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》W A T E R M E L O N
…..juice is the truth! Simply blend and drink up! No water needed, but optional.
Watermelon is a superfood that is epic for detoxing! Which is why I love it. Detoxing allows us to purge and vibrate higher. It activates wellness and raises our frequency; mind, body and spirit. We come into contact with so many pollutants and toxins in the air and water….let alone through people, energy traps and energy vampires. Detox often, as you continue your life’s journey of vibrating higher daily.
I drink a few glasses daily and will often do a 3 day juice fast with just watermelon juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it and plenty of water in between. Google the many other amazing benefits of Watermelon/juice.
Be love. Be well. -Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily


Whether or not a dog is called an omnivore or a carnivore doesn’t matter much. What matters is what you’re feeding.

Dogs evolved from animals that ate mostly animal tissue in a feast/famine style, with very little subsistence on plant matter, usually for special reasons like grass to scrub out parasites. Compared to wolves, dogs only have 3 different genome regions dedicated to the catabolism and utilization of glucose and starch. This mutation allowed them to thrive in human settlements. But… it bothers me when this fact is misconstrued for a particular side (traditional pet food vs raw feeding).

Dogs can and do use glucose and starch for energy. This is an undeniable fact. Whether or not a large amount of these nutrients (say, 50%-90% as is found in most kibbles) fed over a long time is bad for a dog remains to be seen. But generally, does your dog thrive on mostly corn? Does your dog thrive eating nothing but wheat and rendered-to-death chicken byproducts? Certainly I believe different dogs can tolerate shittier diets. Dogs are hugely varied and some are just garbage guts. I’m not defending folks who feed crap food, but I’m just saying: Use your dog’s body to tell you if it’s healthy. Shiny coat? No flakey skin? White teeth? Steady stool consistency? No excessive gas? Clear eyes and ears? Strong nails? Steady energy? Not over or under weight? Good muscle tone? Awesome.

For some dogs, they do best on raw diets. Some dogs do excellently on raw and kibble and everything in between.

It doesn’t matter if a dog is technically a carnivore or an omnivore or an “opportunistic omnivore” or whatever. Look at what nutrients a dog can utilize. Look at their digestive tracts. Look at their body health. Adapt what you feed with knowledge of good research, not funded by dog food companies, and constantly watching your dog’s reactions to foods. Choose nutritious ingredients no matter what they are, plant or animal. (Gonna go with white potato, or sweet potato? Chicken or venison? What has more nutrients? What does your dog do best on?)

Dogs are the most varied animal on the planet. There isn’t such a thing as “the best dog food”. Experiment. Research. Watch.

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I know you have so many prompts right now, so no rush on this. But could I request something where Frank has a dog and because said dog has pretty much adopted Karen as his second owner, Karen often times takes care of the dog when he's away/busier than usual. And it doesn't take long for someone to start putting two and two together about who the dogs main owner is.

YES!! This turned into a monster of a fic tbh (3.5k words wtf), but I hope you enjoy anyway! ^^

week one–

It’s closer to midnight than sunset when Karen’s unlocking her door, shuffling inside and leaning back against the solid wood tiredly to kick off her heels. As soon as she’s sent the second one flying somewhere towards the back of the couch, something furry and solid knocks against her shins. She yelps as it starts licking one of her knees.

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Green Smoothie Layered with Granola, Blueberries, & Strawberries🍓

Green Smoothie~
One Lemon
One Clementine
Frozen pineapple (trader joes brand)
Frozen bananas