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Krasivaya-Chapter 6

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression?, Anxiety.

Song: Johnny Cash-Hurt

 You wake slowly, nestled tightly against a well muscled chest. The scent of pine and man confuses you. This isn’t your room. Not your sheets. Not your walls. You futilely try and disengage yourself from the man-wall currently crushing you, attempting to make out any distinguishing features.

Your bladder protesting loudly, you catch a glimpse of blond hair. Your mind finally comes to the conclusion you’re stuck, caged in Steve’s arms. “Steve,” you murmur, “Move. I need to pee.”

He doesn’t move, opting instead to draw you tighter to him. Who knew Captain America was such an avid cuddler?  

“Hun, I’m about to pee on you if you don’t move.” You receive a groan in reply and a distracted kiss to your forehead. “Steve! Move!” You wriggle in his grip.

Again he doesn’t budge, just smothers you in his man-boobs.

Opening your mouth to let out a tirade of insults, you are abruptly cut off by the bedroom door being flung open. Peeking over Steve’s shoulder, you groan inwardly, trying to sink deeper into the mattress.

“Punk, wake up! You’re late for training.” Bucky’s terse voice fills the air, he hasn’t seemed to notice you yet, and you pray he doesn’t come any closer.

You do not want another argument.

“Jeez, punk, wake up!” he mutters as he strides toward the bed. Shaking Steve by the shoulder, his gaze meets yours. His expression turning guarded as he sees you plastered against his best friend. “What? You don’t have your own bed?” he snarks.

You roll your eyes, grinding your teeth together, trying to keep a lid on the rage boiling inside you. “I would have slept in my own fucking bed if I didn’t have to listen to you and your precious Mel banging like bunnies in heat, Barnes!” Snarling at him, you use the power you have to dislodge yourself from Steve. Rising from the bed you level him with all the hate you can muster. “Get out. I’ll wake Steve and send him down to you.”

His look of hurt and surprise throws you off guard. You can’t stand to see him in pain. He’s your one weakness and you can feel your resolve crumbling as he advances on you, stalking you like prey, lips curled back in a feral snarl. His stormy gaze searing through you.

“I don care how long we’ve been friends, (y/n). I don care how much you helped me when I first got here, but your snark is pissing me off! Either tell me what your problem is, or don talk to me. I’m tired of playing this game with you.” His voice is low in warning, teeth gritting against his anger.

You feel the hollow ache of the previous evening returning full force. “You’d throw it all away, James? Every memory? Every moment? You’d throw it all away… for her?” Your eyes are downcast, willing yourself not to cry. You weren’t that important to him after all. “Think carefully, James. Once it’s said it can’t be unsaid.” Biting your lip in agitation, you patiently wait for his answer. The words that will determine whether or not you could ever get past this.

He seems to inflate slightly, his face cold and hard.

You know the answer before the words leave his lips.

He shrugs. “Send him down when you’ve woken him. I ain’t got all day.” With a curt nod, he turns to leave. “(Y/L/N).”

The conversation ends with him striding determinedly away from you.

Clamping down on the tidal wave threatening to overwhelm you, you hurry to wake Steve, shaking him roughly by the shoulder, muttering Bucky’s message once his blue eyes blink into focus.

Message delivered, you sprint from the room, wanting nothing more than to shut yourself away, locking yourself in your bedroom. Beelining for the shower, you turn on scolding hot water, step beneath the spray, hissing as the water hits your flesh. You can’t bring yourself to care.

After all this time, he had finally realised how worthless you were to him. He had chosen her, a woman he’d been seeing for three months over you. That’s how little you meant to him, to any of them.

Sinking down to the wet shower floor, a raw sob escapes you. Why were you this person? Why would no one love you? Were you just a burden on the team?

Not enough

You were never going to be enough for him.

For them.

You were nothing. A void. A walking failure.

And you were never going to be enough.

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And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 5

I was going to wait til tomorow to post this but I’ve kept you guys waiting so long and I really like this part so I had to post it now! Hopefully I can get part 6 done tomorrow where the plot really picks up!

