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The Joy of Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

The raw food diet is rapidly gaining popularity and awareness among knowledgeable health conscious consumers. As we enter the 21st century people are becoming more diet conscious due to an increase in understanding about how the body works. When people pursue raw food diet weight loss and abandon modern processed foods they quickly see a change in the way they feel and an increase in their energy levels. The benefits of turning from soda pop and processed food to more healthy things like uncooked vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruit, and even seaweed are bringing millions of people benefits like increased energy, better skin tone and even reduced illnesses.?

Raw food diet weight loss revolves around cutting out foods that are not readily processed by the body. By replacing these processed foods with natural foods that are not cooked at excessive temperature many enzymes and nutrients are left intact. Studies have shown that heating food above 115 degrees F can destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. At least 75% of the diet must be uncooked or raw food in order for the diet to be a true raw food diet.

If you are thinking about pursuing raw food diet weight loss you need to make sure that your body’s PH is not moving towards being more acidic than alkaline. An acidic body is a fat body as the metabolism will be slowed down and more inefficient.? When an unhealthy diet of processed foods is consumed this will create an acidic condition in the body. To test the body’s acidity you can use PH test strips, these are inexpensive and they can be used to help determine not only your PH but the right diet schedule needed to meet your weight loss goals. By eating an alkaline diet you will find weight loss is more effective.? This is the major tip in achieving long term weight loss. Fruits, vegetables and herbs will help assist you in your efforts to maintain a more alkaline body.?

Eat Fresh and Organic
Eating organic foods can help as they contain higher nutrient levels. Organic foods have more alkalizing minerals than conventionally grown foods and eating organic will speed up your weight loss efforts. Make sure to buy the highest quality and most delicious food.? It may cost more but the great taste and higher quality will ensure that your raw food diet weight loss plans are successful.? The lowest calorie count per ounce will be found with raw greens and vegetables. Fruits are next in line. In general, fruits have a slightly higher calorie count because of their naturally occurring sugars which will help with weight loss due to the fact that this will raise the body’s blood sugar and reduce hunger levels. People will often eat a piece of fruit before their meal to reduce over eating. If you eat a piece of sweet fruit like some pineapple or an apple 30 minutes before your main meal this can significantly reduce your hunger cravings so that when you do finally eat you will want to eat less. Raw food diet weight loss is usually successful when a complete lifestyle change is made.? This change is typically rewarded with a higher energy level and possibly a reduction in illness.

Spice Up Your Health with Raw Food Recipes

If you are interested in eating tasty food and still watching your weight then you probably realize that eating fast food everyday is not such a good idea. Stop and think about it for a second. Imagine eating burgers, pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes and pies everyday. They taste great but come on, is it such a good idea? I say that as a joke, but more people than you think actually do it.


Often when people plan out a diet they have to weigh out their food and eat only a prescribed amount of each food, but this is not the case when you are following a raw food diet plan. Not only can you eat as much raw food as you want but you can have foods that are tasty to eat and that will provide your body with plenty of nutrition. You can reduce your weight, improve your health and feel younger within days of starting to eat a raw food diet.


Many people have not considered using a raw food diet plan to improve their health or lose weight. The media has not given much attention to the raw food way of life but the information on the internet, numerous books and personal testimonies have created a new awareness of the raw food lifestyle. Many people think its difficult to change the way they eat, but with a well planned out raw food diet plan, eating well can not only be convenient but affordable. This is especially true when you analyze how much time it takes to cook a traditional cooked meal.


Breakfast with a Raw Food Diet Plan


A quick breakfast can be composed of two cups of green vegetables spinach, broccoli, and lettuce. This is basically a quick salad that has your preferred flavor added by either a salad dressing or yogurt to add flavor. Place them in the blender; possibly you may want to add a squeeze of lemon or lime and a sliced fruit. Mix for twenty seconds, pour and enjoy. This is a delicious smoothie that will give you plenty of energy every day, as well as provide you with plenty important nutrients. This takes about 5 minutes to prepare and drink, if you want more substance to this quick breakfast consider adding soy protein powder or oats.


Lunch with a Raw Food Diet Plan


A raw food lunch could be made of lettuce wraps stuffed with carrot slices, banana and avocado combined with a small bag of mixed unsalted nuts. For your drink, try a carrot or tomato vegetable juice. You could even make the juice yourself in about 10 minutes and this includes clean up. Another great idea is a bag of 3-4 different types of vegetable slices. Choose the ones you like and do not be afraid to venture out a little. The variety will keep things interesting. Personally, I have tried things I have only seen in whole-foods-type grocery stores that I could barely keep down. They had me running for the sink to spit it out, but that is all part of the experience when you try out a raw food diet plan.


Dinner with a Raw Food Diet Plan


Dinner could consist of zucchini pasta together with pesto sauce accompanied by a side dish made of almond flour garlic bread and then for dessert, banana ice cream. For the zucchini pasta, simply peel the zucchini and mix it in with your noodles. This pesto sauce is usually a quick mix of garlic, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. An easy way to make banana ice cream is to freeze a couple of bananas then peel them and puree through the blender. This surprisingly gives you very much the same consistency as ice cream; just make sure to eat it while it is still cold.


