so I just uploaded three new videos, all about my experiences at Woodstock Fruit Fest

check them out if you want I guess???

Almond butter nicecream, with blackcurrent sauce (made by my lovely mum!), blackberries and some cinnamon Pana Chocolate 💜. Blackberries are literally everywhere at the moment, I found these sticking out of my neighbours hedge! I also had an interview yesterday for what could be my dream job, and right afterward I went to have a browse round a crystal shop. I got talking to the lovely angel who ran the shop, and she gave me the most gorgeous Nag Champa Agarbatti incense (which is my absolute favourite- my flat smells SO good right now!), and a beautiful carnelian bracelet. Carnelian helps you to move your life forward in a new direction, and is a great stone for helping to give clarity about career decisions, so I am hoping this is the Universes way of sending me a sign! 💜