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Finished my first week of going to the gym in 8 months! It honestly feel so good to get back into it, and not go for the wrong reasons. I’m actually enjoying myself which is something I thought I would never feel at the gym. Through my metal and physical resting I have learned and grown so much. I have really prioritized my metal health and have learned to love myself for who I am no matter what size I am because that’s not what matters! What matters is being a good person. Life is short to send it constantly criticizing and comparing your self to people. Rant over. Have a beautiful night😘

The Book- Roman Reigns x Reader

You followed behind Roman and Seth in the airport. You heaved all of your equipment in suitcase and a backpack. Your eyes narrowed on the zipper on Roman’s suitcase, it was half open. Suddenly a book wiggled it’s way out and you quickly picked it up.

You were about to tell Roman that he dropped a book, but this book was strange. Your eyes kept going over its title, ‘Lycanthropy guide and pack forming.’ You shook your head at the funny title. You decided to keep it for the night; really you just wanted to look up and read it.


You laid on the bed with your laptop, plugged up to charge. You grabbed the book and searched, “Lycanthropy.” The definition you found was, “the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf, as recounted in folk tales.” Your brows furrowed in question. Either Roman thinks he’s a werewolf or maybe that’s what Creative wanted him to go as for Halloween. He fit the big, hairy type of wolf man.

You opened the book for the first time. And the first thing your eyes are drawn to is some highlighting and writing he put in. “Your mate, when you find the one will smell like the scents you sniff in nature.”

You gave an uncomfortable laugh at the rest of the page. And at the bottom was your name. You flipped through the rest of the book to see a few more times your name is mentioned. Hearts, there were hearts by your name. Obviously he has a high school crush on you.

You continued to read through the guide learning more and more about werewolves before calling it a night.


“Hey Ro, uh is this your book?” You asked holding up the cover. A wide eyed Roman quickly snatched the book from your hands, “where did you get THIS?”

“Well your suitcase’s zipper kinda opened and it dropped out at the airport. And well I didn’t see you anywhere afterwards,” you said lying. Roman flipped through the pages quickly to see if they had been tampered with, “well, thanks Y/N.”

“Yea, anytime. But uh I saw my name written a lot in there. Why?” You had to question before taking your leave. Roman hung his head and gave an uncomfortable chuckle, “Well, didn’t you read the book?”

“Yea I did. My name was all over the mating chapter. So uh, does that mean I’m your-“

“Yes, mate. You’re mine. And I know that sounds fucking creepy but it’s just the wolf. I didn’t have a say in anything,” he slowly explained.

“So what does this mean for us?” You asked. He shifted his weight, “well I mean I’ll give you some time to take this all in. But if you wanna text me we’ll work out a relationship.”

You blushed bright red, “I’d love to be your girl.”

“Mate,” he corrected you, “it means so much more than boyfriend ever could.”


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