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Best veggie soup you’ll ever taste!


3 cups nonfat vegetable broth

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon tomato paste

2 cups chopped cabbage

½ yellow onion

½ cup chopped carrot

½ cup green beans

½ cup chopped zucchini

½ teaspoon basil

½ teaspoon oregano




Add broth, Tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, basil, oregano and Pepper to taste.

Simmer for a about 5-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender then add the zucchini and simmer for another 5 or so minutes.



Yesterday i went to the farmer’s market in my hometown Nice and got nearly all of this stuff for free!!!! I spent only like 13€!! I feel spoiled :)
Since they see me a lot i’ve made friend with some of the dealers there and sometime they get really really friendly!!! I’m blessed

Raw, Juicing, and Whole Foods = Love

I’m totally in love with juicing and the idea of Raw Foodism. My new juicer makes me so happy! Juicing fruits and veggies really cleans you out, give you energy, and makes you feel phenomenal.  I’d really like to incorporate more vegan and raw meals into my diet.

And I’m like the happiest creature in the world when I’m in Whole Foods. I want to go there all the time haha.  It’s too bad that I’m a little farther from the closest store.  Or maybe it’s good. I’d spend all my money there.

To anyone looking for a delicious, healthy meal….I got this recipe from FullyRawKristina’s youtube channel. She’s awesome so check her out!  You chop up and mix together apple and banana, sprinkle cinnamon on it, then top it off with almond butter.  Seriously, try it.  Even if you’re not vegetarian, vegan, a raw foodist, or whatever you identify as you should give this a shot.  I don’t identify as any of those things and I want to eat this all day long :)


went raw yesterday…
my initial plan was to do about 85% raw fruits and veggies 

I like cooking, but it gets tiring, so this was a good solution to healthy eating for me, when I feel like it I can make fun raw food, and when I don’t I just eat it plain.

smoothies got old fast
and weirdly I had a baddd salt craving this evening
so I did broccoli and cauliflower processed with chopped tomatoes, a tiny pinch of salt, black pepper, and real pepper.
not bad, too spicy, eek

anyone know good raw recipes (no sugar,preferably no dehydrator)?

I`m thinking about going on the raw foods diet for one weeks in summer

Not because I want to go on that diet permanently (it`s too extreme for me), but I`m just curious and want to see what it`s about. I`ll do it when we have more vegetables and fruit in season and cheap. Does anybody want to try it with me, so we can share stories? We can set a date later. Maybe may/june?

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am trying to get as educated as I can before I go raw. Sometimes I get scared though :c I hear sooo many good things, but also scary things like a lot of people say different things! And what kind of water is the best?! I don't want to ever fail as being raw because I really want this! Some things just throw me off though :/ like healing tonics, how some people say you need 16 fruit just in one sitting for a meal, the water debate, etc.... asdfghjkl help?

Iv heard good and bad things too. See when some people go raw and they don’t do it properly or are very irresponsible about it they tend to gain weight, not get enough nutrients, or both. When this happens they automatically blame the food. Its not the food, they are just not doing it right!

I would recommend reading 80/10/10 I ordered it recently and its the healthiest among the raw food “diets” also watch fullyrawkristina on youtube she is very informative. you should probably just search on youtube raw veganism and see what you find! Also if you have netflix watch hungry for change, fat sick and nearly dead, forks over knives and food matters. Those are all FANTASTIC documentaries and they will get you motivated as well as fascinate you at how amazing the human body is :}

water is water :] if it tastes good its fine. I drink water straight from my fridge. If you’re worried or if your water at home tastes weird get a brita water bottle. it has a filter on the inside and I use mine all the time at school because other wise it would be disgusting. 

Make sure your already vegan before going raw. it will help a ton, and it will help to keep you away from switching back to eating the normal western diet. Dont think you have to go 100% raw over night. Its very difficult and you will end up feeling awful. This is from detoxing, however some people will get the misconception that this is how they will feel all the time on a raw food diet. If you go vegan first (stay away from the junk food!!!) then more raw over time you will hardly notice any detox symptoms. 

Watch your fat intake as well. Don’t go crazy on the nuts and avocados. this is probably the number one thing and that goes back to 80/10/10. 

Don’t listen to that crazy stuff you hear about. Raw veganism is the most simple diet on earth, don’t complicate it unnecessarily, it will start to stress you out if you do.

With the fruit just eat until you feel full. For the first week or 2 it will be hard to adjust to the amount of food you have to eat and you will probably not get enough calories. Don’t stress about nutrient deficiencies in this time. It takes months to develop a deficiency. Your stomach will learn to hold the amount of food you need.

That’s all I can think of right now I hope I helped, let me know how your raw food journey works out for you!! 

Day One!

Well no, not really.  I’m not juicing yet.  But it is day one of my juicing preparation.  Today through April first I am only going to eat raw foods and a little pasteurized 100% juice.  I had a Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness this morning, which is not raw and is basically completely fruit sugar, but I’m going to limit those delicious treats!  Other than that, I’ve had multiple bananas, raw almonds, and, most recently, a banana strawberry smoothie with my Raw Meal powder.  I’ve found today entirely painless.  I spent an entire month on a raw food challenge last year, so I think my body is remembering the drill pretty quickly.  I think that the last couple days of this raw week (the 30th and the 31st) I might just drink smoothies to get my body accustomed to drinking its meals.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the week and I can’t wait to start juicing!