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Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

1. More energy

2. Easier & Faster Digestion

3. Rapid Weight Loss

4. More Nutritional Value than Cooked Foods

5. Anti-Aging Benefits.

6. Disease avoidance (osteoperosis, heart disease, cancer, etc)

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I’m diving deeper into the healing process. I’ve cleaned up my diet even more. I will be sharing about this in the fall! Be on the look out for a massive blog on what I eat, what I DON’T eat and my healthy addictions… #spiritjunkie #greenjuice #greenamoothie #miraclesnow #SpiritJunkieMasterclass by gabbybernstein http://ift.tt/1NhowqG


Took myself to dinner to celebrate my passing of the CNA exam (now I am a certified nursing assistant!!) at one of my most favorite restaurants–Luna’s Living Kitchen, which only serves raw vegan food.

I LOVE RAW VEGAN FOOD.  If I could still eat diary and fish I would be a vegan in a heartbeat.  

Tonight I tried their new juice “Kale Pearadise” (they made amazing juices, and their almond/coconut/hemp milks compare to nothing at the grocery store), which is kale, pear, pineapple, cucumber, and fennel–so refreshing.

For dinner I had the Living Bagel (gluten-free, made of almonds, flax, and zucchini) with cashew cream cheese, onions, tomato, basil, avocado, sprouts, and jalapeno.  

Then as I side I ordered the broccoli waldorf salad, man I would love to have a tub of that in my fridge all the time.

Didn’t get dessert today, as I was too full. Next time!!


Lunch Latergram! Speaking of struggling to eat healthily, I’ve found my lunch-break saviour in the way of Beyond The Kale - the juice bar and fresh fruit and veg shop about 30 seconds away from me! I normally grab a big, meaty lunch to keep me going through my shift, or a pre-packaged sarnie. I know, I know, I should make packed lunches or cook up big batches of things so that I can grab something from my flat when I’m on my break. But I don’t. Which is why I love having this shop so close by! 

I don’t claim to be a health-freak at all and I’m neither vegan nor veggie, but I’m yet to find something they make that I don’t like. Even if I don’t stick to a veggie, superfoody diet every day, it’s always nice to treat yourself and be super healthy at the same time :) Healthy eating can seem so restrictive at times - vegetables and raw food doesn’t sound overly appealing when you compare it to some kind of delicious fried food. But this place makes it easy to eat healthy and enjoy doing it! Their food actually feels like a treat, but definitely not a ‘cheat’ :)

They make incredible juices and blends and always have loads of delicious, home-made goodies on offer! They make vegan, gluten-free food, which always feels super healthy (I’m normally a bit of a meat-freak but am trying to cut down!).They have huge ‘help yourself’ seed and nut dispensers, as well a fridge full of coconut water and all kinds of healthy deliciousness. Everything is organic and super healthy - AND interesting! 

So many places seems to have hopped on the ‘healthy living’ train and make all their food so bland and boring, it’s like eating cardboard. Beyond The Kale make their food look as healthy as it is, but also exciting, colourful and tasty - check out their Instagram

And now I’m hungry.

Raw Food Diet Tips

Eνеr wondered tһе reason wһу tһе cave people wеrе ѕο fit аחԁ strong? If уου һаνе tһеח tһе cause fοr іt іѕ tһаt tһеу wουƖԁ bе munching οח several raw аחԁ fresh foods constantly.

Raw foods usually аrе аח brilliant way tο һеƖр уου shed ѕοmе pounds аחԁ аƖѕο аt tһе same time ɡеt tһе rіɡһt nourishment fοr уουr body. Lots οf people wһο wish tο shed those Ɩіkе handles аחԁ flabby thighs, һаνе shifted tο аחԁ аrе slowly embracing tһе raw food detox.

1. Juice іt up

Raw food mау חοt automatically mean уου mау simply ɡеt a veggie аחԁ ѕtаrt eating іt. Even іf using tһіѕ diet уου саח mаkе уουr food scrumptious аחԁ tаѕtу tοο. Gеt a juicer fοr yourself аחԁ juice up fresh fruits, veggies аחԁ drink tһеѕе juices wһеח уου ɡеt hungry.

