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Club Fighting Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: isthecomet

Prompt: Maybe one where bill got into a fight in the club and you take care of his wounds

Warning: slightlg minor rape attempt if you squint

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You huffed frustratedly as you looked at the two dresses in the mirror. Bill decided to have some fun and take you out to the local club to dance. You weren’t much into drinking or dancing but it was a night with Bill so you didn’t mind.

However the one part was that you couldn’t pick out the two dresses you were holding up. One was tight fitting and black with two crossing straps that showed off your cleavage as it went around the neck and the other was a beautiful shimmering mini dress that reminded you of an ocean had slits up the side.

You held the black one up to your body and examined yourself before doing the same with the other dress. You continuously switched between both but you couldn’t tell which one you should wear.

This was your first time going out to a club too—and you were 26.

Bill came in wearing black pants with a white graphic shirt and black blazer looking young yet elegant as always.

“You aren’t dressed yet?” He teased.

“I’m stuck between these two dresses.” You said revealing them to Bill.

He stepped closer and looked at them carefully before deciding, “I like the shimmery one. It matches your beautiful personality well.”

Bill pinched your chin and you blushed before leaving his grasp taking your dress into the bathroom. You fumbled with the zipper for a little bit but eventually you got the dress on.

You noticed it had a low scoop top in the front to reveal some of your cleavage and dipped down way low in the back. The sleeves went down to just above your elbow and you slipped on black converses and styled your hair into a braid style.

You put very light makeup on since you didn’t like to wear a lot of that gunk and stepped out to Bill who was sitting on the bed on his phone. When he heard the door squeak open though he turned to look and his jaw dropped.

You looked so beautiful to him, almost as beautiful as the first time he had talked to you. You walked towards him and Bill noticed that when you walked in the light the dress seemed to move like an ocean.

“Do I look okay?” You asked twirling around clumsily since you weren’t exactly a ballerina, much less graceful, but that’s what Bill loved about you.

“Bill?” You asked noticing him staring.

You tugged down at the bottom of the dress self consciously and Bill didn’t close his mouth until he nearly started drooling. He played it off by coughing once into his fist and wiping the drool off of his face with his blazer sleeve.

“Is it bad?” You asked softly.

“N-No not at all. In fact the complete opposite really.” Bill replied definitely eyeing the cut outs showing even more skin.

He reached out and pulled you towards him wrapping his arms around your hips. You blushed as he nuzzled against your stomach.

“Bill! I’m not pregnant!”

“I just love you so much.” He replied before standing up to kiss you tasting your vanilla flavored lip gloss.

“Now c'mon let’s go.” The man said taking your hand and leading you away.

“Let me grab my coat first!”

You arrived to the club and you couldn’t help but shift nervously. This was your first time ever going to a club. As soon as your feet stepped onto the cement you could feel the heavy beat coming from inside already.

Neon lights decorated the sides of the building showing off alcoholic drinks and the clubs name Neon Moon, which was the most highly exclusive club.

“Bill you got us into Neon Moon?” You asked your eyes wide.

“I may have pulled a few strings and got us in.” He replied.

“Thank you so much!” You said giving him a tight hug.

He smiled and kissed your head, “Your welcome baby. Now c'mon.”

Bill gave his keys to the valet before leading you past the line of people behind a velvet rope. Most of them squealed and fangirled loudly making your ears hurt as the gushed and swooned and screamed at their top of their shrill lungs.

You felt a little undressed noticing them all wearing their thousand dollar jewelry well you had on for jewelry was a black velvet choked and a coiled necklace with a star pendant. You weren’t much into the “bling-bling” since you didn’t want to be one of those high maintenance girls that go every week to get botox injected.

You felt self conscious when you noticed several of them were glaring flaming daggers towards you because you were his girlfriend. Bill distracted you though by taking your hand and helping to hurry you past the line.

At the front was a woman who looked like her daddy was a rich millionaire. She had a real diamond crown and bachelorette sash, enough diamond jewelry to weigh as much as a small sized dog, a short and very, VERY revealing diamond coated dress, fake orange tan, enough makeup to make your eyes water, and long ass fake nails that looked like they could gouge someone’s eyes out without trying.

