raw concepts

Ben Carson is such a great example of how the concept of raw intelligence doesn’t exist, and that people can have wildly varying types of intelligence. This man is the best brain surgeon in America. Possibly the world. He invented a new way to treat seizures. He separated conjoined twins in a surgery that everyone else said was impossible. And he thinks going to prison makes you gay. He thinks the pyramids were grain silos built by the biblical Joseph.

So maybe you suck at something because in one area you’re Ben Carson The Politician but in another area you might be Ben Carson The Neurosurgeon.

the raw powerful concept…. of magnus and lucretia having a brother sister bond….. they were both around the same age when they joined the ipre altho lucretia was probably a little bit older, maybe 20 to magnus’ 18… magnus in a bar in yr 40 being like ‘and a glass of wine for my sister’…lucretia in yr 83 cheering ‘thats my brother!!’ when magnus does something cool in a fight….inside jokes..its a human thing taako you wouldnt understand (theyre taking about stuffing marshmellows into ur mouth until you run out of space)…lucretia loving how safe she feels with magnus around… magnus loving lucretia’s strategic mind esp in fights bc it controls his impulsiveness…lucretia keeps the one free backrub coupon magnus gave her on candlenights bc it truly is the nightmare scenario since a backrub coupon used 2 be a gag gift between them on their birthdays and he doesnt even remember

Things you don’t want to imagine if you don’t want to be romatically frustrated: Waking up to the person you like, and getting to see their hair in a mess as well as hear their morning voice. 

the raw power in the concept of taako & lucretia stolen century friendship is just.., astounding. because we all know lucretia is Savage when she wants to be. i’m so in love with the idea of lucretia getting really frustrated with the twins and magnus either during ipre training or in the first couple years of the century and she’s just so annoyed with them for being disruptive that she goes OFF. there is a long silence. magnus looks abashed. lup looks impressed. taako gets a glint in his eye.

“you,” he says, “you, i like.”

and yeah, taako probably does his fair share of being buckwild with lup, but he’s also not an extrovert and sometimes what he needs is to get very drunk on wine with lucretia in the corner so the two of them can be salty and gay together. on the cycles when lup dies he goes to lucretia, because she understands that sometimes you need to not talk about things. when lucretia forgets to eat, he brings her comfort food. she doesn’t know how he always knows when she needs it.

and i stand by justin’s character decision that taako doesn’t forgive her. but i do think that whenever she sees any of the others, she tries to (subtly) ask after taako. almost without fail, she’s told he’s doing wonderfully. taako’s school is really taking off. taako cooked dinner for us the other night and didn’t even flinch when we started eating. taako came back from vacation and we’ve never seen him this well rested.

after merle tells her taako’s getting married, she gets out the wine. not to get drunk, just to make a toast. it’s still for him, even if he’s not there with her

sushi headcanons

john: only eats stuff that’s completely cooked. tempura shrimp, california rolls, etc. roxy keeps calling him a wuss. he orders one of those rolls that’s a take on philly cheesesteaks/cheeseburgers and grins at the face she makes. that’s not real sushi, john, what the fuck? oh really roxy? i thought sushi was just the rice part! he eats 3 pieces of it at once. he is utterly, incredibly sick later.

rose: only eats nigiri. in japan they don’t usually eat rolls, she informs dave as he goes to town on a hand roll. most of the rolls you can order here were made for dumb westerners who couldn’t comprehend the concept of raw fish by itself. dumb westerner this, dave retorts, and nearly chokes on his hand roll. rose raises her eyebrows and grins as she daintily dabs wasabi between the fish and the rice on her nigiri. 

dave: orders hand rolls pretty much exclusively and refers to them as his fishcream cones. has a variety. arranges them in order of how much he likes them. eats a bite out of one, then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. dirk makes a pained noise. dave sets it down and takes a bite out of another.

jade: orders sashimi. loves the fish but her doggy side hates the rice! she eats twice as much as everybody else and seems ready for more. no wasabi, no ginger. all fish all the time. she keeps talking with pieces of fish hanging out of her mouth. everyone is vaguely horrified. 

jane: does this the professional way! orders omakase and scoffs as everybody else just orders rolls. as a result she gets the objective best sushi and takes her time savoring every piece. only uses the wasabi and soy that the chef includes with the sushi. keeps commenting aloud about how glad she is that she did it this way. roxy elbows her and says jane is welcome to a piece of her spicy tuna if she wants. jane quietly accepts. 

roxy: everything is spicy. spicy tuna rolls. spicy scallop hand rolls. spicy salmon rolls. spicy tuna nigiri. if it’s a roll with sriracha sauce in it she’s ordering it. if it has jalepenos or any kind of spicy pepper on it, she’s ordering it. her greatest achievement is eating the entirety of the sushi place’s challenge too-hot-to-handle roll and not having to pay for her meal. eats way too much and spends the next hour and a half groaning about how full she is.

