Mango and banana smoothie with some lime infused dried mango. The banana is painted inside in raw chocolate 🍫🍌 I was thinking today how blessed I feel to have been introduced to this way of life, because I swear I get so exited to eat every single meal rather than just eating mindlessly to fuel my body. I feel like raw, plant based food fuels my soul too. Go fruit yourself! 🍌

Devoured this huge bowl of swirly nicecream topped with frozen mango chunks and granola for breakfast 😈 #raw #vegan Weighed myself this morning for the first time in months to find out I weigh the same as a year ago… (Which is a good thing, I NEVER intended to lose or gain weight) but can this be the proof that: ⚠️ Carbs DON’T make you fat ⚠️ It is the SOURCE of your calories, not the AMOUNT that matters ⚠️ You don’t have to exercise like crazy to stay slim on this lifestyle ⚠️ You can eat DELICIOUS foods as above as much as you like and feel bloody amazing