How was she even able to stand on those 7 inch stilettos covered in, of course, diamonds. Bill payed no attention to her and walked up to the the burly guard who looked like he only ate raw steaks and protein shakes daily.

Just standing right outside the door you could feel the thudding even more. You could literally feel the music cause the bones in your feet to rumble with the heavy beat. The bodyguard nodded without Bill or you needing to say anything and unclipped the red velvet rope in front of the door.

Bill waved to his fangirls which caused them to squeal and shriek one last time before he lead you in. You walked down a short hallway before arriving to the actual club. As soon as you entered there was a metal railing in front with two curved stair cases on both sides around it.

Around the sides of the upper floor was tables lit with fluorescent lanterns for people who wanted to dine more than dance. If you went down the stairs you could arrive to the dance floor that was was full of people.

There was a bar on the left and a dj booth up front where a well known dj was playing the sick beats. You awed as you walked over to the railing looking at all the people. Bill grinned and took your hand from the railing leading you down into the dance floor.

Bill quickly joined in dancing and you looked around timidly before dancing along. Gradually you got into it and were laughing as you danced with Bill who was smiling because you were having fun.

You especially looked beautiful under the black lighting so the ocean dress looked more planet or a galaxy themed. Eventually Bill lead you over to the bar and you held your breath noticing the bar tender was smoking.

It was already hot and hard to breath as is but the choking smell of the burning cigarette made you want to run outside to at least get a gasp of air.

“How can I help you?” He yelled over the music blowing cigarette smoke in your direction which you waved away not caring if it was a rude gesture.

“I’ll have a shot of whiskey and the lady would like a Pineapple Sunrise.” Bill said.

He knew you too well. The bartender nodded and walked away allowing you to breath.

“You okay?” Bill asked over the music.

You nodded well pressing your hand to your chest, “Yeah just the cigarette smoke…”

“I understand.” He replied nodding.

The bartender returned with your drinks and you thanked him before taking a sip. You didn’t drink alcohol often so when you did you liked to get ones with barely any or else you’d be on the floor rolling around and giggling like last time.

After you finished your drinks you went back into the dance floor a little buzzed. Well you were dancing you noticed a man at the bar who kept staring at you. Judging by his expensive looking suit was a millionaire who came here often.

“Hey I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” Bill announced before walking off.

You nodded and joined in with a group of older woman who were loud and clearly intoxicated but clearly they did like you. You danced with them for a bit until you felt a hand grab your arm.

You quickly turned around expecting Bill only to see it was the man who’d been eyeing you for the past 15 minutes. You had to admit he was kind of handsome but not as handsome as Bill.

You felt sick noticing him seemingly trace your curves taking in your smooth legs and especially taking interest in how short your dress was. You tried to tug arm away but his grip was tight and he only squeezed harder.

“Let go!” You snapped finally ripping your arm away.

“Sorry baby, but you look mighty fine.” He commented running his hand down your neck.

You slapped him hard enough to cause a few people in the crowd to stare. He chuckled and only grinned, “I like the feisty ones.”

You squeaked as he suddenly pulled you to his chest and you could smell alcohol radiating off of him like week old trash. You gagged and tried to get away but he only grabbed your hand you were shoving his shoulder with and sloppily danced around like he was at a ballroom.

“Let me go!” You struggled before eventually kneeing him straight in the nuts.

“Ow! I love you.” He commented.

You looked around frantically for Bill or at least a bouncer but you couldn’t find anyone. He grinned and you slapped his hands away trying to walk off only for him to pull you back towards him.

“Get away from me you fucking pervert!” You spat.

You noticed Bill coming out of the restroom and frantically called for him which equally just as quickly got his attention. He saw you and noticed the man trying to pull you to his chest.

He stormed over and quickly shouted, “Hey dude what the hell do you think your doing?!”

The millionaire snorted at Bill and replied, “What do you think I’m doing? She’s a might fine bitch.”

You raised your fist about to punch him but Bill stopped you, “C'mon let’s go.”

“Your just gonna leave? Huh? Pussy!”

Bill continued to walk on with you until the man attacked and grabbed Bill by the shoulder before landing a heavy blow to his face. The crowd dispersed and you took a couple steps back yourself nearly tripping over your own feet.