Here is the link to part four which contains the links to all earlier parts too- https://wordsonpages1.tumblr.com/post/161059892742/and-just-like-that-everything-changed-part-4

A catastrophic bang, followed by a blood curdling scream was what woke her up. Her body going rigid as it flew up from its awkward positon resting against Jughead’s sleeping form. Her breathing was laboured and her skin clammy as her eyes took a moment to readjust to her surroundings. Her hands trembled where they held Jughead’s and Betty felt a lump in her throat begin to form as mixed emotions infiltrated her system. Part of her was relieved it had just been a nightmare and that no one was actually facing the barrel of a gun before her eyes. But the other part of her sunk and splintered again at the recognition that her nightmare had in fact been real. The broken body of the boy in the bed before her being proof that the traumatising scene had played out hours ago.

Feeling disoriented her eyes searched frantically around the room, her hands gathering the loose strands of her hair into a dishevelled pony tail.


“Betty?” A gruff voice asked. Looking beside her, Betty saw Archie stir, his own body becoming more alert as he was further enveloped by consciousness, a frown of concern forming on his face. Noticing her tears Archie’s body went stiff, panic invading his thoughts.

“Jug, he didn’t-“

“No!” she cut off quickly with a furious shake of her head. Archie relaxed slightly at that, before his body turned toward hers, placing a hand on her knee. She tried not to visibly flinch at the contact. The gesture was friendly,  and one meant to be a show of support- which she truly appreciated- but her skin felt too tight and she was so wound that it felt searing instead. It’s not his fault she reprimanded herself. It wasn’t Archie’s fault that every touch was a harsh reminder that Jughead was incapable of reaching out to her in that moment.

“What happened?” his tone was full of worry and genuine concern. It implored her to answer.

“Bad dream.”

“Oh. Was it….” He swallowed audibly.

“Yeah,” her eyes looked away.

“It was like I was living it all over again,” She admitted after a beat. Her voice sounded weak and on the verge of tears and she took a steadying breath.

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Bruises, part 5 : He's drunk again, it's time to fight she must have done something wrong tonight it's time to run when you see him clenching his hands

Word count : 770

Author note : There are few things from part 3 on that one but from Y/N’s point of view. Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Domestic violence, mention of nudity, injuries.

Song of the title : Never Again, Nickelback


Bruises masterlist 

Part 4

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First Injury - Dash Wilder

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Your son, Y|S|N, just turned four and as a birthday present, you and Dash decided to bring him to one of the shows and watch from backstage. As you were getting one of the bags packed with extra clothes if Y|S|N made an accident or spilled something, Y|S|N was running all around. Him and Dash were wrestling each other in the living room.
“Are you two knuckleheads ready?” You asked them with an amused grin on your face. “Yes!” Y|S|N answered before running to the door. Dash laughed before getting up from the floor.
“It’s RAW and you are wrestling with your son before you have to actual wrestle tonight?” You asked Dash as you walked out the door. Dash shrugged. “He needs to let out all of his energy.” Dash said. You laughed before making sure Y|S|N was buckled in his booster seat. You then got in the passenger side of the truck as Dash got in the driver’s side. 
You and Y|S|N were walking around backstage while Dash went to get ready for tonight’s Monday Night RAW. You ran into a few friends here and there. You took Y|S|N into catering as RAW was starting and Y|S|N wanted to see Dash on TV. You found him a spot to watch the TV screen.
“Stay here and watch, okay?” You told him.He nodded. You then went over to Sasha, Bayley, The New Day crew and Sami and talked to them,
While you were talking, Dash and Scott were on the screen and Y|S|N was pretending to be like Dash.
Y|S|N was doing moves in the air pretending like he was fighting someone. “Y|S|N, be careful please.” You told him.
As you were talking to Sasha, you heard a big thump then you heard Y|S|N cry. You turned to see Y|S|N laying on the ground, bleeding from his nose. You ran over and picked him up.
“What happened?” You asked as Sasha handed you a napkin. “I was playing when I fell and hit the chair.” Y|S|N answered while crying. 
You picked him up and sat him on the table while holding his bloody nose. “I told you to be careful.” You said as you ran your hand through his brown hair. While you were cleaning his nose, Dash and Scott soon walked back into catering. When Dash saw you with Y|S|N, he rushed over.
“What happened, buddy?” Dash asked.
“He was pretending to be you and he fell and his nose on the chair.” You answered, wiping his nose before throwing the bloody tissue away. 
“You got to be careful, dude.” Dash said before picking him up. Y|S|N wrapped his arms around Dash’s neck.

A reason not to leave

A door opening, closing. The ding of a text. Shirayuki’s determined face as she gathers her winter gear from Kiki’s coat stand, a riot of colour clutched in her arms.

