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😳🔥Can’t get enough opals? Check out this extravagant Ethiopian chocolate opal nodule, displaying ridiculously beautiful green and orange fire!! This curved nodule section is wrapped in matrix rock, revealing a smooth interior of rich crimson-chocolate opal. Electric flames gleam on one side of the opal, and mysterious deep blue and red flashes across the other. Large, lovely, and a perfect gift for the serious opal lover! 😳🔥 Locality: Ethiopia. 1.38" x 1.13" x 0.75", 16.8 g (0.59 oz)–yours for $152 on PhenomenalGems.Etsy.com. #ethiopia #ethiopianopal #opals #raw #unpolished #rainbow #flash #electric #large #xl #nodule #chocolate #fire #mineralspecimen #gemstones #crystals #minerals #jewelrysupply #meditation #display #collection #healingcrystals #mineralogy #phenomenalgems #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram #giftideas

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rings by featheroak

unique rings are the name of the game at featheroak — check out their boho opal nuggets and real flower specimens, plus more, to find your fave.

anonymous asked:

Okay sorry to bother you but i was thinking of a thing like what if clear found a really pretty shiny rock while staying with mink and he brings it home to show mink. Turns out its really valuable like a diamond or sapphire or some shit like that and clear gets really excited when he finds out.

Clear collected rocks.

It was a fine habit at first, but since’s the androids tastes ran to pretty much anything shiny Mink had begun to grow somewhat annoyed with the pile of mica and dirty quartz taking over Clear’s bedside table. The native had to put his foot down and set some rules for his little petrologist.

“Only things you can wash clean in the spring…” that would prevent him from bringing home more crumbly silicate minerals

“And only things that are unique or you do not have an abundance of. We have limited space, Clear, you need to respect that.”

“Understood, Mink-san! Only things I can wash clean in the spring and only things that are unique or I do not have an abundance of! I promise I’ll take more care in my collecting!”

The response was an affectionate grunt and things continued on as normal for some time. Clear would occasionally come home with chunks of raw quartz and a few river stones, all carefully cleaned and ready for display. But one evening Clear rushes in more excited than normal, hands cupping a large amount of what at first sight looks like pale pebbles.

“Mink-san, Mink-san look! I found pieces of rainbows!” That baffles the taller of that two and broad palms are reaching over to take what Clear’s holding. Closer inspection stuns Mink momentarily as he fingers through the rough gemstones.

“Clear, you found raw opals - these are very rare and very precious.”

“Precious? What do you mean?”

“These are probably worth several hundred dollars at a minimum, probably more when polished.”

And Clear’s eyes go wide and he’s bouncing on his toes. His thought immediately go towards the pantry needing to be stocked for winter, the chicken coop the needs its roof patched, and the old truck that as Mink says ‘doesn’t sound right lately’.

“Mink-san can sell them then!”

“But Clear, they’re yours. You found them.”

“But I want Mink-san to have them! I don’t get to help much, but now I can! Please, please take them!”

“….fine, thank you Clear.” He gives the android a peck to the cheek, but has a secret plan for these precious stones.

He does indeed sell a good bit of Clear’s find, enough to take care of things around the house and prepare for winter. However the most beautiful pieces he keeps to himself. He wonders how he can size Clear’s ring finger without him noticing, and if the android would prefer silver or gold.