raw concepts

Things you don’t want to imagine if you don’t want to be romatically frustrated: Waking up to the person you like, and getting to see their hair in a mess as well as hear their morning voice. 

sushi headcanons

john: only eats stuff that’s completely cooked. tempura shrimp, california rolls, etc. roxy keeps calling him a wuss. he orders one of those rolls that’s a take on philly cheesesteaks/cheeseburgers and grins at the face she makes. that’s not real sushi, john, what the fuck? oh really roxy? i thought sushi was just the rice part! he eats 3 pieces of it at once. he is utterly, incredibly sick later.

rose: only eats nigiri. in japan they don’t usually eat rolls, she informs dave as he goes to town on a hand roll. most of the rolls you can order here were made for dumb westerners who couldn’t comprehend the concept of raw fish by itself. dumb westerner this, dave retorts, and nearly chokes on his hand roll. rose raises her eyebrows and grins as she daintily dabs wasabi between the fish and the rice on her nigiri. 

dave: orders hand rolls pretty much exclusively and refers to them as his fishcream cones. has a variety. arranges them in order of how much he likes them. eats a bite out of one, then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. dirk makes a pained noise. dave sets it down and takes a bite out of another.

jade: orders sashimi. loves the fish but her doggy side hates the rice! she eats twice as much as everybody else and seems ready for more. no wasabi, no ginger. all fish all the time. she keeps talking with pieces of fish hanging out of her mouth. everyone is vaguely horrified. 

jane: does this the professional way! orders omakase and scoffs as everybody else just orders rolls. as a result she gets the objective best sushi and takes her time savoring every piece. only uses the wasabi and soy that the chef includes with the sushi. keeps commenting aloud about how glad she is that she did it this way. roxy elbows her and says jane is welcome to a piece of her spicy tuna if she wants. jane quietly accepts. 

roxy: everything is spicy. spicy tuna rolls. spicy scallop hand rolls. spicy salmon rolls. spicy tuna nigiri. if it’s a roll with sriracha sauce in it she’s ordering it. if it has jalepenos or any kind of spicy pepper on it, she’s ordering it. her greatest achievement is eating the entirety of the sushi place’s challenge too-hot-to-handle roll and not having to pay for her meal. eats way too much and spends the next hour and a half groaning about how full she is.

dirk: is not sure he can trust uncooked fish. look, ok, he knows that people used to eat this all the time, but fish were pretty toxic on earth in 2425, ok, and he had to cook them to get the toxins out. makes a lot of noise about how he’s not sure fish and cream cheese ought to go together. eventually appeased. is DELIGHTED when roxy helps him find a roll that says “citrus” and there are tiny paper-thin lemon/orange slices in it. eats too much but pretends to be fine even though jake keeps grinning and poking his stomach.

jake: goes immediately to the weirdest rolls and orders them. splits a philly cheesesteak roll with john. eats sea urchin and loves it. does a quail egg shot, then does another one, and another one. he fucking loves those things. orders a gigantic variety of nigiri so he can sample as many kinds of fish as he can and loves them all. announces every one is his favorite after he tries it. in addition, eats a shitload of edamame.

karkat: tries some spicy rolls and, without admitting that they are too much for him, orders something super mild immediately afterward. dave knows and elbows him. karkat demands an elbow toll of one of dave’s hand rolls, and dave acquiesces – but it’s one of the ones he’s already had a bite of. karkat gives dave a dirty look. avoids crab rolls, even with dave’s assertion that none of them use real crab. makes a lot of noise about how humans must have a deathwish if they’re eating raw fish all the fucking time. eats too much.

terezi: asks which sushi is the MOST R3D and then orders whatever is pointed out to her. ends up with a bunch of tuna and spicy tuna and R3D SN4PP3R even though she’s told it’s not very red. makes loud slurping noises as she swallows the fish. makes the chef bring her a bottle of sriracha and starts just dumping it into her mouth. starts scraping red tobiko off other people’s rolls and into her mouth. john finally loses it and asks if they can just buy a stupid thing of tobiko so she stops being stupid. terezi, nose deep in the tobiko the instant it’s brought to the table, is appeased.

