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Home sweet Home |SAMOA JOE|

Prompt: requested by anon: Could I please get a Fluffy Samoa Joe imagine, where Joe just got home and he’s playing video games and talking to his wwe pals, but he wants to be around and Reader falls asleep while trying to keep up with him.

An: my first time writing for Samoa Joe! Again super short but hopefully good.

The key shuffled in the door as Joe unlocked the door to his and Y/n’s house. He was so happy to be home. The only thing that was upsetting to him was that when he opened the red door you were not in the house.

The room smelled like the same coconut candles you buy every time you go to the store. The lights were on, it seemed you must have been on a run to the store after finishing work. Joe enjoyed being home. You and him shared similar interests in decorations of the house. The house didn’t have just one theme it had several. But overall you enjoyed the several knick-knacks you had around the house from Joe’s travels.

Joe took out a clear vase from a drawer and set the lush red roses he had bought for you on the counter. Sighing he exited the kitchen and headed to the living room where he turned on the large television and started up the Xbox.

He played his games for like thirty minutes before he heard the deadlock shuffle as a key entered the lock.

Joe immediately threw his controller not even caring that he lost his game and rushed to the front door. You pushed the door open and quickly placed your paper bags full of groceries on the ground before you got attacked by your boyfriend.

He pulled you by the waist into his large frame. Kissing the top of your head he smiled down at you. “I missed you.” He said as he ambushed your face with tiny kisses. “ I missed you too.” You breathed, catching his lips with yours at last. He had been gone for about a month and that was a very long time for you.

He picked up the groceries and helped you carry them inside the cozy home.

You placed the food on the counter and decided to make some spaghetti and salad with Joe’s favorite, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Joe and you sat at the table with music playing and feet propped up against each other eating your dinner while cracking jokes and saying some pretty cheesy pick up lines. It was absolutely perfect. Joe had missed your craziness and jokes more than he would ever think possible.

Afterwards you plopped on the couch watching some classic movies. Your eyes felt heavy as you rested on Joe’s shoulder. Closing your eyes you felt a kiss on your temple. “I love you, Y/n.” Smiling you fell asleep to good dreams.

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Sidlink and Volink are my current most requested ships to make art of, so why not have them swap Links for fun?

Hi 👋🏼 My name is Rhiana and I’m a #chocoholic 🌟🍫

PB Chocol'ha Bowl made with 4 frozen bananas blended w 3 tbsp raw ka'kau, 3 tbsp coconut milk & 3 tbsp PB topped w more bananas, strawberries, ka'kau nibs, desiccated coco and a freshly baked vegan PB cookie. Raise your hand if you love chocolate like I love chocolate. 🖐🏼

Photo inspo: @talinegabriel 🌟