dirk: is not sure he can trust uncooked fish. look, ok, he knows that people used to eat this all the time, but fish were pretty toxic on earth in 2425, ok, and he had to cook them to get the toxins out. makes a lot of noise about how he’s not sure fish and cream cheese ought to go together. eventually appeased. is DELIGHTED when roxy helps him find a roll that says “citrus” and there are tiny paper-thin lemon/orange slices in it. eats too much but pretends to be fine even though jake keeps grinning and poking his stomach.

jake: goes immediately to the weirdest rolls and orders them. splits a philly cheesesteak roll with john. eats sea urchin and loves it. does a quail egg shot, then does another one, and another one. he fucking loves those things. orders a gigantic variety of nigiri so he can sample as many kinds of fish as he can and loves them all. announces every one is his favorite after he tries it. in addition, eats a shitload of edamame.

karkat: tries some spicy rolls and, without admitting that they are too much for him, orders something super mild immediately afterward. dave knows and elbows him. karkat demands an elbow toll of one of dave’s hand rolls, and dave acquiesces – but it’s one of the ones he’s already had a bite of. karkat gives dave a dirty look. avoids crab rolls, even with dave’s assertion that none of them use real crab. makes a lot of noise about how humans must have a deathwish if they’re eating raw fish all the fucking time. eats too much.

terezi: asks which sushi is the MOST R3D and then orders whatever is pointed out to her. ends up with a bunch of tuna and spicy tuna and R3D SN4PP3R even though she’s told it’s not very red. makes loud slurping noises as she swallows the fish. makes the chef bring her a bottle of sriracha and starts just dumping it into her mouth. starts scraping red tobiko off other people’s rolls and into her mouth. john finally loses it and asks if they can just buy a stupid thing of tobiko so she stops being stupid. terezi, nose deep in the tobiko the instant it’s brought to the table, is appeased.

kanaya: joins jane in the omakase because if anybody ought to know what’s good here, it’s the chef. is the perfect model of etiquette. read up on how to properly eat sushi before she came here. attempts to say “arigato gozaimasu” when the chef gives her sushi. doesn’t rub her chopsticks together because the internet said it was rude and nearly gets a splinter, which rose offers to help her remedy. wow rose get a room, dave drawls as kanaya turns brilliant green. eats exactly the right amount and sighs loudly when karkat grumbles about how full he is afterward.

callie: orders sashimi only with jade, but gets dozens of different kinds of fish as opposed to jade sticking to her favorites. stacks them and mixes them like lunchables. informs everyone else on what combinations are the best. mournful that there isn’t much blood in the fish, but enjoys herself anyway. when she’s informed she can finish her meaty fishflesh meal with mochi ice cream and tempura fried oreos, her eyes light up and everyone realizes they aren’t getting out of there for another hour. 


Tiny Tattoos Matched With Fitting Backgrounds.

Big, intricate tattoos are cool, there’s no denying that. But what about some tiny tattoos with matching backgrounds? That’s the idea of “Tiny Tattoos”, a photography series by Austin Tott. He takes wrists with the smallest of ink, and takes picture so that the background would complement it nicely. So, a tiny boat tattoo is accompanied by a naval map, and an envelope tattoo has some letters and envelopes in the background.

Austin Tott comes from Seattle, Washington. He is an art director as well as a product and concept designer. Usually, he works with abstract photography, fusing conceptual ideas and styles with raw emotion. Tott’s goal is to bring light to dark emotions… and naval maps to ship tattoos. credits by Austin

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What is your opinion on "raw diets" for dogs and cats? If you support it do you suggest the prey-predator model or the biologically appropriate raw fed (aka the BARF diet) for dogs? I've been wondering if it would be better for my dogs because all the big name food brands are absolute burning garbage that just poison dogs and cats more often than not and I'm really tired of it.

Oh boy I’m about to open a huge can of worms so buckle up! The short answer is no, I don’t support raw diets. The long answer to follow, I just want to say that this is a topic I’m very passionate about, so if anything I say comes across kind of harsh, it’s not directed at you OP, it’s just my general frustration about this whole topic.

1. Feeding raw is a public health concern. It is estimated that around 30% of dogs that are fed raw diets are carriers for Salmonella at any time. Salmonella can cause illness in both humans and animals. Proper environmental hygiene is imperative if you’re going to feed raw, and unfortunately most people do not have a thorough disinfection protocol nor do they understand how to make one. People generally disinfect bowls (though not necessarily thoroughly enough), but neglect to consider the other surfaces raw food may have contacted. Prep counters, wall or floor splatter, sinks, utensils, poorly washed human hands, collars or accessories on an animal, and the animal itself can all be sources of contamination. Another factor is that a lot of dogs like to pick up part of their meal and eat it in a different room, or away from their bowl, which could potentially contaminate other areas of a house. And think about cats, who like to groom themselves after a meal. Other potential harmful (and zoonotic) pathogens found in raw meat include E. Coli, Campylobacter, Sarcocystis, Clostridium, Neospora, Toxoplasma gondii, Echinococcus, and Cryptosporidium. This is is a risk that is especially serious for immunocompromised individuals, and there is a very problematic lack of discussion about this factor amongst proponents of feeding raw. Now, you might be thinking “hey, there have been processed food recalls due to Salmonella contamination!” That is true, but the difference is that there are sampling protocols in place to detect for Salmonella, and protocols in place to deal with positive samples. There is no such oversight for raw pet food.