kanaya: joins jane in the omakase because if anybody ought to know what’s good here, it’s the chef. is the perfect model of etiquette. read up on how to properly eat sushi before she came here. attempts to say “arigato gozaimasu” when the chef gives her sushi. doesn’t rub her chopsticks together because the internet said it was rude and nearly gets a splinter, which rose offers to help her remedy. wow rose get a room, dave drawls as kanaya turns brilliant green. eats exactly the right amount and sighs loudly when karkat grumbles about how full he is afterward.

callie: orders sashimi only with jade, but gets dozens of different kinds of fish as opposed to jade sticking to her favorites. stacks them and mixes them like lunchables. informs everyone else on what combinations are the best. mournful that there isn’t much blood in the fish, but enjoys herself anyway. when she’s informed she can finish her meaty fishflesh meal with mochi ice cream and tempura fried oreos, her eyes light up and everyone realizes they aren’t getting out of there for another hour. 


Tiny Tattoos Matched With Fitting Backgrounds.

Big, intricate tattoos are cool, there’s no denying that. But what about some tiny tattoos with matching backgrounds? That’s the idea of “Tiny Tattoos”, a photography series by Austin Tott. He takes wrists with the smallest of ink, and takes picture so that the background would complement it nicely. So, a tiny boat tattoo is accompanied by a naval map, and an envelope tattoo has some letters and envelopes in the background.

Austin Tott comes from Seattle, Washington. He is an art director as well as a product and concept designer. Usually, he works with abstract photography, fusing conceptual ideas and styles with raw emotion. Tott’s goal is to bring light to dark emotions… and naval maps to ship tattoos. credits by Austin

‘Scream & Shout’

Thank You @tapefaceboy for the perfect inspirational photo behind this portrait… one of my favorite, creative, celebrity personalities! You can view more detailed photos of the process for this artwork on my Instagram page (link in bio). ‘Scream & Shout’ is the name and that’s what i’m doing right at this moment with the launch of my Etsy Shop! 

Yes, you can now buy some of the artwork i’ve created using the following source link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kulorbandit?ref=shop_sugg 

You’ll find quite a bit of familiar 'faces’ with new artwork to be added in the near future. I’ll let you explore what’s available, but for now I would like to point you to one section in my shop under items: Downloadable. Here, you will find download links for The Muppet Series. I felt this was the best way I could make these available immediately. In addition $5 from every Muppet download purchase will go to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As a child Sesame Street and similar shows like it were a part of my upbringing and continues to be a source of positive inspiration for all… kids and adults. This will be one of many ways of trying to use my talents to afford the same opportunity to those in need. With that I would like to say Thank You for all your continued support, words of encouragement, and friendship! 

Sincerely, Kulorbandit


I_DAWG// by SadgaS
Via Flickr:
Developed at Oseda Corporation, the I_Dawg is a personal self defense device. 50cm tall, it can be loaded with a wide range of ammunition, general purpose addons or simply to help you at your favourite grocery. Visit your local gunroom for more details and release date.

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lmao the youkael shipping makes me wonder if anyone on this site has friends irl, like me & my friends sure look and act like we're more than friends sometimes?? and it just means we are really good friends 😛 not saying there couldn't be anything between those two but in general i find it funny how much people are reading into everything ... like MAYBE not everything is romantic

But more seriously: SKAM is not IRL, is it? It’s a show written by people for people and every element, in a good story, should have a purpose.

You wouldn’t write in a dinner scene just because people eat IRL and your characters need to eat to stay alive. No.
Either you just leave it out of your story and let your audience/readers assume that their characters have eaten since they are…you know…still alive.
Or you write it for the purpose of advancing your story, whether by giving the readers/audience a deeper insight into the characters’ minds/motivations/relationships/etc or by introducing key plot elements, or both, or neither and something else entirely.
But you don’t write it “just because”.

