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god i wish lesbians in mainstream media werent so sexualized. like… wheres my dorky highschool gfs… wheres my uptight office lesbian and sloppy sweatpants lesbian who shows office lesbian the joys of eating raw cookie dough at 4am… wheres my rich and famous lesbian who falls in love with shy bookish lesbian… wheres my waitress gfs who work at competing restaurants… wheres my mutual pinning neighbor lesbians who barge into each-others’ houses uninvited… like not every sapphic couple is two Sexy Women With A Forbidden Passion… give me my fun and sweet sitcom lesbians

  • Hufflepuff: I'm so glad we could have this potluck dinner party! I hope you guys like lasagna!
  • Gryffindor: Sounds great! I made some spinach dip and brought chips. I thought it'd be a good appetizer.
  • Slytherin: And my spiked punch will wash it all down nicely!
  • Ravenclaw: I have cookie dough for dessert!
  • Slytherin: I thought were going to make homemade cookies.
  • Ravenclaw: The dough is homemade!
  • Ravenclaw: Besides raw cookie dough is better than cookies anyway.
  • Hufflepuff: Ravenclaw has a point there

♡Best vegan cookies♡
This is a recipe I’ve been using for a long time, and I wrote it down in my notebook. I think I found this recipe on YouTube so if u find it someone where just know this isn’t my own recipe!!! Hope you enjoy :)

¼ cup coconut oil
¼ cup vegan butter
1 cup any sugar of your choice
1 tbsp vanilla
¼ cup plant milk
2 cups flower
1 tsp baking Soda
1 tsp baking powder
½ to 1 cup vegan chocolate chips

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix together the coconut oil, vegan butter, and sugar. Add vanilla and almond to this mixture. In a separate bowl, add the rest of the ingredients (except chocolate chips), and mix together. Now, add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and combine. Stir in chocolate chips. Spray cooking spray (optional) onto baking sheet and at 1 tbsp of cookie dough onto sheet for each cookie. Bake 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. AND BAM 💥 you got yourself delicious 😋 vegan cookies 🍪!!!
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Glitch in Time

An Antisepticeye story based on the characters of @justwritingscibbles in this fic. (Including a very brief mention of Taylor.)

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Y/N shrieked as she jumped backwards, dodging the slashing knife at eye height, her cup of tea splashing down her shirt.
“Anti! What the hell!” she grumbled, looking at her saturated top. “That’s not funny!”
“Sure it is!” Anti cackled, flipping the knife in his hand, “you’re not hurt, are you?”
“No, the tea’s cold,” Y/N admitted, “but that doesn’t make it funny. I swear, you’ll be the death of me one day.”
“C'mon Sugar. Lighten up. We’re only playing.”
“No! I’m not playing. Just leave me alone for a bit, it’s been a really bad day.” Anti’s knife vanished. His eyes glinted with green light.
“I know I can make it better,” he offered, eyebrows waggling, “and I bet I can get you to… Play.” He darted forward, slipping past Y/N with a cheeky slap on her behind. She swung at him with the heavy textbook on her other hand.
“Hey!” Y/N yelled as Anti slipped away, darting into a lamp by the kitchen. Y/N chased after him, dropping the empty cup and snatching at the blur leaping between appliances.
“Can’t catch me!” Anti mocked, just out of reach.
“I’m going to strangle you!” Y/N growled.
“That’s my girl,” he chuckled, leaving the kitchen appliances and slipping into a hallway lamp, then into the bedroom. There weren’t as many electronics to hide in here, so he hid in the alarm clock by the bed, the digital screen flashing ‘HE:HE’ instead of numbers.
“Told you I could make you play,” Anti laughed, his voice echoing through the room.
“Oh, go to hell!” Y/N screeched, slamming her textbook down hard upon the clock.

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If you look close enough, Mic has a language gain on her back. She never really messed around with it, until one time when Soap have her a gentle hug, and flipped the gain. Mic ended up speaking Japanese for the rest of the day (While Soap did nothing but try and clean her up, to see if her original gain was malfunctioning)

Bomb is FORBIDDEN to drink or eat anything that contains sugar. If he does consume any (for example, he drinks soda by mistake) he will RUN AROUND, HAVING THE BIGGEST SUGAR RUSH YOU HAVE EVER SEEN, DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN HIS PATH before having either a sugar crash, or exploding. This has happened a few times; let’s just say that there we’re injuries and it did not end very well.

