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》W A T E R M E L O N
…..juice is the truth! Simply blend and drink up! No water needed, but optional.
Watermelon is a superfood that is epic for detoxing! Which is why I love it. Detoxing allows us to purge and vibrate higher. It activates wellness and raises our frequency; mind, body and spirit. We come into contact with so many pollutants and toxins in the air and water….let alone through people, energy traps and energy vampires. Detox often, as you continue your life’s journey of vibrating higher daily.
I drink a few glasses daily and will often do a 3 day juice fast with just watermelon juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it and plenty of water in between. Google the many other amazing benefits of Watermelon/juice.
Be love. Be well. -Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily


Lunch some days ago: One huge, organic and really juicy and sweet papaya from the farmers market topped with one large banana and some cinnamon. High carb low fat, filling and simply the best quick lunch ever. I’m so looking forward to summer with much more fruit variety! Enjoy your Sunday, xx

Cute vegan strawberry - chia pudding parfaits topped with fresh strawberries and a bit of chocolate granola: super creamy, filling and so pretty to look at! When my mom woke me up last week, she actually gave me one of those cuties (which she made herself, I’m the reason she is addicted to chia seeds right now…) the second I opened my eyes and seriously, that was a nice sight to wake up to, so I jumped out of bed to get my camera and take a photo. Hope you all had a great weekend, lovelies! xx Amber :)

daily reminder that “optimal” “recommended” “ideal” weights are a scam. they literally make no sense. ignore them. some ppl fit into them & some ppl don’t, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not healthy/attractive/or even thin. these are “optimal” weights for the weight loss industry to get ur $$$$$ & make u hate urself for life because so many of u can NEVER fit into them, so u will spend your LIFE on a diet giving $$$$$ to weight watchers, lean cuisine, whole foods, nutritionists, gyms, magazines, fitness camps, personal trainers, etc etc etc etc etc. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. if you eat ~well~ and ~exercise~ then w.e. weight you are at is your “optimal” “recommended” “ideal” weight.

ok & 1 more thing: eating ~well~ doesn’t mean eating 1200 calories/day (the amt for a CHILD) & only eating 2 cm of grilled chicken & 3 raw veggies every meal. eating ~well~ looks different on everybody so find what’s best for U.

⋆✵ If you’re in need of some vegan inspiration or motivation, here is a list of my 101 reasons to go (and stay) vegan in 2017! ✵⋆

