a liter of homemade juice to get in some carbs and nutrients || this was six oranges, eight carrots, a small cucumber and a knob of ginger 🍊 ft. my favourite old hippy jumper - this was my dads until I permanently borrowed it many years ago. It’s a good thirty years old and still going strong! 🌀🌸👽

Raw Food Diet - What Can We Learn From Pottenger's Cats?
The Pottenger's cats study scientifically proves the degenerative effects a diet of cooked or bio-actively dead foods has on living organisms, whereas, a raw food diet maintains general good health.

Warning:  even though a raw vegan diet can be extremely healthy, if not done right, this diet could cause a lot of cavities and be very detrimental to your health.  People are quick to blame the diet, but are not considering the thousand of chemicals in foods not carefully chosen, toxic stores of poisons throughout our bodies that get released by extremely cleansing foods, the effects of tipping a long established yet (controversial) dysfunctional balance from years of eating harmful foods and being exposed to other environmental toxins we absorb deep into the body.

Learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t repeat them:  S. Boutenko video.

Almond butter nicecream, with blackcurrent sauce (made by my lovely mum!), blackberries and some cinnamon Pana Chocolate 💜. Blackberries are literally everywhere at the moment, I found these sticking out of my neighbours hedge! I also had an interview yesterday for what could be my dream job, and right afterward I went to have a browse round a crystal shop. I got talking to the lovely angel who ran the shop, and she gave me the most gorgeous Nag Champa Agarbatti incense (which is my absolute favourite- my flat smells SO good right now!), and a beautiful carnelian bracelet. Carnelian helps you to move your life forward in a new direction, and is a great stone for helping to give clarity about career decisions, so I am hoping this is the Universes way of sending me a sign! 💜

Vegan Films Masterpost


  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. Vegucated
  3. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
  4. Hungry for Change
  5. Average Joe on the Raw
  6. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
  7. King Corn
  8. Food, Inc. 
  9. The Processed People
  10. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
  11. Making the Connection Series: Nutrition, FoodFitness 
  12. Fresh
  13. Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue
  14. Food Fight
  15. Food Matters
  16. May I be Frank
  17. Fast Food Nation
  18. Super Size Me
  19. The Beautiful Truth

Animal Industry

  1. Meet Your Meat
  2. Earthlings
  3. A Cow at My Table
  4. Making the Connection Series: Ethics
  5. I Am an Animal
  6. Speciesism

 The Environment

  1. The Secret Life of Plants
  2. Flow
  3. Making the Connection Series: Environment, Global Food Security, Farming
  4. Queen of the Sun
  5. Fresh
  6. The Cove


  1. Year of the Dog
  2. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
  3. Babe
  4. Chicken Run


STRAWBERRY AND CARAMEL NICECREAM ANYONE? 😛 If there’s such thing as nicecream heaven I think I just went there while eating this..💕 Topped with @mayversfood ’s almond spread, coconut, buckwheat and more strawberries! Honest to say I was literally licking the bowl clean when I was done 👅😂