“You’ve got this,” Kiki reminded her. “You know what you need to say. It might take some repetition to get it through his head, but he’ll understand.”

Kiki was never able to predict when Shirayuki would go in for a hug. Always unexpected, impossible to anticipate, yet never unwelcome. Shirayuki knows when she needs to talk, to comfort, to encourage. Kiki doesn’t, but initiates a hug anyways, because that’s what Shirayuki needs right now.


Kiki doesn’t fret.

She’s just… concerned.

She can’t hear anything beyond muted voices, but she knows what Shirayuki will say. She’d practiced with her for over an hour, so determined to get this right.

‘I want to buy a house in Lyrias.’ She would pause, allow Zen to say anything he needed to before she continuing.

But Zen raises his voice, and Kiki hears all too clearly.

“What about the life we wanted to build together here.” It’s a direct challenge, thwarting Shirayuki’s rehearsed speech.

Shirayuki keeps her voice pitched low, all too aware of their eavesdropper, but she can’t keep herself from responding just a little too loudly.

“You’ve never visited once while I come down almost every weekend.”

“To spend all your time with Obi.” Zen’s tone turns as they brush against an older argument. “You drive down Friday and I don’t see you until late on Saturday, just like today.”

“You weren’t here!”

Kiki gets to her feet.

“What about yesterday? I was here, but you weren’t because you were with Obi.”

A frustrated noise spills from Shirayuki, temper rising to the occasion as the argument shifts. “He has to deal with a crappy apartment and crappier neighbours, just because - ” A pause that Zen doesn’t try to fill. A moment where they both might calm down, step back from their emotions, and fix this.

Kiki takes the three steps to the door, intuition telling her to stop them before -

Shirayuki, louder now, but still soft, pleading. “Zen, he’s lonely. He won’t say so, but it hurts him when you -”

“Yet… you’re allowed to hurt him. How do you think he feels, when you stay over every Friday, when you sleep in his bed and cook him breakfast? Don’t tell me how terrible I make him feel when you’re the one breaking his heart.”

A door slams, the force vibrating the doorknob in her hand. She wrenches it open, just in time to see Mitsuhide always one step ahead, following Shirayuki to the stairwell.

Leaving Kiki to deal with Zen.

She opens the door cautiously. He’s crouching, head between his knees, one hand hovering over his mouth. He looks like going to be sick.

She hands him a glass of water and kneels beside him - but that’s it. No comforting gestures or reassuring words. Not when his words sent Shirayuki scrambling to be anywhere else but near him, even into a blizzard. Not when those words may have stained a friendship she admires above any other.

So she waits.

Her phone rings once, and she answers.

“She’s gone.” Yet another door. The echo of his hollow footsteps in the stairwell. “It’s a mess out here; I could barely see her leave. Kiki.” He hesitates, and she knows what he will ask. “Obi or Lyrias?”

Later, later, she can address the emotion in his voice, and Shirayuki will drive carefully, she always does, emotions be dammed, but right now…

Lyrias. Or Obi.

In any other situation, she’d bet on Obi, but with the bomb Zen had just dropped… would she still go to him? Would the thought of hurting him be enough to send her further into the storm?

Mitsuhide enters the apartment quietly, disconnecting the call only when he stands next to them. He towers, a hovering ball of concern.

She wastes precious minutes debating the matter, but they did have some time. If Shirayuki was driving to Obi’s apartment, she would get there in approximately twenty minutes. If she continued on to Lyrias, Obi could intercept her within minutes after she passed through.

But she had to tell him first.


“Watch Zen.” He was still on the floor. Raw anger filters through her control at his helpless slump. “I need to make a phone call.”


Dean x Reader

Summary: Your father, Bobby Singer, forbids you from dating a hunter. Little does he know, you’ve fallen head over heels for the eldest Winchester.

Warnings: Cursing, a little implied smut, fluff.

Requested by anon~

A/N: I hope you guys like this one :) I thought it was hella cute.

Originally posted by black-little-demons

You gasp out as Dean’s teeth sink into your neck, his large calloused hands roaming your body freely in the small quarters of the coat closet. 

“Shh Y/N… We can’t have Sammy or Bobby find us, can we?” He whispers huskily, covering his lips with yours. 

Your father, Bobby Singer, kept you out of the hunting life since you were born. He knew very well of the dangers, especially after your mother was possessed by a demon.

