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colchuck lake sunset fog by Raw Focus Co.
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Raw Focus Co.


one of the most surreal experiences of my life was watching the clouds roll over the mountain until we were standing in the middle of them 

“[…]corre via, corre, anela,
varca torrenti e stagni,
cade, risorge, e piú e piú s'affretta,
senza posa o ristoro,
lacero, sanguinoso; infin ch'arriva
colà dove la via
e dove il tanto affaticar fu vòlto:
abisso orrido, immenso,
ov'ei precipitando, il tutto obblia.
Vergine luna, tale
è la vita mortale.”

(On, on, he, panting, goes,
Nor pause, nor rest he knows;
Through rushing torrents, over watery wastes;
He falls, gets up again,
And ever more and more he hastes,
Torn, bleeding, and arrives at last
Where ends the path,
Where all his troubles end;
A vast abyss and horrible,
Where plunging headlong, he forgets them all.
Such scene of suffering, and of strife,
O moon, is this our mortal life.)

Giacomo Leopardi, from “canto notturno di un pastore errante per l'Asia”
(I know, translating Leopardi doesn’t really give him any justice)