1: if you are already against violence and the exploitation of others, going vegan means you live your values and practise what you preach
2: the largest, oldest & foremost authority on diet & nutrition confirms that humans do not need to eat animal products to survive & thrive
3: if you consider yourself an environmentalist, omitting animal products is one of the best things you can do for the planet’s wellbeing
4: you’ll be part of the fastest growing lifestyle movement ever, it’s thrilling to be included in something that’s snowballing so quickly
5: there are now vegan versions of almost all our favourite foods, including chicken nuggets, meat pies, sausage rolls, ice cream and pizzas
6: veganism isn’t just for animal rights - Human Rights Watch describe slaughterhouse work as a ‘systematic human rights violation’
7: you’ll be freed from making subconscious justifications to yourself that don’t make sense (to feel better for enabling animal suffering)
8: standing up for animals with your everyday choices and knowing you’re actively making a difference can be extremely empowering
9: you may be inspired to go and volunteer at shelters or sanctuaries to meet and help animals the animals you are saving 1st hand
10: many popular snacks available in supermarkets are accidentally vegan - you don’t have to say goodbye to all your fave biscuits & sweets!
11: right now, veganism is now more accessible, easy & mainstream than ever before, and by joining the movment, things will only get better!
12: dairy is one of the worst foods for our skin, so many people notice that their acne or eczema improves massively after going vegan
13: once you learn how to perfect the art of cooking and preparing tofu, it is the gift that just keeps on giving. So versatile & delicious!
14: you will learn not to discriminate between animal species, and take a stand against ALL unnecessary cruelty & exploitation everywhere
15: you’ll learn labels like free range are senseless as long as NO suffering/exploitation is preferable to reduced suffering/exploitation
16: most restaurants now typically have AT LEAST one vegan option, so eating out with friends is not as tricky as you might have thought!
17: different sources calculate that every year each vegan saves between 198 and 365 animal lives (including land & marine species)
18: the chances of getting food poisoning and food borne diseases may decrease significantly
19: if you’re reading this, that means you are not a baby calf, so there is absolutely no need to be drinking breast milk from a mother cow
20: antibiotics in the meat industry are responsible for drug resistant bacteria, eating meat may increase risk of exposure to this bacteria
21: a healthy vegan diet can help prevent the majority of cardiovascular diseases
22: we desperately need to stop eating fish, if we don’t, we could see entirely depleted, fishless oceans as early as 2048
23: vegan food is versatile, affordable, colourful, filling & delicious - not “rabbit food” as some ignorant people say
24: according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, eating a vegan diet is an effective way to lower your risk of strokes
25: you can happily bite into a big, delicious burger without the worry of chomping on a piece of fatty gristle or sinew!
26: even unhealthy vegan food usually isn’t AS bad as animal junk foods -you can typically eat MORE of the foods you like & still feel good!
27: chances are you’re lactose intolerant whether you’re aware of it or not & will feel far less heavy, bloated & gassy by giving up dairy
28: a plant-based diet is an internal deoderizer - eating vegan can actually change and improve bad body odour
29: veganism (especially vegan activism) can give your life a massive sense of purpose, it feels utterly amazing to help and save others
30: if you love wild/exotic animals, you should be vegan - animal agriculture is the leading cause of habitat loss and species extinction
31: when you meet a fellow vegan, you often instantly feel this wonderful connection & understanding and have so much to talk about!
32: you can take part in single issue campaigns (Sea World, fur, etc.) without seeming hypocritical - ALL animals need freedom from harm
33: a vegan requires only 1/18th of the land needed to grow crops to feed to livestock to sustain a meat-lover’s diet -we save so much land!
34: just bc we CAN digest meat doesn’t mean we SHOULD, that we’re “meant” to eat it, or that it’s good for us! just look at our physiology!
35: alpro and oatly chocolate milks are absolutely heavenly, and don’t make you feel sick like cow chocolate milk does!
36: faux fur and faux leather look and feel just like the real thing
37: going vegan reduces your carbon footprint significantly more than giving up driving a car does
38: vegan restaurants are creative & use ingredients I’d never even heard of as an omni - I’d never have tried jackfruit, tempeh or seitan!
39: the vegan community can be massively helpful, friendly and supportive, you could make so many new like-minded friends!
40: vegetarianism is not enough, the egg & dairy industries have practises and elements as cruel as (if not crueller than) the meat industry
41: waking up in the morning feeling passionate about a cause that you can help every day might be the closest you feel to being a superhero
42: you will be boycotting the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, up to 91% of the destruction has been caused by animal agriculture
43: you’ll learn that a lot of the joy & pleasure from food comes from seasoning & preparation, not from whether it’s an animal or a plant
44: going to protests, demonstrations, vigils & marches is so exhilarating and really affirms how you are part of a social justice movement
45: veganism might help you grow into a more compassionate and understanding person as a whole, not just towards animals
46: eating meat can harm native carnivores that are killed to protect animal agribusiness, such as seals in Scotland and wolves in America
47: if you don’t need animal products to live a happy, healthy & comfortable life, there is simply no valid reason to keep on consuming them
48: people of colour, undocumented workers, immigrants and impoverished people are the ones most harmed by animal agribusiness
49: each vegan produces the equivalent of 50% less carbon dioxide than a meat lover
