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Breakfast fit for the cutest of the cuties 🍥
I remember when I used to think adding two bananas to a smoothie was “too much and would make me so fat” now I know that I can eat until my little heart is content. I always listen to my body and everyday it surprises me. Recovery feels so good and raw foods give me the energy I need to make the most of everyday.

This quote reminds me of my culture shock when I went to America for the first time in the late 80’s.  I grew up in South America, born and raised in an immigrant family.  I can see in retrospect see how intact and unaffected by rotting and dying cultures we were.  My older sister would tell me and my younger sister, then 9 and 8 years old that being smart and intelligent was a virtue, that we would be respected and therefore always strive for knowledge, study diligently and behave.  Shortly after that, we moved to the US of A,  East Los Angeles to be precise and attended a few ghetto inner city schools.  This was during the time Bart Simpson came on the scene proud to be an underachiever, remember?  I was shocked that pretending to be dumb was cool, and being a bookworm was being a nerd, and a nerd was really unpopular.  As a child, I was very very disappointed that my sister was wrong. 

Well, Rene Descartes was not that far off from reality.  In fact, he nailed it right on the head… we pretended to be idiots cause it was trendy, now we pay the price by being surrounded by actual idiots who cannot help themselves, who don’t even know they’ve been mind disabled, and dumbed down by design.  

Mom took me raspberry picking this morning! 😍

The fields were crazy busy and terribly over picked, but we got about 5lbs. We go every single year… Finally feels like summer!

yenaticosiria asked:

Just curious, you love blue eyes so what if someone made you some kind of sweet but made with eyes? For instance, pie and they would use eyes for the filling? Or Eyes for topping on a cake?

“I wouldn’t even care that there’s something else in it, IT’S AN EYEPIE!..OR CAKE. IT’S ADORABLE!”

Started today with this creamy 🍌BANANA SMOOTHIE BOWL🍌 Topped with the usual favourites- toasted muesli, coconut, buckwheat, strawberries and cacao drizzle 💁Mmhmmm.

Hothouse Tomato slices with fresh-picked Basil leaves, courtesy my Basil plant, cracked Black Peppercorns, Lemon Juice, & EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

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