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Uni snacks for today 🍐🍊 #raw fruit = Nature’s fast food 🌿
Anyone want me to film a whole video on #vegan snacks & lunches suitable for school/uni? Let me know and I’ll get onto it next week!
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Okay guys, after talking with my healthcare provider I have decided it would be best to do a week of juice, a week of water and another week for juice. And this is day one ☝️.
I low-key forgot I was on liquids when I woke up and found myself almost making toast at least three times.

After looking and purchasing juice cleans stuff online I nearly vomited like a cuttlefish ejecting ink out of rage hahah.
I promptly went and dug my distinctly subpar juicer that I used once then consigned to the tech graveyard that is the garage. Needless to say I have promptly ordered a newer model ( after my dad insisted on a thorough which.com search) and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

I had a lovely time frolicking about the fruit and veg isle of the supermarket and was pleased that it only came to les than £25 for a good few days of juice.

Now that you have to prologue let’s get on to the main event
I will give a daily play by play of what ever thoughts pop into my head while doing this.

Day one: (I hope you said that in a geordie accent if you’re from the uk)

I am hungry and want toast but that is pretty much to be expected. As someone who leans more towards savoury food (especially really salty or spicy food 🤤🤤🤤😩)

Have been contemplating if hummus counts as a juice….it doesn’t does it?

Braved the apocalyptically loud juicer and made some carrot, orange and ginger juice and it was swell.

This juicer is a right “See you next Tuesday” to clean

Everyone is eating pizza….fuck um’ 😒

I have a collard green, celery, cilantro, green apple, lemon and ginger juice, it’s pretty sassy and tastes…healthy

Juice is not pizza…

I want soup and rice….

My noggin hurts and I could kill a ramen.

How can I have no coffee all day and still be awake.

Will I get a ASBO for noise pollution if I use my juicer at 0:00? Yes.. probably


A security video from a McDonald’s in Ohio shows a woman punching two restaurant employees and smashing a drive-thru window because she couldn’t get Chicken McNuggets.

The tantrum caught on tape in Toledo earlier this year shows the customer reaching through the drive-thru window, slugging one worker and then another. She then grabs a bottle out of her car and tosses it through the glass window before speeding off.

It happened early on New Year’s Day. Police say Melodi Dushane was angry that McNuggets weren’t being served, because it was breakfast time.

Dushane says she was drunk at the time. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail last month and ordered to pay McDonald’s for the broken window.


I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Deadsince it was recommended by my bosses and I was pretty blown away by the transformation Joe Cross had by juicing for 60 days. After discovering that his health dramatically deteriorated because of his unhealthy diet, he decided to go on a juice fast and only drank freshly-made juice for 60 days in hopes that adopting a plant-based diet will reverse the damage his previous diet had done to his body. By the time he completed his fast, he lost a total of 100 pounds, and no longer had to take any of the medications he took prior to his fast. He also inspired another unhealthy dieter Phil Staples to go on a juice fast as well. Phil successfully completed the fast and got his health back on track (as shown in the pictures). 

This documentary truly proves that adopting a plant-based diet reverses the damage that animal-based diets do, which inspires me even more to adopt a permanent vegetarian lifestyle. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone, especially to those who are struggling with their health. 

Day 3

Woke up after sleeping well again, got hungry but was fine after hot lemon water

First juice of the day is carrot, sweet potato, belle pepper, orange, ginger and turmeric. A sunny drink for a dark rainy morning

For some reason everything tastes really salty today, I mean even my water 💦 😯 any ideas why?

Not hungry but constantly catching myself perusing food on instagram and feeling profound jealousy 😅

Lunch: red cabbage, apple, beetroot and celery. I love the colour of this but no matter what I shall never be a great lover of cabbage or beetroot (the exception being beetroot crisps of course 😉)

Dinner: spinach, kale, cilantro, celery, green apple and lemon

Organic doesn't mean ethical or healthier

The “organic” label is just another capitalist way for corporations and other farm ventures with money to profit and appeal to snobby and uneducated coastal markets while leaving poorer family farms, who may indeed be organic but can’t afford the certification, behind

Juice cleanses don’t really “cleanse” you

Fat is actually necessary for your health, sanity, and enjoyment of life

All yoghurt has good bacteria activia is a marketing ploy

Raw food, food cleanses, fasts, only eating organic, &c all feed into a form of disordered eating called “orthorexia” which is recognized as real, which is classist, and which is fat phobic

Anyone have any other food related pet peeves they need to vent about?

Tonight’s dinner! Seriously SO yummy and simple!! And good for you of course 😉. So over hearing the excuse “eating healthy is just too time consuming”. THIS TOOK ME A TOTAL OF 13 MINS TO MAKE PEOPLE!!! No more excuses! Treat your body right & it will treat you right!!

Steamed yam ( poke holes all over w/ fork & microwave on high for 8 mins) drizzled with raw tahini & hemp hearts, steamed corn & peas, and cherry tomatoes. Xx

Raw Food Fast, Day 7

Today is the one week mark for my raw food fasting. I am thoroughly enjoying it, too. I’ve made a lot of great meals (and more coming soon!), and I’ve experienced negative and positive effects. Let’s get the negative out of the way. But first, I’d like to say that these “negative” effects are necessary to detox. They play a very important role in the detoxing of our body. These symptoms are our body purging itself of all the toxicity we’ve accumulated:

I have been fortunate, because the negative effects I’ve experienced have not been that bad: Slight headaches, intense hunger pains, slight fatigue, cravings, itchy throat, and break outs. This was all around day 2 and 3.

This did not last long, at all. And as I stated, this step was needed. My body is cleansing itself. Now, onto the positive:

I have SO much energy, I concentrate better, I never feel weighed down or sluggish, I sleep better, my moods are better, my skin feels softer (and is clearing back up)…. I feel amazing.

I wish I could go completely raw forever, but raw food fasting on occasion will have to suffice until I’m able to do that.

Any questions, concerns, tips, or tricks, hit the ask box! Thank you :)

April 21, 2015

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