Another promo art for our charity project. We help stray animals by doing fanart commissions. A small donation rawarded by a drawing could save someone’s life. The process is very simple: you write us a name of a character, we draw him or her with one of our fluffy fosterlings, and when you pay ALL the money goes to a shelter which is currently in our ward. We don’t take a cent - it’s not a commerce! Please spread it, send us requests, we need your help.

(I (Rainie) currently draw digital stuff, not traditional as it mentioned there. You can find examples of my art at this blog)


RAWards 2012

My friend, Danielle participated in the RAW artist contest and made it to the semi-finals for Best Makeup Artist of the Year. She showcased her work on live model…I had the great opportunity to be one of them. No matter how much I love doing makeup, its still fabulous to get my makeup done by someone else, especially a friend.

Although extreme, I do love this look. Black brows are enticing and the lips are fierce as well to me.

Thanks Danielle!