The man grinned feeling victorious but Bill was from Sweden. He revealed his bruised cheek and bloody nose to the crowd before attacking the man as well making them awe as if this was from a movie.

You watched concerned as they fought mostly Bill just trying to protect himself. Eventually the man pushed Bill onto the bar and began to repeatedly punch him in the face. You knew you couldn’t be a bystander anymore.

“GET OFF OF HIM!” You screamed running over and ripped the man off of Bill throwing him onto the floor.

“Bill are you okay?” You asked concerned cupping his face.

His nose was definitely broken and his face was swollen and bruised in some places.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He grunted.

Before you could speak again the drunk man attacked you this time grabbing you by your hair and yanking you away from him and punched you in the face feeling the force itself. Despite how much pain you were feeling you stomped on his foot making him cry out and let you go.

He slapped you and you fell to the floor your cheek bleeding from his ring scratching against it. Bouncers finally arrived just as the man was about to attack you again and tackled him to the ground before man handling him outside.

You stumbled over to Bill and saw he was standing up just fine despite his face being covered in blood and bruises.

“You okay?” You asked again.

He nodded, “Yeah I just think we should head home now.”

“You might wanna wash off though.”

You lead Bill to the women’s bathroom and with a wet paper towel gently helped him clean all the blood off. His nose was thankfully not broken—at least not enough to notice but he did have a few noticeable scratches and bruises on his face.

“Do I still look handsome?” He asked.

“Even if your face gets smashed in you’ll still always be handsome.” You replied kissing his bruised cheek.

He chuckled softly you continued to wipe off the blood knowing when you went home you needed to clean his wounds more throughly.

You had driven the way home since you were sure Bill had a minor concussion and was very obviously in no condition to drive. You had just gotten a minor cut and a bloody nose with a bruised cheek but otherwise you were perfectly fine.

Not so much the same for Bill.

You had to lead him to the bathroom pulling out your first aid kit to address his wounds. You hummed as you carefully dabbed a cotton ball with disinfectant on a small cut on his cheek.

He hissed lightly and squinted but otherwise was mostly quiet which clearly concerned you. When you were bandaging his knuckles you finally asked, “Why are you so quiet?”

“What are you talking about?” Bill asked.

“You’ve been quiet for so long it’s concerning. Do you feel bad for leaving me?”

The man shifted and you could tell you had hit the nail on the head.

“You feel guilty for leaving me?” You repeated.

“Yeah…” He sighed.

After finishing bandaging his knuckles you gently kissed each one making him smile softly, “Why do you feel like your to blame?

"Because when I walked away that predator attacked and…ya know. I lost.”

“Trust me Bill you didn’t lose. Cuz you still got the girl.” You said kissing him on the lips.

He smiled and pulled you onto his lap making you giggle, “That is true.”

He leaned in for another kiss and you accepted. He reached for the back of your dress and you slapped his hands away, “Careful cowboy your already going to be feeling it in the morning.”

“Taking you out the club and seeing you dirty dancing in a sexy dress was so worth it though.”

“(Name) do we have anymore Advil?”

“Told ya you were going to feel your pain in the morning.”

“I didn’t think it’d hurt this bad!”

“Well it does and because you left me now you get to experience the karma.”

“What karma? I saved you.”

“You lost the fight. Well, partially lost.”

“I did it because I love you.”

“Don’t worry baby I love you too~ but we ain’t going out to another club for a while.”

“Ow. Agreed….”

Epilogue: Yaaaaaay I’m done with this request! I know I say this about all my requests but I like this one. I like all of them I’m sorry I can’t pick just one to like XD! Thanx for reading! :D!

