raw spaghetti

every Day i feed my computer one raw spaghetti. this is all she Askes for. in return she tells me How many minutes Remain until my impending death . this is all I Ask For

Took a break from graphic design work to sketch.

Mostly designs for Papyrus when he grows up in the baby blaster au. He needs to look friendly and gentle, with a more graceful body type compared to San’s short and stocky self. He never uses his laser against living creatures, but it’s sure good for blasting debris out of the way to rescue someone. It is also good for bluffing.

Also a mid change sketch to try and hash out what he’d look like with enchanted clothing. They kinda melt away and come back when he changes back. He’s probably showing off to Frisk because maybe they are concerned that it hurts him? NO HUMAN WATCH, IT’S EASY! NOTHING IS AMISS WITH THE GREAT PAPYRUS. Then he gives them rides. He is probably way faster than Sans, but Sans can teleport at least.

Babby Pap eating raw spaghetti. Grillby is like ‘plz let me cook it first’ but he just keeps munching away.

I think Sans and Papyrus can understand each other when growling and stuff. What is Pap concerned about? Sans being Sans. They’d be blaster beasts viciously screaming and growling at each other but really they are arguing about socks on the floor.

Also when they are little, they are tiny little babies that crave being held nicely. They grow up and they don’t fit on Grillby and the couch anymore. But they try. Grillby doesn’t have the heart to tell his skelesons that they are just too big for cuddles like that anymore.

yay doodles!

Your fave is problematic: transboy-glanni

*doesn’t like bread unless it’s toasted or with gravy
*likes the taste of metal
*eats raw spaghetti
*has a regular sleep schedule
*doesn’t like the Roberto disguise
*didn’t know that Georgia has mountains
*has a blood fetish
*has a vore fetish

why are my quick nap dreams the weirdest of them all, like this time i was cooking in the kitchen and when i opened the window bc of the steam a load of water steadily poured in since apparently my apartment was underwater now and then my roommate came in, who was actually an octupus, knocked over all my shit and borrowed a cleaver, while eating spaghetti raw and telling me my chopped onions taste like shit and then just swam outta the window and sOMEONE was CONSTANTLY BLASTING ALLSTAR FROM FUCKING SMASH MOUTH AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM

Things that happened at band
  • BD: “What are you eating?” String Bass: “Spaghetti” BD: “Raw spaghetti??” SB: *shrugs* BD: “Can you…. just not?”
  • BD: “Don’t play wimpitissimo!”
  • Senior directing the class: “Okay so this note is sfz, with an accent, so you should like ‘BOP it.’ Entire Band: “TWIST IT, PULL IT” Senior: *sigh*
  • The flute section connected all their flutes together and attempted to play
  • BD forgot to cut us off so the band plays on, sight-reads it, and falls apart
  • Someone got put in a locker as a joke but then got locked in and no one knew the lock combo. Three people leaned against the locker to hide the guy from the BDs, a senior went to get bolt cutters from their car.
  • It started to rain at marching practice so the woodwinds put their instruments away and kept marching and sang their parts. Only problem was that all 17 flutes ended up screaming their flute feature as loudly as humanly possible, BDs laughed their asses off with the rest of the band.
  • Someone forgot their prop right before a full run through, so they broke into a full sprint and ran from one end zone to the other, grabbed the prop, and ran back in about 20 seconds
  • Band is sent to run to the baseball field and back. Trumpet player makes it to the field first, drops to the parking lot, does like 50+ push-ups, and is still one of the first few back.
  • It starts sprinkling in the middle of set to set, woodwinds anxiously stare at the BD for her to let us go. It starts to pour, the BD screams “WOODWINDS” and we all run for cover at full sprint. The brass section can be heard laughing as they walk behind us.
  • Woodwinds sectional person constantly conducting wrong so we just ignore her
  • woodwinds laughing at the brass section because it’s raining at sectionals so the woodwinds dont have to march but brass is running laps in the mud
  • the oboe player vocally imitating his oboe’s sound with a shriek that sounded just like his oboe
  • 90% of the band got lost in the music and faked playing it
  • 4-5 different people falling during a 6-5 crab run then 6-5 jazz run visual at the end of our show during finals at a competition. one of these people broke their knee in doing so.
  • clarinet player almost killed by a flute during the previous maneuver at practice
  • an member of the other school’s football team insulting their own team right in front of our band
  • a tenor drum coming down the stairs hit a flute player in the head with their drum
  • entire tuba section forgot where they were supposed to stand for when we had to play “america the beautiful”
  • a third of the band playing along to a tuba playing the “bum, bum bum” from “Fancy” as we left a pep rally
  • one of our DMs did an iconic jump for a huge “one” during one of the band’s shows. this DM broke his leg doing so.
  • half the band formed a conga line going around the band room and in/out of the locker room before practice, conga-ing to the song “Jump in the line” (shake, shake senora)
  • the band’s first football game (and first time we were going to perform our entire show) got rained out so we got back on the buses. our bus had a DM on it and we ended up singing our entire show with a DM conducting us. as it turns out, one of the other buses did the exact same thing, without knowing that we were doing it too.