Ingredient Spotlight: Spirulina

This was the first ingredient I purchased from my local health food shop when I first got into healthy eating and a more plant-based diet. I did some research and found out about the many health benefits it provides… Spirulina has an amazing nutrient and vitamin profile! I love it for it’s deep green colour and incorporate it into many of my breakfast bowls! Read on to find out why spirulina is a superfood!

What is it?

  • A type of blue-green algae used as a dietary supplement
  • Rich in protein (60-70% complete protein which provides essential amino acids), vitamins (including B vitamins and Vitamin E), minerals, carotenoids (organic pigments with a role in cancer prevention and offer protection from heart disease) and antioxidants (compounds that neutralise free radicals that can harm our cells)
  • Source of iron (multiple times more than spinach)
  • Richest source of Vitamin B12 which can often be lacking in a plant-based diet - Vitamin B12 is vital for the formation of red blood cells and for the proper functioning of nervous tissue
  • Comes in powder or tablet form… I use the one pictured below


  • Chia puddings - add up to a teaspoon* to the recipe
  • Overnight oats - add up to a teaspoon to the recipe
  • Smoothies
  • Granola - I add it to my Greenola as pictured here
  • Baking - I’ve seen it used in muffins
  • Raw desserts - such as my Secretly Green Raw Brownie which you may have seen in posts like this one… Recipe is coming!

*It does have quite a strong taste so start off with small amounts and work your way up

My brother was trying really hard to snag a raw vegan kiwi lime tart. But my batch only made 12 and i have no idea how many girls will be at bookclub tonight.

Him: the girls can split them. Dont they have a lot of calories

Me: what? No. They’re made from avocados

Him: but desserts have a lot of calories

Me: Avocados don’t have calories