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The fountain of Youth is the water in your food. Water is the main ingredient in the first 6-7 levels of the raw food pyramid.  Water-rich food promotes hydration and satiation.  

While I love the texture provided by my dehydrated foods like granolas and breads - they are without water, as in DE-HYDRATED. That’s why they’re are at the top of my period, as in the least of what I eat.  They taste and mouth-feel good, but my body has to work harder to process these foods.

Eat primarily water-rich foods and drink good water.

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Food Pyramid For Allergy Elimination Diet: Healthy Eating for Food Allergies

Need some ideas for what to buy at the grocery store? Shopping with food allergies or for a loved one with food allergies is not always easy.

Food in its natural form and state, meaning not in a box or bag, is the least likely to be cross processed with allergens and other ingredients containing allergens.

Look to the Raw Food Pyramid above for aid in a balanced diet. For example, if you have tree nut allergies but consuming seeds seem to be okay, try substituting fat and omega needs (nuts) with seeds. Instead of almond milk, try hemp milk. Instead of pine nuts in your pasta or salad, try Hemp Seed Hearts.

Grocery shopping for a foodie with food allergies just got simpler.


Raw Food Pyramid: 10th Level - Super Foods.

What’s a Super Food? It’s a food that is so packed with complete nutrient value that a human could live on a small amount of them, alone.

David Wolfe made them famous by focusing so much attention and effort to find and bring super foods to the US from South American and other places where people are known for vitality and longevity.

David Wolfe’s Top 10 list is available above, but there are other honorable mentions include Wheatgrass Juice, Chia Seeds, Super fruits like Acai Berries and Mangosteen.  And many others. And it seems that every year, more are discovered in some undisturbed region of the world.

There is even a diet based on calorie restricting by consuming only superfoods.  It’s called the CRON diet and that stands for… Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition.

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Raw Food Pyramid: 9th Level - Nuts and Seeds.

Nuts and Seeds are the first bus stop for new raw foodist. Because of their heaviness, many raw newbies fill up on nut- and seed-full entrays and snacks. Lots of protein and lots of fat.

Many meat-like entrees get their start in Nuts, and definitely the desserts are heavily weighed in the favor or nuts. Seeds are the basis for most of my dehydrated pantry, my breads, crackers, chips and granolas. Nuts and Seeds give variety and texture to the raw food diet.

As a person moves forward with a significantly raw diet, the desire for such heavy grounding entrees and desserts starts to diminish. Once the body has gotten used to the new diet, the mind can begin to recognize what was old habit from what the body is now saying. “I’m okay with less food and lighter food. I don’t need to feel full in order to feel satisfied. I recognize that I’m being fed premium nutrient-rich raw foods, so I don’t need so much any more. And I like it lighter please.”

Have fun with nuts and seeds, no matter where you are on your raw food journey.

And know that soaking most nuts and seeds is necessary to remove the enzyme inhibitors that allow them to be stored indefinitely.

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