50: we absolutely do not require dead animals to get enough protein - ask Patrik Baboumian or any other vegan muscle man!
51: there is 0 cholesterol in plant food, our body makes its own natural cholesterol, & animal products just give us an excess we don’t need
52: going against the grain CAN be intimidating but straying from the 97%, unlearning twisted social norms & not being a sheep is liberating
53: most of us consider ourselves animal lovers, and going vegan aligns our actions with our beliefs: that animal abuse is wrong
54: you’ll learn to love, appreciate and rediscover vegetables which you may have only seen as a spare ingredient or overlooked before
55: a vegan diet has been called “a weapon against Type 2 diabetes”
56: there are plenty of vegan meal plans online for whatever you require: cheap meals, raw meals, high protein meals, gluten free meals, etc
57: with any given area of land, you can produce 15x as much plant protein on that land compared to animal protein
58: when you go vegan you omit food which is proven to be carcinogenic - processed meats “cause cancer” & red meats “probably cause cancer”
59: the more people that request vegan options at shops and restaurants, the larger the variety of options will become in the near future!
60: going vegan could help you fall in love with cooking as you experiment with new ingredients and methods
61: meat from diseased animals is sold to consumers (activists often film animals w tumours, infections & skin diseases in slaughter trucks)
62: there is so much to LEARN about the animal agriculture industry and the vegan movement, it’s exciting to get educated
63: we are not all rich, pretentious, white hipsters who live off kale and organic pine nuts, we are regular people -help break stereotypes!
64: depending on what type of meat you were eating, it probably had animal faeces in it
65: most vegans gain a more spiritual and wise understanding of our fellow animals once we stop using them for pleasure
66: eating red meat can weaken your immune system, so by cutting it out, you may get sick less
67: vegans use 1/11th of the oil and 1/13th of the water needed to sustain a meat-lover’s diet
68: non-vegans rarely consider the vegan option on menus -when you eat out you may end up eating things you may never have previously tried!
69: …some people claim that vegans are better in bed
70: every day, each vegan saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, and 30 sq feet of forested land
71: vegan athletes and body builders are living proof that you don’t need animal protein for human body peak performance
72: adopting pets from shelters instead of buying from breeders is an amazing feeling - literally giving an animal a second chance at life
73: not eating fish saves whales/dolphins; for every 1lb of “edible” fish caught up to 5lbs of other marine species are killed accidentally
74: a healthy digestive system free from animal products should not be underestimated! SHOUT-OUT TO REGULAR & HEALTHY POOING!
75: animal bodies are not ours to needlessly use, not matter how “humanely” we think our methods might be, their bodies are THEIRS, not ours
76: most plant foods are sustainable, for example, 1.5 acres of land can produce 37,000lbs of plant-based food, but only 375lbs of meat
77: contrary to misinformed belief, a vegan diet can be cheaper than an omnivorous one. the cheapest food staples in the world are all vegan
78: people who previously suffered from migraines could find that veganism alleviates their symptoms
79: pleasure is derived from many places, but pleasure, whether from food, fashion or entertainment, should never come from an animal’s pain
80: veganism means your compassion is not selective, it shows you care for ALL sentient creatures, even if they’re not rare, cute, or exotic
81: the amount of water wasted by running a shower for 4 hrs straight = the amount of the water needed to produce 1 hamburger (660 gallons)
82: veganism removes you from the imbalance of impoverished countries feeding their grain to fatten animals to be killed for wealthy people
83: veganism usually means your consumption of fibre & healthy fats increases, which aids healthy digestive system & general improved health
84: a vegan only needs 1/13th of the water needed to sustain a meat-lover’s diet
85: meat/dairy contains lots of saturated fat, even if you don’t follow a v healthy vegan diet, you’re likely to be consuming less “bad” fat
86: you learn a new level of selflessness, despite all the personal benefits, we’re in it for the animals and the planet -not just ourselves
87: if you eat a balanced vegan diet then your energy levels could be raised and you’ll feel great
88: people have literally been murdered for campaigning for animal rights, we must honour their lives by keeping up the fight
89: plant based foods provide various phytochemicals which help prevent and heal the body from cancer
90: it’s liberating no longer having to lie to yourself when faced with the similarities between livestock & pets -bye cognitive dissonance!
91: studies indicate that those who follow a vegan diet can have a lower mortality rate
92: consuming dairy may lead to breast lump development - countries will little animal product consumption have lower rates of breast cancer
93: 1/3rd of the planet’s land is now desertified, and animal agriculture is the leading driver
94: vegans can actually get a more complete diet than before bc they can be more nutritionally aware/know specifically where to find things
95: you’re free to meet and pet livestock animals you may encounter on your travels without any nagging guilt that comes from hurting them
96: it’s easy to research and replace your toiletries and cosmetics with versions not tested on animals
97: it’s easier than ever to get involved with save movements where you meet activists who will make you feel more passionate than ever
98: we each have an unwritten responsibility to try and not to unnecessary harm others, and veganism reduces harm in multiple ways
99: as well as feeling empowered, you will feel humbled, realising you are not entitled to another being’s body simply based on your species
100: it’s not a fad diet, it’s a whole new lifestyle, it’s a change of heart, and a rewiring of the brain. it is enlightening
101: veganism isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a joy