Fallout 4 Companions’ Blogs

Hancock - super political, Feel the Bern, lots of quotes. pro-feminism and LBGT+ rights, anti-racism and general reddit fuckery. always getting into fights with anti-sjw types. refuses to take anon hate seriously. only posts about drug usage when giving advice on how to use safely or start a healthy recovery. gets a ton of messages about “wow I didn’t know u did drugs, ur so ~smart~!” and it really pisses him off

Nick - reblogs some of Hancock’s feminism and LGBT posts, but doesn’t really center his blog around it. will still drag anyone saying dumb shit though, snark lord master. mostly reblogs audio posts of 40s and 50s songs. makes his own posts that are reviews of noir / mystery / true crime books. fairly popular. his reviews of romance novels are wildly popular, much to his chagrin. secretly follows much more hardcore kink blogs but never reblogs anything because Ellie follows him and she can never know

Curie - lots of medical facts and helpful PSAs. has posts like “have you taken your medicine today” and “straighten your back. breathe deep. drink some water.” on queue. posts pictures of the cool plants and animals she sees out in the field. very late to memes. reblogs the oldest, most outdated ones and tags literally all of her friends to make sure they’ve “seen this adorable green frog!”

MacCready - couldn’t give less of a shit about all that political stuff. blogs about gaming, mostly first person shooters. lots of comic book stuff too. reblogs a few cosplay pics, secretly follows fitness blogs because he wants to cosplay as Grognak but thinks he’s too scrawny. also envy-follows Danse to try to figure out how the fuck he does that with like … his entire body. how. does he consist solely on raw eggs and protein shakes?? (*cough*thirsty*cough*)

Danse - all fitness, all the time. super pro-military. anti-sjw. and he’s only following all those buff muscle men for like, fitness reasons. the sweaty shirtless pics he reblogs are just for … motivation. to stay in shape. doesn’t realize he’s been reblogging from a gay porn blog until he sincerely reblogs a daddy kink post thinking it’s literally praising fathers. he suddenly gets 47 asks in his inbox about it, most of them filth from thirsty anons desperate to be “Topped” (he googles this and nearly deletes his blog when he realizes what he’s done)

Piper - shipper, unironic social justice warrior, makes a ton of callout posts. her blog is always filled with #drama. she ships people in real life and refuses to stop. runs a side blog dedicated to Valencock. reviews ALL the new media – tv shows, movies, books, everything and rates it based on number / treatment of PoC, women, LGBT+, and other minority characters. ultimately deems just about everything problematic, but a pretty good resource for figuring out if you want to watch that show or not

Deacon - nihilist meme shitlord. lots of spongebob memes. all of the audio posts are rickrolls until you click on one you’re expecting to be a rickroll and then it isn’t. reblogs lots of hilarious and #relatable posts about mental illness and college students wanting to Die™ but also posts about coping techniques too. how much is him just being funny and ironic? how much is sincere? how much is a cry for help? sometimes he gets concerned asks and just replies with *makes finger guns and changes the subject*

Cait - actually follows both Hancock and Danse. reblogs the stuff about using safely from Hancock and the fitness stuff from Danse. uploads lots of real life street fight videos. stars in most of them. secretly follows Steven Universe blogs. self-identifies with Jasper and hopes for a redemption arc. sends angry anons to people who write or draw porn of Steven x any gem. posts her locations with “meet me in x location for an ass kicking” and @’s Brony blogs

Preston - baby animals, positive suggestions, helpful life advice. a little too addicted to hack my life actually, but posts adorable pictures of him being blushy and cute with his big beautiful smile so no one minds. lots of nerdy history posts, frequently cosplays. very proud of his Minutemen uniform that he made himself. sometimes reblogs Deacon’s coping techniques and Curie’s daily reminders to take care of yourself. not actually as happy as his blog seems, but he’s trying hard and doing a lot better.

X6-88 - surprisingly, it’s almost entirely aesthetics. favors dark, neutral colors. landscapes, especially forest that look like some faerie shit is going on in there. no selfies on his blog anywhere. the only posts he makes himself read like facebook statuses and google searches. I don’t need a “bit” to tell me how fit I am. holy shit this is great. how to sync my tracker. how much sodium is recommended per day. how many murders is too many

Strong - fitness instructor who refuses to use technology. has a Nokia from the nineties with Snake on it. if he ever relents and gets an email address, it will be an aol account. thinks tumblr is a type of gymnastics.

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Can you do scenarios of living together with Kenma, Kuroo, Hinata, Nishinoya, Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Sugawara? Your blog is lovely as always ❤

Hey love! I kind of took this as living as roommates, not lovers. I hope you’re ok with that!