Knife can Tango/Dance. Like, when he’s alone, and when nobody else is around (HE WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS GONE) He fricken TANGO’S LIKE A EXPERT. The only one who knows about this is Pickle, who walked upon Knife dancing, and, Knife being the lil flirty shit he is, pulled him in and they basically tango-ed for an entire hour.

MePhone 4 usually hosts a dinner for the contestants after each elimination. During one dinner, Lightbulb slammed her fist down on a ketchup packet and the ketchup fricken WENT EVERYWHERE. It splattered all over Paintbrushes face, got on Fan’s phone, some flew into Test Tubes liquid, and even all over the food.
Lightbulb was laughing like crazy, Test Tube was giggling because she felt a bit odd, Fan was quickly trying to clean off the ketchup from his phone, and Paintbrush was yelling the entire time.

Cheesy once jumpscared YinYang while they were washing a couple of pots, pans and dishes. When he did, YinYang turned around and SLAPPED CHEESY WITH A COOKIE/BAKING PAN. Cheesy was on the floor both laughing and crying in pain, Yin was apologizing like hell and Yang was LAUGHING.
Cheesy ended up with a ice pack on his cheek for a few hours.

In the mansion, Bow loves to posses Apple, so she can feel and taste stuff again. She possessed Apple once so she could touch a chair again. Apple doesn’t mind, but it does startle her a bit.

Apple gets easily flustered. Like, Marshmallow and Bow could give her a smooch on the cheek, and she would be a ditzy, giggly mess. She would be so flustered, that she would sometimes not notice where she’s going and could walk into walls, chairs, or even outside into the woods.

The Cherries sometimes go out of hand with their pranks. They once put a rubber tarantula in Paper’s bedroom; and the next thing you know, he was having a severe anxiety attack. (Note that Paper has severe arachnophobia). The two just hid in their room and kept quiet for the rest of the day.

When someone misbehaves in the Hotel, OJ usually puts them to clean around the hotel.

One time for Christmas, Lightbulb made cookies. RAW cookies. Paintbrush got really dizzy, and they raged about dizzily. Fan and Test Tube decided that enough was enough, and they tied them and Lightbulb together with Christmas lights, saying that they will not be let loose until they get along. Lightbulb just smirked and talked with them, in a giggly sort of way.

One time, Paintbrush snorted after laughing really really hard. Fan recorded the whole thing, and would always play it when Paintbrush was around.

Lightbulb accidentally tangled Paintbrushes hair into a big knot once. It took them HOURS to get it untangled.

Tissues actually LOVES fish. Especially jellyfish. The sight of them actually helps him take his mind off of his condiSHAWN and focus more on the gentle beauty of the fish.

Salt and Pepper sometimes invite Soap over for a girls night; A night where Salt and Pepper help Soap look pretty and nice for Mic.

Taco LOVES gummy candy. Gummy fish, gummy worms; anything that’s a gummy. She will KILL for the gummies.

YinYang actually gets along for one thing: oreos. Ever since they were young, they’ve agreed that Yin gets the cookie part, and Yang gets the cream. That’s the only thing they’ll get along to. Good happy boios.

Nickel still has his rubber ball with him. It’s a little stress reliever for the guy. When he feels real angry or frustrated, he would bounce it or throw it against the wall furiously. Let’s just say that rubber ball of his came as a good use to him after the elimination. Otherwise, things would’ve turned for the worst.

One time, Suitcase was walking by glumly until she looked at the ground and saw a trail of little paper flowers. She followed the trail which led to the cliff, and when she looked up, she saw Balloon (of course) waiting there for her with open arms. She immediately ran into his arms, and they stayed at the cliff for hours, comforting each other, hugging and giving a few kisses, and admiring the view. MePhone 4 eventually found out, and has forbidden Balloon or Suitcase, or ANYONE, to approach the cliff.