Vegan Meal Ideas

As requested by an anon, here are some easy vegan meal ideas! I’m also working on making separate posts with more detailed meals - e.g. a post dedicated just to vegan breakfasts, one to lunches and dinners, and one for snacks. Keep an eye out in the coming days!

These are some meals that I eat on the reg - they’re mostly high carb low fat (but not all! They can be as HCLF as you choose), very easy to make, no complicated ingredients etc. As I mentioned above, more detailed posts to come, but in the meantime check out my ‘Recipes’ and ‘My Vegan Eats’ tabs!

Smoothies, porridge (oatmeal), overnight oats, pancakes, fruit monomeals/salads, cereal w fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt, smoothie bowls, nicecream, toast w toppings, fresh juice, granola w soy milk and fruit.

Lunch and Dinner
Burrito bowls, tacos, nachos, roast veggie salads, dhal, tofu and veggie curries, soup (pumpkin, broccoli, mixed veg), noodles, stir fries w rice, potato wedges, veggie burgers, zoodles, pizza, garlic bread, fried rice, risotto, pasta, roast veggies w gravy.

Veggie sticks w hummus, fruit, juice, rice cakes w toppings, dried fruit, nuts, rice crackers w dip, raw bars, homemade muesli bars, bliss balls.

Attitudes Towards Culinary Arts on Sornieth

I thought about that other post I made a little bit more and got this idea~.

Wind - Wind dragons can appreciate the culinary arts but only if it is in the form of a meal that can be made quickly and is transportable. If the meal cannot be eaten or made anywhere then it isn’t paid attention to that much by a large majority of Wind dragons. For example, a dish that can be prepared in the air and eaten there at the same time is considered the peak of culinary arts and once a dragon can do that they are considered a culinary master. Likewise, making meals that provide dragons with a lot of energy are adored, especially by the dragons that are constantly on the move.

Arcane - Although their culinary styles can differ among regions, Arcane dragons are not that picky if there food is cooked or not. Culinary arts are respected but only to the extent that some dragons like cooked foods and others don’t. The food that is mostly loved are foods that can be cooked by using magic. Any foods cooked by any other method are generally frowned upon, so most Arcane dragons just eat their meal raw since cooking with magic has been known to be rather explosive.

Ice - Ice dragons don’t really care any other way. If food is cooked, they’ll eat it. If it is raw, they’ll eat that too. When you leave in a place where things tend to freeze over rather quickly, you have to take what you can get. That being said, most Ice dragons do enjoy a nice cooked fish dish but finding someone with the proper area to cook in can be hard. Restaurants aren’t exactly all over the place. Most Ice dragons just take what they can get and call it a good day.

Water - Have you ever tried to cook under water? It doesn’t really turn out all that great. Most cooks here have to cook above sea level but their dishes are greatly preferred to raw, moist, soggy food. Water dragons have been known to breach the surface to get themselves a nice meal and then sink back under. The most cherished meals are those that can be taken underwater without loosing some of its taste or texture. How does that work? The culinary masters in Water aren’t going to tell you their secret! It’s magic.

