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It’s been a strange year thus far, in that I’ve been so caught up in work that the things I typically tend to most anxiously—friendships, dating, exercise, staying current with The Good Wife—have fallen by the wayside. Which is not at all to say that I no longer care about these core elements of my being (Jeffrey Dean Morgan is insanely hot; I shall never forsake him), but that the tension that usually surrounds them, the questioning, the self-doubt, the relentless uncertainty, all of that has fallen away. A welcome kind of stillness has settled around me by way of exhaustion.

I’m familiar with this myopia—it’s something I saw in my parents almost every day of my childhood from age 11 on, as they navigated the waters of being work-from-home business owners. At 13, while they discussed account management over dinner, I begged them to give us thirty minutes of each day untouched by business concerns. Even still, I noticed this same fierce penchant for entrepreneurship in myself as I grew up. I loved the challenge of building something out of nothing, I loved the rigor of standing unarmored in the world and demanding of myself that I find a way to make things work. I flinch to admit it, but I loved the risk, the danger, of being made so vulnerable.

Read more and get the recipe and DIY here.

current skincare regimen

🍧 sherbet cleanse: Heimish all cleansing balm
🍵second cleanse: Neogen green tea cleansing stick
💦 third cleanse: Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser

🍊liquid serum: Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum

🚿mist toner: Cosrx Galactomytes alcohol-free toner
🌋acid toner: Biologique Recherce P50W

🌸first treatment essence: Whamisa Organic Flowers toner

⛲️hydrating serum: KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing serum

🌰simple oil: argan oil
(maybe find an emulsion ??? prolly don’t need one)

🌺basic moisturizer: Whamisa Water cream
🌤moisturizer + spf: Make P:rem UV blue ray sun fluid

🐌sheet masks: (to buy) huxley, cosrx, whamisa, etc
⚰️clay mask: dead sea mud mask
🗿detox mask: aztec clay + aloe juice
🍯 hydrating mask: raw honey
🍳tightening mask: egg whites (or beaten eggs)
💥spot treatment: cosrx bha power cream

🍞shave gel: Aveeno therapeutic shave gel
🔪razor: gillette mach 3 (3 blade)

💭[initial] THOUGHTS/USES🗣
cleanses: daily use of all three cleanses to remove water resistant spf/dirt—sweat/possible makeup 💄 // every other day use cleansing balm as morning “oil cleanse” 🌫

vit c: once daily in the AM as full day antioxidant + pollution protection 🏖 (no need to reapply at night due to “reservoir effect” {needs to be researched before trying other vit c brands})

toning: cosrx toner every AM for PM 4-5 times a week 💨// B.R. lotion twice a week/AS TOLERATED for exfoliation

essence: once daily PM (?) 🌖 viscous and hydrating [can take the place of cosrx when in need of more hydration/repair]🚰

serum: 🔑 twice daily to combat CONSTANT redness/irritation/inflammation 🗝

oil: work on twice a day and allow to sink in before spf 🕳

moisturizer: whamisa water cream once daily PM thick and occlusive ⚗️ // make P:rem UV blue ray sun fluid REAPPLY as needed throughout the day {allow 15-20 mins to soak in before leaving the house 🏡 }

miscellaneous: not regimented 🗓—as needed

shaving: up shaving to twice a week (? watch for results)

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you have answered this before but would you mind sharing your skincare and hair routine? xx

skin: raw honey as a face mask/cleanser. cold kefir as a face mask at night time. a lot of baths with lavender oil. cocoa butter and coconut oil rubbed all over my body. sometimes i cleanse my face with a tea tree oil cleanser from the body shop (my mom used to always send it in packages to me). vaseline on my lips and eyebrows and sometimes under my eyes before bed. lavender sleep rub on my temples at night time. rosewater (i buy a $2 one) spritzed on my face whenever i feel the urge. i shave my legs with olive oil or coconut oil (and my bikini area too). drink ice water/sparkling coconut water. 

hair: wash every two-ish days, sometimes three. i have coconut scented dry shampoo that i mostly use because it smells good, but it also gives some volume to my hair on the days i don’t wash it. when my hair is wet, i like to brush oils into it and then braid it. i like having wet hair because it makes me feel clean and fresh. i don’t have much of a hair routine and usually my hair is tied back or braided; it’s rarely down unless i’m sleeping. sometimes i rub coconut oil into the ends of my hair to help with dryness. 

i really don’t have a set routine for my skin or my hair, but i try to stay as natural and as inexpensive as possible. i don’t wear makeup and feel most comfortable bare-faced. <3

anonymous asked:

In what consists your honey mask? You just put honey on your face or do you mix it with something else?

while you can just use raw honey as a mask, the recipe i use is this!:

mix together 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of honey, and ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon. apply after washing face, and leave on for 10-15 minutes. after washing the mask off, don’t forget to use moisturizing cream or lotion! ♡

:-) ✨🍯

tl-de  asked:

leak ur secrets on how to look like a bomb ass bith pls :(

1. anastasia dipbrow in ebony
2. wet n wild photo focus foundation which is literally $5 at walmart so
3. i do a raw honey mask like twice a week don’t @ me on this it helps my dry patches for whatever fuckin reason
4. carly rae jepsen
5. cotton on’s shirts are VERY flattering for your chest
6. clean your sneakers it makes your confidence go up

Damage Control Skin Care Routine

So you’ve spent the last two hours picking and now you have no idea how to move away from this complex feeling of self hate and all the sores on your body. Well, I’m here to help (I’m not a dermatologist but I AM a seasoned dermatillomaniac and this is Not My First Rodeo™, this is my tried and true technique for oily-combination skin)

1) distance yourself from a mirror and give your hands something to do. Maybe write about the picking experience, all your emotion and fear and hate. Play with a tangle toy, whatever you need to do to unwind and get the urge to settle down while distracting yourself. This is important. If you go straight from picking to cleaning up your face, you will just start picking again. Give yourself and your skin some time to cool down.

