raw jersey

nobody deserves the cruiserweights

they’re too good for the wwe. wwe fans don’t fucking deserve such amazing talent because they refuse to accept it. they won’t even give new faces a chance.

without even TRYING to watch the match, they did everything they could to ruin it.

Pennsylvania Station, Newark, New Jersey, April 29, 2016


Boy oh boy, cows who’ve been inside eating hay all winter sure do love spring when the grass is finally green enough to be let out to pasture!  We let the gals out after yesterday morning’s milking and they frolicked and romped like youngsters before getting down to business and grazing like it was their jobs.  

The way they were acting, we thought this sign (an actual slogan from the dairy industry in the crazy 70’s!) was appropriate.


Photos from a tasting, on February 6th, of Cheese Notes cheeses: At the top is the Gowanus Tomme, raw Jersey cow’s milk, 2.5 months of aging.

On the bottom left is the Gowanus Bloomy, raw Dutch Belted milk, aged 3 weeks. 

On the right is the Gowanus Blue, an “accidental” blue cheese really, which started as a cheddar but due to proximity to blue cheeses developed a light bluing. Aged over 2 years. 

From a dairy publication that arrived in yesterday’s mail, “research shows compared to other breeds it costs less for the Jersey cow to produce a pound of fat or protein.  The Jersey is more efficient with 25% less body mass, requiring 32% less water, and 11% less land per unit of production than Holsteins.  In addition, the Jersey produces less waste, uses substantially less fossil fuels with a 20% reduction in total carbon footprint. (Source: J.L. Capper & R.M. Cady, Journal of Dairy Science)”.  

Not to mention, as Lauren and her daughter Rosy can tell you, they’re smart, gentle and beautiful!


sad thing about the mystery box–i don’t think you get to keep the box.