- The kid never leaves his bedroom. Ever. If you don’t bother him, chances are he’ll dwell in the dark of his bedroom all day, only leaving for bathroom breaks or the occasional snack. He’d need excessive amounts of force to leave his bed in the morning, so be prepared to slam pots and pans in the morning if you plan on living with him.

- Despite the fact that he’s always MIA, he’s actually a pretty decent person to live with. He always cleans up after himself, keeps his necessities in the bathroom in order and helps with the cooking and cleaning. The only problem is, he’ll eat your food and have no shame admitting it. (You;d have to start keeping your cookie stash under your bed…)

- Unless he’s at Bokuto’s, Kuroo is almost always over at your place. You don’t mind much, he isn’t rude and is pretty respectful, but he’s over so much he might as well start paying for rent, too.


- He’s very respectful. He minds his own business for the most part and doesn’t bring home friends unless you’re comfortable with them. Although, he has a bad habit of invading your privacy sometimes. When he’s bored, or lonely, or both, he’ll sneak into your bed in the middle of the night and sleep next you you. This happens at least twice a week.

- He watches these atrocious nature documentaries every night. They’re tedious, and play at 8:00 PM every night on PBS. At this point, you’re 100% sure they’re only made to help insomniacs fall asleep. Sometimes, you’ll try to convince him to watch a more interesting documentary, a cute one about penguins or coral reefs on National Geographic. Sadly, he’ll always stick to the horrific ones, ones about the velocity of waterfalls and the properties of matter. He’s honestly an old man, sometimes.

- He wanted to buy a cat, but since you and the landlord were both against that, he got a hermit crab instead. It’s a troublemaker, that thing, and somehow, it always manages to escape it’s terrarium at night. In the morning, you’ve not only found it on the kitchen table across the room, but in the bathtub, behind the fridge, and in between couch cushions as well. Kuroo thinks it’s hysterical, but you get a little heart attack every time you see it’s left its cage.


- He’s such a joy. He’s always happy and if you’re having a bad day, he’s always more than willing to cheer you up. Although, he’s kind of messy. Actually, he’s very messy. He knows to wash his dishes and pick up after himself in the kitchen and living room, but his bedroom is an absolutely atrocious. You made a deal that every time you tidy up his room for him, he has to pay extra on that month’s rent. He always pays extra.

- Sometimes Kageyama comes over, and it’s like a dream come true. Somehow, he always makes Hinata shape up and do his own thing for once. On more than one occasion, you’ve considered asking him to move in with you, too.

- He almost burnt the whole place down, once. He tried making Pillsbury cinnamon rolls by putting them in the microwave. With the container still on. Of course, you were there to stop him before the microwave could do any damage, but after that day he wasn’t allowed to cook anything anymore.


- Nine times out of ten, if Nishinoya is home, Tanaka is over. It’s not like you dislike Tanaka or anything, he’s great. It’s just that when he’s with Nishinoya, they’re so loud, and for no apparent reason, either. They’ll blast Nicki Minaj from his bedroom, and do nothing but scream for hours straight. You’re surprised you haven’t gotten any neighbor complaints yet…

- He knows he can be obnoxious, but he makes up for it. Sometimes, he’ll buy a bunch of snacks, snacks that your mother would probably get mad at you for eating, and binge watch an entire tv show with you. Other times, he’ll take you out to a movie you want to go see, or a museum you’ve been planning on going to. He’s like a boyfriend, but without the commitment.

- Although he’s kind of like a boyfriend, he’s a bit of a “Big Brother”, too. God forbid you ever bring home a date, Nishinoya will be on top of him in seconds, asking for his name, birthday, occupation, and social status. Somedays he’ll be all buddy buddy with you ruffling your hair and calling you “kiddo”. The next he’s like, “what’s up loser?” and making fun of you if you mess up. It’s really just his way of showing platonic affection.


- No matter what, he’s always criticizing your outfits. Every morning you’re either met with a “Hey! You look so good today!” or a “Are you really leaving the house looking like that?” On more than one occasion, Oikawa has actually gone out of his way to put together an entire outfit for you.

- He occupies so much time in the bathroom, it’s actually annoying. You both will be in a rush trying to get to work in the morning, and he’ll take an actual hour primping his hair. On more than one occasion, you have peed while he was doing his hair because he was taking up so much precious time.

