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Little Black Dress (Seth Rollins) One Shot

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Characters: Seth Rollins X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @thenameskaelyn

172: “The food looks great but..there’s something much more delicious I’d like to eat right now”
185: “Open up”
187: “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

Warnings: This one shot has a bit of everything. Fluff, humor, relationship banter, and of course smut. Enjoy! :)

Word Count: 6.5k

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As a fair warning to everyone listening to this song
I advise you to not hide your feelings
Don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay
Don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad
It’ll only lead to your misery

Don’t you fucking hate it when you hear my name?
I feel the same and when you hear this you gon’ feel the pain
And all these niggas that you fuckin with to get away
But girl I know you think about it almost everyday
And I’ll be honest I be jealous of these niggas, true
How you feelin with these niggas that you talk to?
Captivated by your mind and your walk too
Can’t replace you with these bitches that I talk to
They say “lust is love” we had trust, what’s good?
I should’ve held you close
Should’ve kept you warm
And when the rain is fallin’, wonder who you call
Don’t pray to god, you rather drive your car
Don’t talk
Pretend it don’t hurt
Repent, I won’t stomp, my feet in a rage
My nigga I’m no chump
This issue when I crave you, hate you
You think I’d rip the wings off of my fuckin angel
It don’t hurt, damn

[it’ll be alright soon]
I’ll forever be the, I’ll forever be the elephant in the room
I’ll always love you, i’m sorry
guys get ready for this...

“Fifth Harmony” as a self titled album represents for what they’ve created over the past 5 years. It’s a reminder of what they’ve overcome to be finally established as artists that are FINALLY taken seriously and accepted for their craft. I’m overwhelmed. The vocals are astounding. I’m never usually speechless but, wow. Their talent is endless. This is their year. For them as a group, and Camila as a solo artist. Sophisticated, raw and lyrically flawless. However, we’ve had the second single “He Like That” drop with a video yesterday. Now, A lot of you aren’t going to agree with me, but for the first time ever, I felt uncomfortable watching the girl’s visuals. There’s a great difference between sensuality and sexuality. Their team should have made it sensual and flirty instead of exploiting sex. I felt like I was subconsciously watching an orgy. Imitating sexual acts and been touched inappropriately, is disgusting. That’s all well and good, but when you’ve got a majority fanbase built out of younger children and teens, that’s completely inappropriate. The fact Ally had to set boundaries, to make sure she was comfortable with the touching says a lot. There shouldn’t need to be any boundaries at all because the girls shouldn’t be put in that position. Ally being the oldest member of the group feels the most uncomfortable, and it’s the same age representation as in the fandom. Older fans feel more embarrassed about the blatant sexualisation that the younger ones, and this is why its worrying. We talk a lot about the industry sexualising young women, this video is your prime example, and it all points back to the label. The girls are worth SO much more than imitating sexual acts on dancers for views. I feel genuinely disappointed that young teenage girls will see this and think it’s okay to emulate their behaviour. If they want to address sex/sexuality in their music videos, it should be done morally. The second single release is so important. Their team should have released “Bridges” as the next single for sure. That song is present, real and empowering. It would have been much more fundamental than the video they just dropped. I do think there’s major potential to come from the album. Yeah, “sex sells” but Management need to put the girl’s talent before their assets. I hope this isn’t a taster of what’s to come because if it is, I’d rather not have a visual to the soundtrack, just the music. Anyway, it’s inevitable that this will be their third and final album. They’ve reached their peak as a group, therefore now feels the right time to experience their individual musical endeavours. It’s a now or never kind of thing. The whole group dynamic has shifted and regardless of what people say, there’s a huge void left in result of Camila’s departure. The girls are persistently uncomfortable, and you can tell Dinah is still hurting. This album is much more real this time around. The girls are cherishing every moment together, and we can see just how much it means to them. I still believe the girls are in contact with Camila and I’ll explain why. Camila was the “it” girl since day one. She’s been coached and granted special permissions by the label. I do believe this was out of her control. When I say this, I mean she was potentially forced out of the group. Yes, she was unhappy for months prior to her departure, but we could tell that wasn’t anything to do personally with the girls. It was as a result of mistreatment and injustice from the label, the same mistreatment that the 5H girls speak so openly about. I do genuinely believe that when they speak of this, they are including her within. None of the girls, including Camila, will be fully free from the label until their contracts run out. There’s not a chance Camila would have resigned with EPIC as a solo artist if there wasn’t some sort of clause in her original Fifth Harmony contract. The girls would jump to another label if they could, and they’d do it quicker than they could deny camren. Until those initial contracts are up, they remain puppets to the label. And when we talk about contracts, we don’t just mean to be in a group, turn up for every show etc.. We mean a label that controls their whole life in the mainstream media. Everything is monitored, there given a scripted narrative to follow to prevent fans harassing the label. Those statements released on December 19th were BULLSHIT. Management attempted to replicate the girls writing styles and ways of speech to sell the split to fans. What changed from Dinah’s post to Camila on December 14th “don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do. I’m so proud of you. I mean it. I love u” to “we begun to formulate a plan and constructive path for Fifth Harmony”. That’s management speaking and you’re ignorant if you can’t tell that. The only ones that “formulate” things are the label and the big dicks at the top. 6 days between Dinah’s post and the statement released. 6 days. Do people genuinely believe that in the space of 6 days, things could change THAT drastically between the girls to the point where we are at now? Prior to this, the girls are comfortable, happy and their interactions are genuine. So how did they go from knowing about C’s departure in November, to stopping any public interaction with her the day she left? Read the statement, then read it again. It’s not the girl’s words, and we know that. This isn’t the way they’d have written nor announced it. The words are insulting, manufactured and are fabricated lies. We’ve all got to continue routing for them. Remember, everything that happens is completely out of their control. Let’s keep buying, keep voting and keep sending love to all 5 of our girls.

