”

I grabbed my phone that I had previously dropped at my side, on the bed, unlocking it and going through my recent calls.

Finn’s story seemed like a bunch of bullshit, but what about Nicole’s.

I never gave her much of a chance to talk but I’m all ears now.


Thank God, she picked up.

“Uh, yeah. Nicole…” I bit my lip.

Am I really about to apologize to her?

To someone who caused rifts in my marriage?

Looks like it.

“…I’m sorry about my behavior earlier when you called.” I said swallowing my pride. “But a friend of mines…”

Such a lie, I thought after saying the word friend.

“…Finn called and–”

I heard Nicole scoff on the other line.

“You can’t believe anything that came out of his mouth.”

Why’s that?

“Look Nicole, you don’t even know what he said. And he’s a good friend of mines who I’ve known for years so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t lie to me.” I said joining into the game.

Hopefully she bought it.

“He’s not a friend of yours. A real friend wouldn’t set up your husband up…” She said starting to spill.

Now we’re getting somewhere.


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