raw hemp



60g fine oats , gluten free
2tsp carob or raw cacao powder
1cup tigernut milk (i used AMANDIN)
1tbsp chia seeds
1tbsp raw hemp protein
2-3 medium dried figs
1/2tsp maca root powder


fresh purple fig
frozen blackberries
cashew butter (i used TERRASANA)
raw food bar (i used PULSIN ‘maca bliss’)
raw buckwheat groats
raw cacao bean nibs


In a small sauce pan heat up the tigernut milk , add the fine oats , chopped dried figs and carob powder and leave cooking. Stir from time to time. When its close to the consistency you want , remove from the stolve and add the chia seeds , raw hemp protein ‘n maca root powder. Stir until it combines well.
Move to a bowl , add your toppings and enjoy.

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Though departures may occur all at once physically, they are rarely emotionally complete in that same instant. Instead, we leave places slowly, draining ourselves from them a bit at a time, as our hearts and our minds gradually lose their grip on whomever and whatever they leave behind. Geographies tend to imprint themselves on my heart commensurate to the emotion I’ve felt in those places.

And so it was, that, after three years away from San Francisco, my return last weekend felt like a true goodbye. At the end of three days there—after much eating and boozing and wandering and giggling—I found myself sitting on the sidewalk of 18th street, across from Pizzeria Delfina, surrounded by all my luggage, trying to figure out a way to get back to LA early.

But let’s rewind a moment. Because I do need to tell you about meeting everyone, all the blog friends I’d known and loved virtually for the past year, in person.

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Things I believe in:

1. The ocean.
2. Beyoncé.
3. Chlorophyll.
4. Saying I love you.
5. Writing.
6. Peanut butter M&Ms. (Don’t judge me, please, thanks.)
7. Holding hands.
8. Slathering oil all over myself.
9. Eating healthy fats.

The ocean: Primordial. Life-giving. Deadly. Growing up on Maui, there was one singular rule we learned: Never turn your back on the ocean. Never forget there is something much, much bigger than you.

Beyoncé: When you wake up feeling like someone took an ax to your neck and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay your taxes and an exceptionally full vase of flowers spills across your dining room and you’re unclear whether or not you have any clean underwear left at all—remember this: Beyoncé is real. She is out there slaying so that you can live in a better world, with clean underwear and bad-ass girl bosses. Praise Bey.

Chlorophyll: The pure stuff of green plant life, isolated in liquid form. Drink up, and feel the green cell matter flood your body. A powerful antioxidant and blood purifier, also available in every green thing you eat.

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