Nickel rebels and usually sneaks out of the hotel during the wee hours of the night. He runs towards Baseball, and usually just cuddles up right beside him and falls asleep. Baseball falls asleep crying most of the time, so Nickel gently wipes his tears away and mutters comforting words to him.

During the Fourth of July, the Bright Lights agreed to tie Paintbrush with a large firecracker. You could only imagine how that went.


Hope you guys liked these !!! I really tried, I did-

The new mob psycho puzzle event got me thinking of some fun headcannons on them baking/cooking

Mob: decent but probably accidentally leaves things out of recipes or maybe doesn’t put things in order or measure them quiet right, he needs a little bit of guidance….

Ritsu: isn’t really the best at it either, he reads all directions and recipes thoroughly but they still don’t come out quiet right
He gets frustrated because hes not sure what hes doing wrong like “BUT I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS SO WHY??”

Reigen: doesn’t use recipes….at all he kinda just… tosses shit in but it normally works out in the end? Ritsu hates him even more for this. (or maybe its more like he makes it look nice but it actually doesn’t taste all that  good?)

Teru: actually a god when it comes to baking, he’s one of those kids that stress bakes or whatever, he’s very efficient and cleans all his messes as he goes, he uses his psychic powers to multitask.

Sho: Sho is the absolute worst, hes the kid who’s like “oh you think I’m bad at cooking? you’ve never had my cereal than”  he just, he’s a mess just don’t let this boy in the kitchen he’ll probably eat all the raw cookie dough and get a terrible stomach ache…

Dimple: somehow just as bad as Sho at these things but not in the same way…


My dream cast for a live action Atlantis!

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Kida
Arthur Darvill as Milo
Selena Gomez as Audrey
Jack Black as the Mole
Colin Farrell as Vinny
Phil Morris (the original voice actor) as Dr. Sweet
Jack Nicholson as Cookie
Rachel McAdams as Helga
Maggie Smith as Bertha


  • weird friend
  • no foresight
  • works out more than you but will also split a tub of raw cookie dough
  • answers texts immediately or never
  • thrift shops
  • shows he cares once a year but thinks of you every Friday


  • mom friend
  • shockingly bad at picking birthday presents
  • B+ listener
  • online at 4 am and will stay up an hour to chat if you’re sad
  • ok with hanging out 24+ hours straight
  • hasn’t hugged you yet


  • food friend
  • pays for things
  • will tell you about his dream last night and actually want to know bout yours
  • remembers anniversaries
  • will call you at midnight to apologize for something
  • won’t ride the roller coaster with you and will judge you for asking


  • fun friend
  • always ready to hear about your drama 
  • smells good
  • never gets you gifts on holidays but sends you something off your Amazon wishlist randomly
  • will sneak out with you after dark
  • affectionately in your personal space


  • nerd friend
  • will help you cheat before they help you study
  • sends you links to everything
  • up at 4 am but asleep at noon
  • hangs out twice a month
  • will make and cancel a lot of cool plans

-petting a stray cat

-playing/running around with big friendly dogs outside

-coming back inside covered in dirt and grass stains

-using her claws to become the best tree climber who ever lived

-playing an old arcade game on a big console and kicking it when she loses until Logan shows up with a few more quarters

-trying chocolate for the first time

-wearing a puffy winter coat that makes her look like an Eskimo

-sticking her tongue out while coloring with markers

-being amazed that Rice Crispies make noises

- using Band-Aids even though she doesn’t need them, just because she likes all the different designs

- discovering puffy stickers :3

-stomping through rain puddles

-having an incurable sweet tooth

-eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon

-eating a whole roll of raw cookie dough but denying she did when Logan asks her about it

-learning to ride a bike

-blowing bubbles in her milk with a straw

-having a special stuffed animal

-eating breakfast in a diner and stuffing herself with waffles

-wearing soft pjs and wrapping her small self in 50 blankets

-sleeping without nightmares

-constantly fiddling with the car radio dial until Logan puts a piece of duct tape over it AND the AC controls

-always falling asleep in the back seat but never while riding shotgun

- trying on every pair of sunglasses every time she enters a gas station or any other store with a glasses rack

-pouting when Logan tells her she’s not old enough to drink coffee

-still not getting why she can’t just open any food in the store that she wants when it hasn’t been paid for yet

-wandering off every time Logan takes her somewhere and causing his protective mutant dad powers to activate

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#65. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you" andreil

Neil mixed the wet ingredients into the dry, the cookie dough slowly taking form. They had way too much sugar in them for his taste, but the others all liked them and it pissed Kevin off when Neil baked unhealthy things, so he tried to do it as often as he could.