Lightning - If it can be cooked in under five minutes and provide a little nutritional value or at least stop their stomach from growling it is considered delicious. Lightning dragons are working nearly constantly, especially if they work under the Boss, so they prefer meals that won’t take too long to make so it doesn’t cut into their already short breaks. For Lighting dragons outside of the Spire, their cooking can be more free. Some dragons see cooking over an open fire made on the dirt the peak of culinary mastery because of the skill it takes to properly make a meal like that. Cooking in a kitchen is fine, but when you are in a hostile environment and probably going somewhere, a meal that is easy to make quickly and easy to eat are greatly preferred. That doesn’t stop some Lighting dragons from indulging to meals that took time to prepare, however. If anything, they greatly enjoy these meals. Its just finding the time to make or even eat it.

Nature - Nature dragons are well known for making dishes with raw food, but cooking is another one of their pleasures. Cooking is considered an at-home art. All Nature dragons are taught the very basics of cooking, assuming they grew up with someone that knew how to cook. There is no set style or anything for Nature dragons. They prefer to let the culinary arts grow and develop like the forest around them. This leads to every region having their own unique styles in regards to preparation and presentation. Some culinary connoisseurs travel to Nature just to attempt to taste all the variations. This is nearly impossible considering some clans have their own unique styles. Nature is, truly, the kingdom of “home cooking”. 

Light - Culinary arts is considered a part of knowledge and, therefore, must be mastered and learned. Light dragons commonly indulge in many types of dishes. That is probably why a lot of aspiring cooks travel to this part of the world to receive training. Restaurants are easy to spot here. They sprout up like weed, competing with each other for the best food. Some Light dragons go as far as to sneeze on other meals. If it isn’t made by a Light dragon then it isn’t good. It hasn’t been made properly! This is not to say all Light dragons do this. Some of them enjoy eating cooked food and any cooked food is, typically good food.

Shadow - The soups are known to blow up in the consumer’s face if they aren’t careful. Shadow dragons have taken the careful art of cooking and turned it into a joke competition. Some other Shadow dragons have mastered the art of making food that can cause hallucinations and trick other dragons into losing all their belongings. When eating food made by a Shadow dragon, or made in their region, exercise caution. You can never tell what that playful glint in their eye is.

Earth - Earth dragons celebrate culinary arts the same way Light does, however, they do so with more of a Nature feel to it. Earth dragon clans will have their own unique way of preparing and delivering the food, but all clans will keep to the roots of how Earth dragons always made their food. With newer generations, this is beginning to change, but some dragons maintain the “always cook with an open fire and only use the best of rocks to support your masterpiece”. Earth dragons enjoy tasting foods from other regions and trying to compare it with theirs. The closer a meal taste to their own, the more confident that Earth dragon is that the cook will one day find their way back to Dragonhome.

Plague - Cooked food? What are you? A wimp that can’t eat something raw because it might have ~*~*disease*~*~? Although Plague dragons do not cook very often, and take whatever they can get their hands on, the richer clans to like to cook. Cooking is not frowned upon per say, but it is considered a waste of time and resources. If a dragon is starving, do not waste your time cooking anything! Feed them! Plague dragons also have horrifyingly strong immune systems and probably do not need to cook half of what they eat. Cooking food is sometimes seen as an insult. It all depends on how many resources a clan has and the context.

Fire - Everything is cooked. Good luck finding something purely raw. That animal you just killed? Already cooked. Do you not see the ground it was standing on? All jokes aside, Fire dragons love cooking. It gives them a chance to really master their element and allows them to study the reactions food has to intense heat. Although they do enjoy raw snacks, Fire dragons have been known to toss some meat onto the ground near a lava pit and watch the magic happen. This culinary style is frowned upon by other regions, but Fire dragons think it is just fine. it gets the job done! Sprinkle some spice on that meat and you got yourself a fine meal.