raw vs cooked

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Thoughts on these new vegan diets for cats and dogs? I think they're a damn good way to kill your pet, but I thought that dogs could handle it better than cats. Is this correct? Thank you!

I would heavily side-eye a vegan diet for dogs. It’d have to be high in protein, and it would need a source of B12 which is not found in plant foods. It might work, but why would you want it to? If you gave a dog a plate of plain cooked beans vs. plain raw or cooked meat the vast majority of dogs would pick the meat every time. Vegans who want to own pets that don’t require meat or animal life of any kind should look towards pets like rabbits, not carnivores. The dog may thrive on an omnivorous diet but taking that all the way to vegan diets would likely be harmful. A vegetarian diet for dogs (allowing protein like eggs) would probably be fine though.

I have nothing to say to anyone who would be so cruel, naive and arrogant as to put a cat on a vegan diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, full stop. Can they survive with grains thrown into their meat-based foods? Sure. But not eating meat at all will be fatal or highly damaging to cats due to taurine deficiency, as cats cannot make it themselves and obtain it from the meat of other animals. They can suffer blindness and life-threatening dilated cardiomyopathy, where their heart muscle thins and stretches out until the heart has no strength to beat properly, causing heart failure. Avoiding cruelty to food animals is a noble cause, but being cruel to the house cat you adopted in the name of saving chickens and cows is just as awful and just as cruel as the worst factory farm. Either accept that your animal’s biology exists outside of your personal morals, or again, get a rabbit.