- It’s nice that he’s very clean, but it’s bad that he’s borderline OCD. Sometimes he actually drives himself crazy making everything ‘perfect’, and you have to be there to reassure that yes, everything is perfect and yes, he did a wonderful job.


- Living with this one means getting used to being woken up by a blender every morning. Iwaizumi is the kind of guy who drinks raw egg and protein powder shakes for breakfast every morning, and it’s kind of repulsive watching him do so. Although, every so often he’ll make you a smoothie before hand, just to make up for the noise he’s making.

- He leaves his dirty clothes everywhere. By everywhere, I mean everywhere. Sometimes he’ll just leave a sweatshirt in the middle of the kitchen and you have no idea how it even got there, and why he was even compelled to drop it there. After a while, you threatened him that you’d throw every stray piece of clothing out the window if he didn’t get it washed or put it away in an hour.

- As a roommate he respects your privacy and personal space, but as a best friend, he’s a bit of an asshole. He’ll take up the only bathroom in your place for hours, and you have to nearly break down the door because, “Hajime, nobody takes two hour shits. What the fuck are you doing in there?”


- He’s honestly a bit annoying to live with sometimes. He’s a great guy, really. It’s just that he has a really bad habit of babying you sometimes. He truly is like a mother, and sometimes he forgets that he actually isn’t one. He’ll sometimes come in and check if you’re sleeping or not, and make you go to bed at a certain time. Others, he’ll literally set a curfew for you, saying that you need to be home at a certain time for absolutely no reason. You constantly have to remind him, “Koushi, I’m a fully capable adult. You aren’t my mother.”

- Despite him being a bit of a doting mother, he’s actually a great guy to live with, once you get used to him. He’s fantastic at reading people, and even if you’re faking a good mood, he can see right through that facade, He’ll go out of his way to make your day a little bit better, whether it be by making your favorite food, putting on a show you like, or buying you something cute, Sugawara’s always coming in on a clutch.
- He makes you feel bad sometimes, because he’s actually kind of perfect. Not only does he do his own chores, but he goes out of his way to do yours sometimes too. You want to tell him you’re fully capable of doing them yourself, but do you really think that would stop Sugawara Koushi?

roommate headcanons (part 3 )

post-series au thing in which all the key kids live happily ever after together, bc why not :)

- Riku is usually the first one up in the mornings and Roxas the last one to go to sleep at night. Both enjoy the quiet & solitude that comes with being the only one in the house awake, even if it’s just for an hour or two. When all of the others are up and about, there aren’t very many peaceful moments, so… yeah. 

 - Roxas & Aqua being DEAD before they have their coffee in the morning. Seriously, don’t even try talking to them. You might get a terse smile out of Aqua if you throw a ‘good morning’ her way. Roxas, on the other hand– Forget it. Also: STOP CALLING HIM ‘SUNSHINE’. He is looking at you, Riku. 

- On the subject of coffee and mornings, there was that one time when Sora, after discovering that there was no milk left for cereal, came up with the brilliant idea of using that fancy-looking dulce de leche coffee creamer instead. Unfortunately for him, that happened to be Aqua’s coffee creamer, and, even more unfortunately, he happened to use up all but the last teaspoon’s worth of it. A coffee creamer-less morning does not a happy Aqua make. Needless to say, that was the first and last time an innovation like that ever happened.

- Terra eats strange health food combinations that freaks Ven & Kairi out on a regular basis. The first time they watched him put raw eggs into his protein shake, Kairi didn’t say anything. She may or may not have gagged, though, and had to turn away lest he witness the look of unadulterated horror on her face. Ven, on the other hand, watched on in full disgust-slash-fascination. “What?” Terra finally asked, having caught on to the staring. Ven, queasy and disbelieving: “Dude…”

- Xion has a thing about the toilet paper roll being backwards, where you have to pull the paper up in order to tear it off. She doesn’t know why; she isn’t a particularly fussy person in general, but for some reason she feels like it’s bad luck to have it the other way around. And so, she’ll go around the house reinstalling toilet paper rolls to her liking.