But, he couldn’t keep the Winchesters from waltzing into your life. You had met them when you were around ten; their father had left them with Bobby for a dangerous hunt. 

Your father had strictly instructed you to stay hidden in your room, but alas, curiosity got the better of you, and you wound up with a friendship with the two Winchester boys. Bobby was disappointed at first, but his heart softened when he heard you having fun. He couldn’t keep you from people forever.

As the years went by, you saw the Winchesters less and less. You stayed out of hunting, although you helped with research occasionally. 

That is, until one rainy night. You were alone in the house (Bobby being on a hunt somewhere close), snuggled by the fire while reading your favorite book. A rough knock came to the door soon later. After looking through the peephole, you quickly opened the door. The familiar green eyes of Dean Winchester shone back at you before he grabbed your face in his hands and kissed you passionately. 

“I missed you, Y/N”, he mumbled as you two got lost in each other, the warm fire crackling in the background.

That was two years ago. Since then, you made your relationship official, but you both decided it’d be best to keep it from Sammy and Bobby. God, your dad would kill you if he found out, and Sammy would probably snitch one day.

It was times like this when you poured every ounce of love into one another- quick bursts of passion in a secret location. You did miss the intimacy of making love slowly and being able to wake up in Dean’s arms.

Dean hesitantly breaks away from your lips when he hears Bobby calling for you two. He gives you a bittersweet smile before stepping out of the closet with you.

“Where’d you idjits go?” Bobby asks gruffly, flipping through a lore book. 

“Needed to get something from Baby”, Dean dismisses, sneaking a glance at you.

The day goes by fairly quickly, and the next day, Sam and Dean depart briefly to hunt a nearby case. You hated not being able to go on hunts- you chewed your fingernails raw and paced the floor anxiously while you waited for a call or for Dean himself to come through the door.

Hours later, the door is opened, a very beat up and passed out Dean and a concerned Sam stumbling in. You immediately shoot up and run to their side. “What happened?” You ask, gesturing for Sam to put Dean on the couch as you got the nearby first aid kit from the kitchen. 

“Ghoul caught Dean before we could”, Sam mumbles out. Worry blurs your head, but you nevertheless begin to stitch and bandage the wounds littering his body. In the meantime, Sam’s head lulled to the side as the exhaustion from the hunt finally took its toll.

“Get some rest Sam. Dean will be alright.” Sam doesn’t argue, thanking you while taking one last glance at his brother before departing to go to sleep. 

Sighing, you lay your body next to Dean’s, gently placing your hand on his beating heart. Your other hand rests on his jaw, and you rub soothing circles there. “I love you, Dean”, you confess for the first time, sleep finally overcoming your form.


Your eyes shoot open at the sound of your father’s voice. Dean’s body was protectively pressed against yours, his face nuzzled in your neck. His emerald eyes open tentatively, his chest constricting as he saw your father’s disapproving stare.


“I told you not to do this, Y/N, not with a hunter.”

Your feet meet the ground as you stride over to your dad. “Why not? Dad, Dean means the world to me, and you can’t just take him away from me!” You pause, your voice softening. “You’re not going to lose me like Mom.” 

Your dad angrily scowls. “Don’t mention her again.”

“She was my mom; I have the right! You don’t think it hurt me to lose her too?” You shout back.

“God damn it, Y/N I can’t lose you too!” Your eyes soften as your dad’s voice weakens. “You’re not going to lose me, Dad”, your voice is quiet now. “But, I feel safe with Dean, and I trust him even more than I trust myself.” You pause to take a deep breath. “Daddy, I love him.”

Bobby’s eyes soften. He hasn’t seen you this happy before in a long time.

Bobby walks over to a now sitting Dean, roughly grabbing his collar and pulling his face towards his. “If you ever hurt her, I’ll fucking kill you, got it?”

You sigh in relief when your dad releases Dean, who is now smiling. “Thank you Dad”, you say as your embrace your father. 

When your dad leaves to make breakfast, you head over to Dean. “How are you feeling-” His sinful lips interrupt your sentence, kissing you with heated passion and love. “Better now that I know you’re mine for sure.” He pauses to press a gentle kiss to your nose. “I love you too, by the way.”

Your heart beats faster with his words, and before you know it, you’re kissing him again, pushing him down on the couch.

You lose yourself in one another, the only feeling is each others hands and lips…

“Idijits, not on the couch!”

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