Get the Kleenex ready kids, this next year is gonna be one hell of a journey.

what makes just a little bit of your heart so painful is the fact that, since the song was going to ariana, a presumed straight girl, the pronouns didn’t have to change at all. like harry poured his heart and soul into that song and gave us just a tiny glimpse into his life and you can hear the raw vulnerability in the lyrics and i know lots of people who don’t know about harrys sexuality automatically assume they changed the pronouns and it’s actually about some girl or maybe he just made it up but i just !! don’t see how that’s possible because when you listen to the song you can practically see the tear drops on the page in his tattered leather journal where he wrote the lyrics and i just. when you listen to 1d’s Gay Songs you have to go through and mentally change the pronouns throughout the whole thing but in this? there were no unnecessary pronoun changes and i think it definitely hits home for a lot of people and it makes me so sad for him i just want to cuddle him :(

I don’t support dirty politicians
I support the people that’s wishing
For a better life, a better world 
For all the boys and girls
What with food, water, and media
They try to poison us, man

When will it stop
Killas frontin’ like they cops
People praying in the house of God
‘fore they gon’ get shot

I know it won’t get better in a day
But I hope it won’t get worse, I pray


—  Jay Park-Raw Sh!t
face with a view: part iii

(a mini-sequel to dandelion & burdock)

Sandwiched between bandmates and girlfriend, Harry’s throat is raw from screaming the lyrics to ‘Karma Police.’

Not that he particularly gives a fuck, because his band played Lolla today and Radiohead is playing Lolla twenty feet away. 

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Omen - 48 Laws ft. Donnie Trumpet (2017)

me: *thinks about all the amazing songs louis’ already written, how much they mean to me, how much he gives us and how much he opens up in his lyrics, how raw and honest and special it is and how Much it is*
louis: my writing is very lyrically honest so the fans will get to know me even better than they already do
me: *cries*

FMF: August 2017 Roundup Post

Hello dear Fannibals, and welcome to Fresh Meat Friday’s Roundup for August 2017 (an exciting month)! This roundup post gathers all the rec’s posted on Tumblr under the #Fresh Meat Friday tag this month in one easy to find place.


@haein214 rec’d by @krey-9-jorce for being ‘an amazing artist’. ‘Her bright and fluffy sticker style will surely bring a smile to everyone’s lips.’

@just-another-dark-account rec’d by @he-s-dead-jim for their ‘Will Graham’s therapy sessions’ and ‘Never apologize for coming to me’ series. ‘Funny and beautiful art.’

@mxpopsiclestix rec’d by @matildaparacosm for their art. ‘The composition,texture and colors, awwwwwwww the colors!!’


@crisisoninfintefandoms rec’d by @wiith-my-hands for ‘Dormire et Excitare’. ‘While it may not be for everyone (read the tags), it hits two of my big kinks, bottom!Hannibal and Will talking filthy in bed.’

@red-earth-rising rec’d by @pragnificent for ‘#EatTheRich’. ‘It’s perilous to assume that either of these boys are on our side, but drawing on both Will and Hannibal’s histories, Red gives us an entirely plausible account of what might inspire them towards a very specific flavor of murder.’

 @bonearenaofmyskull rec’d by @pka42 for ‘Holes in the Floor of the Mind’. ‘If you want something truly greatly crafted, with not a single wasted word and lots of super smart details, this is your fic.’

@zig-zag-wanderer rec’d by @victorineb for ‘Love is a journey, not a destination’. ‘It’s lyrical, raw and vivid, not to mention that it has staggeringly good character work (the author’s voice for Will, in particular, is one of the best interpretations of the character I’ve ever read).’

@devereauxsdisease rec’d by @littlethingwithfeathers for ‘Feathers’. ‘Curl up with a fuzzy blanket, some snacks, and your warm drink of choice. You’re in for a cozily sinful good time.’

@rawviridianink rec’d by @fragile-teacup for ‘Sinful’. ‘It’s a fascinating setup in which Will is a priest and Hannibal is the mysterious, attractive new congregant who comes one day to the confessional…’

@joanielspeak rec’d by @tentoriumcerebelli for ‘Unhitched’. ‘It’s a 70′s trucker Hannigram AU which may sound strange but I’ve loved reading it and I’m thrilled whenever a new chapter is added.’

@zacharybosch rec’d by @matildaparacosm for ‘Small Things’. ‘Carved wood, rustic but pleasing in its simplicity, and a collection of crumpled pillows. A real bed.’

@hermajestieship rec’d by @cinnamaldeide for ‘A Light on the Prow’, their ‘fantastic pre-series Hannigraham fanfiction, where Will and Hannibal know each other before their meeting in Jack’s office. After all this time, this story still manages to amaze me.’

@zig-zag-wanderer rec’d by @diea-kierlyn for ‘The Rhymes of Goodbye’. ‘This is a post-fall Hannigram fic that is unlike any other that I have read. All of the imagery is so clear and visceral. I can feel the world this author has created.’

@katamaran10 rec’d by @plotfool for ‘The Archipelago’. ‘It’s truly amazing and deserves more love and i adore it!!’

@cannibalthehannibal rec’d by @cantinazorayda for ‘Roman Colours’. ‘Will is about to finish medical school and is assigned to Johns-Hopkins for his residency. Dr. Lecter is the accomplished, reliable surgeon for the ER who always gets what he wants, including who his resident is.’

Congratulations everyone and thanks for sending your Rec’s!