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First, “detoxing” is a myth. Unless you are kicking a drug addiction, you will never need to detox your body. In fact, your body can detox itself using those fancy kidneys and liver your doctor always raves about.

Second, juice cleanses don’t help you lose weight – at least not in a healthy, long-term way. Most juice cleanse programs have you consume about 1,000-1,200 calories a day; way less than the 2,000-3,000 calories an average adult should be consuming. So yes, you will lose weight on a cleanse, but you’ll also be starving (something that you can do just as well by not eating). And when you go off the cleanse and start eating normally again, you’ll quickly regain the weight. Ugh, now you feel all gross and fat. Which means it’s time for another juice cleanse!

The “energetic rush” people feel on a juice cleanse is likely just a sustained sugar high. “Cleansing juices” typically have 75-190 grams of sugar per serving, whereas a can of Coke “only” has 39 grams of sugar. The juices are also low in fiber and protein, which means a lot of the weight loss people experience is actually muscle loss, rather than fat. Honestly, if you want to stop eating food, lose a bunch of muscle, and burn money at the same time, just take up meth. At least your house will be clean.

5 Supposedly Healthy Things That Are Good For (Killing) You


It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and I’ve missed you terribly. The truth (part one) is, I didn’t know what to say. I’ve been heartbroken in so many various and sundry ways, and silence felt like the only possible response. The truth (part two) is, I haven’t wanted to reach out. I’ve wanted to stay very quiet, and very still, to possibly be so still and so quiet that I would not feel all the layers of hurt that have curled themselves up around my heart. But I know I can’t stay silent forever, and I know that now is as good as two days from now. So here we are. I want to tell you a bit about what’s been happening, some of which you know, and some of which you don’t.

And I made us a juice to get through. It’s wintery and light, packed with immune system boosting vitamin C and fresh ginger, and hydrating cucumber. It’s quick and delicious and you only need a blender to make it. It’s colors and zinginess have given me hope in the midst of much darkness. So. Juice-equipped, let’s talk.

Here’s what you don’t know:

Today, the mother of one of my dearest friends in the world will be laid to rest. As you read this, I might be standing in a rain-soaked cemetery in Mill Valley, or sitting shiva in a betrayingly bright apartment in San Francisco, or continuing to sort out the pieces of my grief in this loss from my grief in the losses that came before.

Read more and get the recipe here.

》W A T E R M E L O N
…..juice is the truth! Simply blend and drink up! No water needed, but optional.
Watermelon is a superfood that is epic for detoxing! Which is why I love it. Detoxing allows us to purge and vibrate higher. It activates wellness and raises our frequency; mind, body and spirit. We come into contact with so many pollutants and toxins in the air and water….let alone through people, energy traps and energy vampires. Detox often, as you continue your life’s journey of vibrating higher daily.
I drink a few glasses daily and will often do a 3 day juice fast with just watermelon juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it and plenty of water in between. Google the many other amazing benefits of Watermelon/juice.
Be love. Be well. -Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily


I woke up this morning to rain. Real rain, rain that does not demure, does not disappear with a coastal breeze, does not tease. Serious rain. East coast rain. Amherst rain. The sweetest relief.

I blabbed my excitement about it to anyone who would listen from the moment I glimpsed precipitation on the forecast: I can’t wait, I cooed. They mostly looked at me like I’d spent too long in the rare books vault we visited earlier in the day. I’m from LA, I explained. I miss the rain. I didn’t say: I miss the softness rain brings to a place, the drench of soil, the awakening of scent. I didn’t say: I miss the mountains. I miss the trees. I didn’t say: Part of me withers without it. Instead, I waited for rain.

It came in sheets this morning, and I walked to breakfast on the Hampshire College campus without an umbrella, in sandals, past fields of nodding ox eye daisy and lavender lupine flowers, craving a soaking.

Before I say much else, let me explain: I am in Amherst, Massachusetts for the next week as part of a creative writing fellowship with Tent.

Read more and get the recipe here.


(makes 1 serving)

for the oats : 

70g fine oats , gluten free
½ red apple , shredded
1tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp dried inca berries or sultanas
2 halfs walnut , crushed
1/2tsp maca root powder (optional but it does add an extra kick)
1tsp bourbon vanilla powder
270ml tigernut milk or any other non-diary one
(could make it ½ milk - ½ water)


a pear
frozen raspberries
chopped brazil nuts
dried mulberries
a nut butter
coconut shreds


In a small jar mix the oats , inca berries / sultanas , bourbon vanilla powder & maca root powder. In a small sauce pan heat up the milk and add the mixed ingredients from the jar. Shred the apple and mix with the lemon juice. Stir from time to time. When its near the consistency you like , add the walnuts & shredded apple. Leave cooking for about a minute or two and move to a bowl. Add your toppings and enjoy ! The apple is semi-raw but you won’t even notice it. Also after (if its not sweet enough for you) add some maple syrup or liquid honey - makes it taste even more amazing !!!
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3 oranges 
3 apples
2 carrots
1 pear
2 lemons
a piece fresh ginger

Peel the oranges , the lemons and the ginger. Clear the apples & the pear from the seeds. Put all in a juicer and process. When ready you can add a few ice cubes inside to keep it cool and enjoy within an hour.

[more recipes can be found using THIS link]