raw power 2

Hiroyuki Sawano on recording the Season 2 soundtrack

“From the day after tomorrow and onwards, recording for Attack on Titan S2 is on schedule! Like the music used in the PV, I plan on using a raw and powerful feel . I wonder what kind of sound we’ll get. Let’s put some spirit into this!” 

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The official design for Minerva’s general outfit.
She wears a lot of different things but this is one of those outfits she takes on outings/“business”.

She’s so friggin’ gorgeous i love this cruel heartless woman.
She’s not completely heartless i mean, she does keep Kohaku around for the sake of them being old friends.
Even though he makes her want to tear her hair out and throw him out a 3rd story window. (Happens on occasion. Thank golly he can fly)

Minerva’s personality is that of being cold and professional.
Her business tactics are more those of a ruthless dictator that won’t let anything stand in the way of what she wants. She’s no stranger to sending people to their deaths if the ends justify the means.
She also one of the strongest telekinetics to grace the earth. Rumor has it she could rival the Omicron of Shinar in terms of raw power.

Drawn: 2/21/17

massadamnata  asked:

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1. Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia … is ALSO Magitek! Magitek tells nobody because of fear of punishment. Magitek are not human, but Ardyn is human AND magitek. Magitek can tell Chancellor is Magitek. Chancellor also has fake outside, body is not made of human skin, likely synthetic! Chancellor also does not use gut! Chancellor never eats. Chancellor also contains lots of black fluid! Most likely from black syringe treatment! Chancellor is very powerful! Chancellor must have survived MANY black syringe treatments! Surely Magitek Chancellor has earned his rank with raw power!

2. Chancellor also enjoys aesthetic beauty! Magitek sees Chancellor staring at nothing out window for long time, just like Magitek Bannerman! Chancellor most likely also doing it as mental health and wellness training. (More proof he is also Magitek.)

3. Chancellor’s chocobos must be protected at all cost! Magitek assumes chocobo is for very important mission! Chancellor is very smart to trust Magitek Bannerman! Chocobo is most likely advanced mental health and wellness training experiment. Magitek is very happy to assist!