Those pictures, on Yousef’s Facebook, were written and staged for a purpose. They’re not “just” to show that Yousef has a Facebook and friends.
So it is safe to say that we’re not doing so outlandish by reading into it.

Put it more simply: imagine you are watching a magic trick.

As a spectator, maybe you know nothing about magic. If that’s the case, then the trick works wonderfully (if done properly). At the end, you are astonished. How did the magician make that bunny disappear? How was that person sawed in half and still alive?
Or maybe you know a bit about magic, you picked up a “Magic for Dummies” book when you were younger and learned some basic card tricks and how to make a coin disappear. In that case some of the magician’s moves are familiar. You still can’t tell exactly how the magician made that bunny disappear, the details of it. But you understand the raw concept of it.
You know that “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts.“
So you are now able to try and figure out the trick. You have the basic tools to do so. You might not succeed or be a hundred percent right, but you have the basics you can build upon. You have fuel for your theories.
Or maybe, you are an experienced magician and you know exactly how the other person, on stage, did the trick. It’s a trick you performed yourself. Maybe not exactly the same way: you didn’t use the same hand gestures to confuse the audience, you didn’t have the part with the flowers, … but it’s a trick you know all the same.

The trick is not wizardry. It’s not something from Harry Potter. It is a trick, that was written and performed with an intent. It is not someone who has real magical powers and decided to make a bunny disappear just to show the world that magic is real and that an imminent war between witches and trolls is upon us.

Stories are magic tricks.
I know a bit about magic tricks and want to know more so I can, one day, hopefully device my own great magic trick and daze the audience who doesn’t know about magic, intrigue the one who does know a bit, and be recognised by the one who knows exactly how to perform this magic trick.

(also, I say what I want about fictional characters. if i want to say that mikael is nonbinary or that linn has bipolar II, then i’ll say it and write about it and talk about it if i damn please.)

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There are parts of me that don't even want to believe any of my assaults happened. Most of me doesn't want to tell anyone or make it that real. What do I do? how do I heal when I'm so afraid to talk about it? when my friends of years and family friends are always the culprits, why can't I fight back? I'm trying to be ok but sometimes all I can do is lay in bed and cry and ache over whats happened to me. I don't know how to be ok. I don't know how to fight back. I'm so happy I found this blog

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

“How do I heal when I’m so afraid to talk about it?”

this is at the heart of what is keeping you locked in this dysfunctional cycle.  

“when my friends of years and family friends are always the culprits, why can’t I fight back?”

you have the added problem (& more common problem) that you sexual abuser are in your family and there is huge consequences on numerous levels that a person who has no experience can understand.  

You have to avoid a lot of people’s advice because their advice only endorses unhealthy and dangerous dynamics surround the sanctity of a man’s family. 

You should only seek advice from a trained incest sexual assault counselor & #LAVENDER sisters who you can tell are not just stranger rapes, but experienced in their families too. 

You have everything, every symptoms from insecure attachment to unhealthy boundaries and that is what is keeping you from seeking help & recovery. 

You start by actually doing the things I advice like:

  1. Practice and make a relax ritual, daily.
  2. Make a lavender blog where only lavender sisters talk with you, build a support network of like sisters 
  3. write in that lavender blog 100% truth, 100% anon, start expressing yourself
  4. save posts that interest you so that you can find them when needed
  5. start incorporating the raw psy & sociology concepts into what they mean to your life, re-interpret your past through knowledge
  6. Find a creative outlet to express your pain
  7. Stay away from all drugs, except THC.  Your probability of developing a drug addiction is very very likely.  Stay on something you can control.
  8. Try not to seek male approval to get you through your emotional challenges, harder said than done.