I love to eat. No doubt about it. So when I made the commitment to switch to a raw food diet plan, I took into consideration all of the things I used to like to eat like, burgers and fries, sandwiches and any kind of chips and dip and some kind of thick pasta sauce with fettuccine noodles. In place of these, through trial and error, I created my own veggie burger recipe and oven baked a potato cut into the shape of fries and sprinkled with a little sea salt. My favorite sandwich now is several kinds of leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and whatever other veggie I can fit on two slices of whole wheat bread accompanied with thinly sliced, oven baked and slightly sea salted potato slices that are surprisingly crisp when baked just long enough and I now use vegetable based pasta with a little olive oil and tomatoes in place of the heavier traditional thick sauces.


So be creative and use your imagination. You will be surprised at what raw foods can do for you not only for the health benefits but you will also enjoy the true tastes that Mother Nature intended them to have.

Raw Food Books Can Give You an Edge

As people focus on getting into shape and loosing weight they will eventually develop some type of dieting schedule to help achieve their goals. We do not usually stick with these diets as they are not sustainable and at times they are even unhealthy. A proper diet should be focused on more than just losing weight because weight loss is simply a byproduct of eating correctly. The fact is there is tremendous disinformation about dieting and eating right. To lose weight in a healthy way is to completely make a lifestyle change for all the right reasons. Raw food is one way to slash calorie and fat intake by 95% yet retain more than enough nutrients to live well. For those who are not to sure what a raw plant based diet is about, a good starting point is to buy some books on the subject.

If you are eating foods that have long chemical names then chances are you are not on the healthy track. The sad thing is, is that millions of people fit into this category. The closer you are to sticking to the basics or raw foods the better off you will be. There is tremendous evidence showing how a raw food diet is the healthiest way to eat. One of the best ways to take advantage of eating this type of diet is to read books that offer guidance on how to prepare raw foods and a list of which raw foods have the highest nutritional properties. A raw food book not only helps you prepare your meals. It helps you live life to the fullest by eating right and gaining energy. With experience on eating healthy, knowing when and where to buy your food and knowing how much to eat, it will become second nature.

?Keep Raw Food Books Nearby

Eating raw foods means supplying your body with what it needs without supplying extra sugars, calories, greasy fats and chemicals. These books will help you find all of your dietary requirements along with how much of each fruit or vegetable you will need to eat to reach your daily goals. Having a book with your personal dietary chart or a journal makes it easy to track your intake and help to make the switch to a plant based diet much easier. It will be important to monitor these types of fruits and vegetables you get until you get used to planning out your daily schedule. During this time you will want to keep your book close by so you can refer to it for advice.

If you are planning on preparing your own food then one of the raw food books you need to have is a book of recipes. If you do not have a tasteful way of preparing your new diet you may get tired of the program quickly. Everyone wants to eat foods that taste great and until you learn how to combine foods and create dishes that somewhat taste like things you are used to it can be a shocking change. Eating raw food does not mean that you need to sacrifice taste and flavor. Its simply means you need to learn a new way of preparing food that will use a new variety of healthy and uncooked ingredients. Eating this way also does not mean all of your food has to be cold; you can warm it up slightly, just not over 115 degrees.

Benefits From Raw Food Diet Recipes

Raw food diet recipes are those that consist of only organically grown vegetables and fruits. A raw food diet has not been cooked at temperatures over 115 F degrees. This is critical because when foods are heated above 115 degrees F valuable enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. These nutrients are key to your body’s health. Because many people eat cooked vegetables as well as processed foods millions of people are dealing with bodily deficiencies often for years and even decades. Is it any wonder that millions of people are now diagnosed with cancer?

If you are interested in learning more about raw food diets then what better way than to learn from those who have experienced and studied the different facets of this diet for years. The way I recommend is to read books from qualified authors as these books are massive collections of knowledge and helpful tips. Here are some ideas to consider when you are trying to learn more about raw diet recipes:

  • Look for books that will give you tasty recipes. The success of your raw food diet recipes are dependant on your personal experience. Just because you are eating healthy is no reason to eat food that lacks taste. In order to assure your success you need to eat foods that you will like and look forward to eating on a regular basis. These books can also provide you with the types of foods to buy and a good description on what these foods can offer you. Start by making a list of the foods that you like and then work to find recipes that use those ingredients.
  • Surf the Web or read magazines that deal with the topics of raw food diets. Many of these sources offer tips from nutritionists as well as information on which foods are important sources of nutrients.
  • Many traditional recipes can be adapted into raw food diet recipes. By taking popular recipes and substituting cooked versions of vegetables or fruits with raw ones, you can create new and tasty recipes that will help to sustain your interests.
  • It is not always possible to prepare your own food and you typically won’t find too many restaurants and fast food joints serving foods prepared this way. Use the internet to look for places nearby where you live that will have raw food recipes ready to be served to those on the go.
  • When you search for raw food diet recipes, make sure not to become confused with vegetarian recipes. The recipes should be composed of uncooked organic ingredients. A true raw diet enthusiast is someone who eats at least 75-80% raw foods.

Changing the way you eat can be a great turning point in your life. You just need to make sure that you put in your research to generate the results that you want. By finding raw food diet recipes that are delicious tasting to you, you will give yourself an incentive to continue this diet for more than a month. This diet should become a lifestyle and it can when the right raw food preparation is used and you make sure to plan your meals accordingly.