2) wash your face. Use a gentle and moisturizing cleanser, don’t use anything with alcohol or severe chemicals. Again, this works on my skin, so if you need any severe chemicals for your face, you do you. I totally get it. But try not to dry out your face bc moisture is key to healing

3) disinfect. Do a raw honey mask (raw honey is also good for fading scars) or use tea tree oil. Make sure you do not skip this. You absolutely must disinfect, whether it’s with neosporin or with a natural way, you need to make sure these wounds don’t get infected. My favorite way is to just drown my face in raw honey, but again, you do you. A product I like for healing is the Grahams natural alternatives sooth-it gel, which contains aloe Vera, Manuka honey, witch hazel, and many other good things. I love this product.

4) moisturize. Use a face moisturizer and just lather it on. Something not too thick. I really like the garnier skinactive clearly brighter dark spot corrector moisturizer and the garnier skinactive clearly brighter overnight leave on peel, as they help heal and fade scars. (These two products are my saviors. The end all be all. They faded my scars so quickly, after years of trying I finally got some payoff. I love these products.)

4) bandaids bandaids bandaids. Smack some honey or neosporin or whatever you like on that bandaid and then smack that bad boy on your wound. I find that raw honey really speeds up the healing process, and bandaids keep me from obsessing over the way the redness on my face looks.

Some other tips and tricks-
•don’t use most face masks. Many of them with be rough on the skin and are not supposed to be used on open wounds. Read the bottle before putting it on your face, or just use raw honey. I am a huge fan of raw honey.
•aloe Vera helps calm down redness. Aloe Vera is your friend. It is also very moisturizing. Aloe Vera is your friend.
• I have heard frankincense is good on wounds but I have never tried it

Good luck babe

Plan for the evening: watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and dye these extensions I finally got after wanting some for ages (bought from a local hairdresser) <3 In the middle of all the uni stress it’s important to remember a little self care! I also trimmed my undercut and I’ll be putting on a raw honey mask soon <3 Pampering is key! Promise me that you’ll do something nice for yourself tonight :)

Ok I posted about honey shampoo and about honey and coconut oil. Now I am showing off my love for raw honey again….with another mask!
Honey and Egg yolk! This nourishing mask prevents breakage, strengthens, moisturizes, and makes it so shiny!

1-2 tablespoons of honey (warmed to liquify)
1-2 egg yokes (depends on your hair length/thickness)
Stir ingredients in a bowl. Apply to your hair. I apply it while its wet so it’s easier to work through. Apply from root to tip. Wrap in a shower cap or plastic bag. Leave for at least 30 minutes or longer if you wish. Rinse with cool/warmish water (you don’t want scrambled eggs in your hair!)
I just rinsed my mask out with out any “shampoo” it rinsed very clean and it left my hair feeling like I did use a shampoo! So it was great! After I rinsed it all out I rinsed my hair again with cold water to make it extra shiny! This is a great “no poo” mask! No oil that is a pain in the butt to rinse out!!! Good luck!!!! You can do this 1-2 times a week or as needed!

The year of the horse is off to a galloping start. From holographic glitter to raw honey masks to obsessed-over rose-gold shadows, saddle up with these new favorites for a beautiful 2014.

Peter Thomas Roth 40% Professional Strength Peel

  • Professional-grade, self-neutralizing peel with minimal downtime.
  • Mix of four acids helps resurface texture, tone, and pore size.
  • Dramatically reduces appearance of wrinkles in 12 weeks.

GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment Mask

  1. Patented blend of four advanced hydrators for supple skin.
  2. Raw honey traps and retains moisture.
  3. Hyaluronic acid infuses surface cells with deep, lasting hydration.

Urban Decay Naked3

  • Most-anticipated, new Naked palette release: rosy neutrals.
  • Pigment Infusion System delivers velvety, long-wearing color.
  • 12 never-before-seen shades harmonize with other Naked palettes.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

  • Healing leave-on mask revives, repairs, and softens dry lips. 
  • Restores with organic agave and 100%-natural olive oil.
  • 15 MG of antioxidant resveratrol protects from free radicals.

Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials

  • Collection of our most-loved beauty oils for face, body, and hair. 
  • Cleanse, balance, hydrate, plump, antiage, de-frizz, and more.
  • Exclusively curated for you to test, discover, and find your favorites. 

Lit Cosmetics Holographic Glitter Kit

  • First holographic glitter delivers unprecedented sparkle.
  • High-performance: dimensional, sweat-resistant formula.
  • Includes base and brush for clean application.

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Glamglow / THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment

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Bite Beauty / Agave Lip Mask

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Peter Thomas Roth / 40% Triple Acid Peel

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Urban Decay / Naked3