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Vegan Breakfast Parfait


  • ½ cup oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 ½ cup non dairy milk
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 frozen banana
  • ¼ cup granola of choice


  1. Soak oats and chia seeds overnight in the dairy free milk in a medium sized jar (You want the oats to take up half of the jar). 
  2. The next day blend banana with the mango, leaving a few mango cubes left for the topping, then blend until nice and smooth. Pour on top of the overnight oats. 
  3. Top it all off with granola and some mango chunks and enjoy your healthy, filling breakfast!

🌿Green smoothie~ kale, lemon, clementine, frozen pineapple, frozen banana
Layered with oil free granola, + the freshest blueberries & strawberries

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#veganised blueberry coconut ice (just swap sweetened condensed milk with 2 cups coconut milk, ½ cup unrefined cane sugar, pinch of salt and a dash of vanilla extract) on a coconut, date and almond base mmm yum ;) so happy to be on uni break now yeeeeoww!

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Two pictures of my Açaï before work… Because one picture just isn’t enough 😍 Hope you all enjoy a beautiful weekend! 💜

This is my favourite thing to do with 2-3-4 day old banana bread (if it ever lasts that long) . Step 1 cut yo fine ass some banana bread. Step 2 put the banana bread in the toaster and toast that baby up. Step 3 put your favourite nut butter on top as well as some sweet fruit👌🏻

Raw Vegan Tacos

6-8 Romaine Lettuce Leaves

2 small heirloom tomatoes (or 1 medium sized tomato), diced

¼ cup sweet corn

¼ bell peppers, diced

⅙ cup red onion, diced

1 clove garlic, minced

1 ½ tbsp raw pumpkin seeds, sprouted, dehydrated

1 ½ tbsp raw almonds, soaked, rinsed, and dehydrated

1 tbsp cilantro, chopped (to garnish)

Creamy jalapeño avocado sauce

Optional: Several wedges of a lime or lemon (to taste)

Place diced tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, and corn inside of each lettuce leaf. Sprinkle garlic, pumpkin seeds, and almonds on top of veggies. Drizzle creamy jalapeño avocado sauce onto each taco. Garnish each taco with cilantro. Squeeze some lime or lemon on if desired. Enjoy! I love this 100% raw vegan dish. It is so fresh and tasty!

Living Food Love

I love how beautiful and tasty smoothie bowls are, especially when you add yummy toppings to them👌🏻 it’s funny how I always crave smoothie bowls in the colder seasons and by the time I finish it I find myself sitting by the fire with a big blanket trying to get warm again😂 but their so good I can’t stop!
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Making the most of days off- Raw vegan cookie-dough ice-cream in bed <3


5 frozen bananas

2 handfuls sultanas

1 teaspoon coconut sugar (optional)

Blend 4 of the bananas with a dash of water & 1 handful of sultanas. Once smooth add the other frozen banana and blend until chunky. Finally add the rest of the sultanas & coconut sugar!  

Yummy treats! See recipe below!!

- ½ cup of almonds, soaked 8-12 hours
- ¼ cup cashews soaked 3-4 hours
- 1/3 cup of coconut oil (melted)
- 1/3 cup of cacao butter (melted)
- 1 cup of raw cacao powder
- 1/3-½ cup of agave syrup
- shredded coconut

I prefer to use Loving Earth products. I do not recommend basing your raw food diet on nuts and agave syrup, only consume in moderation.

Rinse cashews and almonds, add to blender, blend until finely chopped, add all other ingredients, blend. Chill for half an hour. Roll into balls and roll in coconut. Chill overnight. Enjoy!!!

Love and Light,

Ruby xx