2. Honey replaces sugar

For those wһο һаνе cravings fοr a sweat treat, уου possibly саח οf course һаνе pleasure іח one, even wһеח οח tһе raw food diet. Sugar mυѕt bе replaced wіtһ honey аחԁ уου саח eat sweet food јυѕt аѕ much аѕ уου wish. Pour ѕοmе οח fruits οr perhaps рƖасе a dash tο lime water аחԁ see һοw уουr desserts turn tο a miracle.

3. Hydrating raw foods

Raw foods wһісһ contain lots οf water ѕһουƖԁ bе eaten wһеח уου deal wіtһ dry skin issues. Foods јυѕt Ɩіkе cucumber, bottle gourd, water melon, musk melons, citrus fruits аחԁ mushrooms ѕһουƖԁ bе eaten аѕ tһеу contain a lot οf water.

4. Natural Seeds аחԁ Nuts

Raw seeds аחԁ nuts mау bе used аѕ a brilliant treat. Nuts аחԁ seeds Ɩіkе flax seeds possess Omega 3 fatty acids. Tһеѕе ѕtοр уουr cholesterol frοm increasing аחԁ hence maintain уουr healthy аחԁ οff frοm heart diseases.

Tһеѕе kinds οf few raw food diet tһουɡһtѕ wουƖԁ unquestionably һеƖр уουr mаkе уουr dieting encounter a pleasurable one. Going οח a raw food diet ԁοеѕ חοt automatically mean eating οחƖу raw foods, уου mау slightly stir fry a few vegetables аחԁ boost tһеіr nutrients аѕ well.

Source: http://eatstopeat.net/health/some-significant-raw-food-diet-recommendations

For more on raw foodism, visit us at www.rawconvenience.com

Juicing! The Yummiest Juices you will ever have.
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Raw Food Juice - It Tastes Aweful, But It Works

Before we get to this story, we would like to say that it is true. The raw food juice is not a taste that is going to please everyone. there are some ways though to bring it to life. Adding things like sliced banana’s into the mix or juices such as Peach can really add some great flavour to your green smoothie. 

“Her husband’s week away at spring break this year gave her the time she needed to do a so-called juice reboot.

Not everyone, after all, wants to swap alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, carbohydrates and all processed food for liquified raw vegetables.

Though loaded with vitamins and minerals, the drink looks like the avocado-colored porcelain popular circa 1975 and tastes, well, too healthy for some without a sprinkling of salt or sugar in the mix.

Lift the glass to your nose and here comes the distinct aroma of celery, if celery can be considered aromatic.

Adding citrus to homemade recipes offsets the bitter flavor in leafy greens such as kale.

But still, this is no fruit smoothie.

It’s a drink with a bit of an acquired taste aspect. And plenty of folks have overcome that aspect to consume other drinks such as coffee, which is neither salty nor sweet before doctoring.

So it was for Debbie Adams, 54, who tried it and liked it enough to stick with after her weeklong reboot in March.

Now, the photographer credits the reboot for improving her vision and helping her to shed 5 pounds, forgo all vitamin and mineral dietary supplements and feel more energetic without changing anything else about her lifestyle.

During the reboot, she drank the veggie juice and lots of water with solid fruits and vegetables and nothing else.

Now, she eats regular balanced meals –

Watching this noisy division may make some wonder what she does to get dietary fiber and what happens to the pulp.

But Adams said neither presents a problem.

"I still eat my salads,” she said. “You can do both.”

As for her waste footprint, she composts the pulp she pulls from the extractor.

By overcoming those two natural objections, she felt free to live into the life she wanted – a life that she yearned for more after watching the film, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” a few months before her juice reboot.

Visiting websites such as JointheReboot.com, ForksOverKnives.com, HungryforChange.tv and FoodRevolution.org continued to feed her curiosity and ultimately prompted her take the challenge of eating more healthfully and thoughtfully, she said.

Her husband still won’t drink veggie juice with beets in the mix.

But he will drink everything else – kale, chick peas, lentils and many other vegetables that would never fit on one plate, Adams said.

“You have to decide every day what you’re going to put into your mouth,” she said. “And for us, it’s a lot easier to drink our vegetables than eat them.”“

Source: http://www.timescall.com/lifestyles/food/ci_20577903/super-healthy-juice-recipe-may-not-satisfy-all

For more on a quick, on the go raw meal replacement, visit us at www.rawconvenience.com