[Image Description - A series of tweets by rawhead.bloodybones ‏@so_treu that read: 

Notice how quick the Orlando shooting turned into a referendum on gun control rather than one on anti-LGBT legislation sweeping the U.S. 

Notice how this instance of anti-LGBT violence is being used to bolster the state security apparatus rather than challenge it. 

Notice how queer death is used to bolster the imperialist “war on terror” & legitimize state sanctioned racial profiling. 

Which is what the terrorist watch list mostly is.

Notice how no one wants to put the shooting in the context of anti-LGBT, antiblack, anti-immigrant transmisogynistic violence.

Notice how much easier it is for us to discuss “islamist violence” than any of these other violences. 

Notice how they never use the word “terrorism” when it’s queer POC dying.

Notice how the shooting is being used as an excuse to further militarize queer and POC spaces. 

Notice the ties between rising nativism/nationalism and the death rates of the ones excluded in order to “make america great again”] 

Another folklore/cryptid piece done for my friend. This is of one of my all time favorites. Water hags like Jenny Greenteeth and Tommy Rawhead are so DAMN creepy to me. They creep the piss outta me and I drew Rawhead and Bloody Bones in his marl pit waiting to eat some children. And there’s a Pokeball in there and some Ash Ketchum garb