He liked how methodical baking was. In cooking you had to guess and adjust, guess and adjust. With baking you knew exactly how much of everything to put into a bowl for a guaranteed success. It was reassuring, all the clear steps to follow.

He needed that right now. It was hard not to remember where he was this time last year, what he was going into, what had just happened, where Andrew was and what was happening to him. Things like this grounded him in the moment, they didn’t let him get dragged back into those dark memories.

Andrew was supposed to be helping, mixing food coloring into the different frostings, because Nicky wouldn’t let him make all of them just white. Neil had insisted that there was snow on Christmas therefore white frosting was fine, but Nicky was adamant that they needed to be properly decorated. Once everything was baked the others were going to add the various mints and sprinkles and candies and everything else they liked to the cookies while Neil took a break and made out with Andrew in their room.

That is, if Andrew didn’t eat all of the frosting first.

“That’s not all for you.”

“Come try and stop me.” He dragged a finger along the bowl, licking off the sugary paste that was far too sweet for Neil.

“You’re not gonna be able to go pro if all you eat is junk.”

“Who said I’m going pro?” A different finger went into the bowl before being licked. “Maybe I have other ideas for my future.”


“There’s always jail again. Or a nice cardboard box on the street. My car is nice, I can live in that.”

“I wouldn’t let you, I can pay for both of us even if you don’t ever work.” He checked the dough consistency, making sure everything was mixed properly. He didn’t like when they tasted like flour.

“With your 20% salary?”

“20% of ten million is still a lot. Taste.” He held out a spoon to Andrew, who tasted the dough before nodding that it was ok. He was sure he wouldn’t get salmonella so Neil let him indulge.

“You’ll be spending it all on Exy junk. You won’t need me once you’re big.” Andrew sounded nonchalant but Neil could hear a tinge of something deeper. Andrew would be graduating before him. Kevin was guaranteed a career after college and now didn’t need his protection. Andrew probably didn’t see himself getting drafted to a team. Aaron had Katelyn and Neil would be busy with being captain and finishing school. He didn’t think anyone would need him anymore.

“You know, this would all be a lot easier if you could see yourself the way I do.” He began rolling the dough out into a rectangle, Andrew laying out the festive cookie cutters Renee got for them to use. Again, Neil had thought normal round shaped was fine but no one else did.

“Oh yeah? And how would that be?” Again to the untrained ear Andrew was bored and hardly paying attention, but Neil knew the sound of his curiosity. No matter how much he said he didn’t care about Neil’s opinion or anyone else’s, he did need the validation that someone outside himself thought he was worth a damn.

“You’re strong and dependable. That’s one of the first things I liked about you, that I could let go of everything weighing me down and you could handle it. You’re also the best Exy goalie alive, and that’s when you’re not even trying. You’re a genius when you bother to be, you’re loyal and consistent. You protect the people you care about and you don’t ask for anything in return. You were willing to risk everything for Nicky, for Aaron, for Kevin, for me. You’re a murderer and a bit of a son of a bitch and the best man I’ve ever known.”

Andrew didn’t say anything for a while, just began methodically cutting out shapes in the dough and putting them onto the tray. Neil didn’t mind and did the same, putting the trays in the oven while Andrew ate the leftover raw cookie dough.

“What if you’re wrong?” He looked somewhere over Neil’s head, not at him.

“What if you are?”

Andrew thought for a long moment before popping the rest of the dough in his mouth.

“Come on, we’ve got fifteen minutes before the others get here. Yes or no?”

“Yes, Andrew.”