  • Aqua thought this was a part of Sora & Ven’s practical joke barrage at first. When she discovered it was actually Xion doing it, she didn’t have the heart to call her out on it. However, the upside down toilet paper thing drives her 110% CRAZY.

- Speaking of Sora and Ven– Those two get into quite a bit of trouble together. Be it trying to outdo one another in crazy and/or dangerous stunt competitions, duking it out over a friendly game of (real life?) Mortal Kombat, or teaming up to pull pranks on their other housemates. 

Their most elaborate practical joke so far has been the Wardrobe Swap–

One fine day, when the rest of the fam wasn’t home, they switched out everyone’s closets. So Namine’s stuff went to Riku’s room, Riku’s stuff went to Kairi’s room, Kairi’s stuff went to Terra’s room, and so on and so forth until the wrong clothes were had by all. 

That evening, when everyone came home, Sora and Ventus waited with giddy anticipation for the bedtime routines to start. Roxas knew right away that something was off from the way they kept looking at one another and cracking up. Aqua was the first to notice that her dresser was stocked with an alarming amount of very Lea-like, bright red items. Unfortunately, Terra had just finished taking a shower around that time…

… Let’s just say that Kairi owns a lot of crop tops and booty shorts.

- Namine is really into candle-making. It started out as a hobby and now she’s even making her own small business out of it! She makes each of her roommates a custom candle for their birthdays with scents that she knows they like, or ones that remind her of the person in question. For example, hibiscus-passionfruit for Kairi, and something sunny for Sora like ocean breeze/coconut lime verbana.  

- Riku can fix (almost) anything mechanical, and so he gets called upon rather often to do things like figure out why the dryer isn’t drying or why the dishwasher just flooded soapy water all over the place. “You have to close the cap after you put the soap in, Lea.” In a similar fashion, Xion’s the go to whenever Terra someone is having an electronic issue of some sort. 

- Lea gets blamed a lot. For a lot of things. Granted, sometimes it really is his fault, but he’s become the running-gag-default-suspect for when something goes wrong, missing, or broken around the house.

Person A: “Why is my new _______ all scuffed up?”
Person B *casually, in a purposely loud voice*: “I don’t know, maybe you should ask Lea.” 
Lea *from the other room*: “Wooow. How is this FAIR, guys?”


part 1

part 2

shoutout to ryorune for the Lea getting scapegoated one :)

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model! caroline + model! klaus or photographer! klaus?

This one went in a weird direction? model!Klaus + former model!/photographer!Caroline. Hope that’s okay! Under a cut because smut.

In The Right Place

Bent over the sink, in the tiny bathroom, Caroline feels close to hyperventilating and that was not acceptable. She’s been working as a photographer for three years now, and she’s mostly silenced her critics. And there had been many. People who said Caroline had no talent, that she was booking jobs solely because of the people she’d met as a model. And then there were the people who whispered, quiet and malicious, behind her back, that she was only working because she’d fucked the right people.

But they were wrong. Caroline was good, and she knew it.

Scouted at sixteen, at a mall in Richmond, Virginia, she’d always been pragmatic about her modelling career. Youth was a commodity, and most girls were considered washed up by twenty-two. But Caroline liked the industry, liked the energy and the creativity, and so she had peppered anyone who’d humor her with questions, right from the beginning. She’d considered makeup, learned all sorts of tips and tricks (which had definitely come in handy, over the years) but it was photography, that she’d fallen in love with.

She’d pursued it, full force, like she did everything she wanted. Crammed in classes whenever possible, harassed her favorite photographers and crew members, soaking in the knowledge they’d shared, because she knew school could only take her so far. And yes, when the time came, she worked every contact she could, to get hired to take the pictures, rather than pose for them.

And Caroline wasn’t ashamed of that. Anyone with half a brain knew that the fashion industry was about who you knew, as much as it was about what you could do. People who bitched about that were just bitter that they didn’t have an in, and Caroline refused to let them drag her down.

One of the many lessons she’d learned as Miss Mystic Falls, battling catty beauty queens, that had proven to be surprisingly applicable in her adult life.

And another lesson, one she thought she’d had down, that she was kind of forgetting right now? Never let them see you sweat.

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