2. Raw food diets are often not nutritionally complete. Diets that are not nutritionally balanced place a pet at risk of serious complications from nutrient deficiencies. The fact is, most owners do not have the educational background to properly formulate a diet, and neither do the people that often recommend them. Just because a diet “worked for my pets for X years!” doesn’t mean that it will work for you. It doesn’t even mean that the diet was balanced. The owner may not have been aware of the signs of deficiency in their pet. Or, their pet may have been able to compensate, but that doesn’t mean another pet will be able to. At the very least, look for the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) seal of approval that the food is suitable for all stages/whatever stage of life your animal is in.

3. There are no peer-reviewed studies that have proven the benefits of raw food. At this point, evidence in favor of raw pet food is anecdotal. I like science. I like real, repeatable proof that something works. And here in lies the problem. There are all these potential issues with feeding raw, and NO proof that it has any of the benefits proponents claim. This right here is why, in general, veterinarians are not fond of raw diets. Owners choose to feed a diet that is a public health risk, potentially unbalanced, and even dangerous (if you feed bones there is a risk of obstruction and tooth fractures) without any solid evidence that there are any benefits for their pet.

4. Kind of going along with #2, the majority of the information about raw diets is gathered over the internet is from people who are not qualified to be giving nutritional advice. Proponents of feeding raw often have limited or no training in animal physiology, PROPER diet balancing, or animal nutrition. “I have X years of experience” is not a good enough qualification. Yes, experience is great, but if you have been practicing incorrectly for X years it means nothing except that you have a false sense of confidence in your abilities. Bonus: even if they are qualified, they do not know your animal’s health or the status of immunocompromised individuals in your environment. I actually have a HUGE problem with veterinarians that offer specific nutritional advice over the internet. As a veterinarian, we cannot give medical advice to an animal we have not seen in person–there has to be a doctor-client relationship. So it makes me absolutely furious that professionals in my field give blanket statements about “food A is better than food B always”. Nutrition is medicine. There is no way for a veterinarian over the internet to know that raw food is the best option for your pet. They don’t know your animal’s health status (particularly if the high protein diet is safe for them). They don’t know if you have kids, or elderly, or immunocompromised people in your life. I’m actually really angry that I’ve never seen a warning to immunocompromised individuals from a veterinarian giving nutritional advice online, and I rarely see good food safety advice. Sorry. Side rant.

5. The argument that raw diets are just “more natural” and therefore better just does not make sense. “Natural” is kind of a buzzword that human and animal food companies use to sell you their product. AAFCO states that “natural products  cannot  contain  chemically  synthesized  ingredients,  except  for  trace  nutrients, the presence of which must be declared.” That’s super vague. It’s becoming a popular mantra that “natural is better”, but “natural” is poorly defined and benefits are often based upon anecdotal evidence (see number 3).

With all that in mind, I do want to point out that it is possible to feed a raw diet correctly and responsibly. How? Talk to your veterinarian. They know your animal’s health history and they can advise you on public health concerns. Yes, most veterinarians will try to steer you away from feeding raw. Why? See above. But if you are adamant that you want to feed raw anyway, your vet will absolutely prefer that you work with them to ensure that you, your animal, and the public are safe. You can also refer to a veterinary nutritionist, who will have extra training and education relating to pet nutrition to help you make a decision that is right for you and your pet. There are also situations where feeding raw may absolutely be the best option for your pet, but strangers over the internet (myself included–I don’t know anything about you or your pets), or Joe Schmo down the street are in no way qualified to make this decision for you. It’s also worth noting that raw diets are a concept that older vets may not be familiar with. It is only in recent years that they have become more popular, and therefore are just starting to be incorporated into our education.

With regards to your final statement about big name brands “poisoning dogs and cats”, I’m honestly not sure what you mean. Are you referring to recalls? There are certainly companies that seem to be more prone to recalls than others, but as discussed above, that doesn’t make raw diets any safer. I don’t really know where this “pet foods are poising pets” idea came from, as I do not know of any evidence of a particularly high or increased incidence of pets being killed from contaminated pet food. Are you referring to the lower standards of regulation of pet food as compared to human food? Raw food is significantly less regulated than processed food, so you won’t be any better off there. Are you referring to pets developing allergies? Most allergies are to animal products, so feeding raw won’t be useful there either.

You don’t have to feed popular brands if you don’t want to. There are TONS of different brands of food, none of which I’m going to endorse in particular because a. I haven’t reached a point in my education where I feel comfortable comparing labels, b. I don’t want to unintentionally make a “professional” (ok, soon-to-be professional) recommendation, and c. I have no idea what the best option is for your situation. Assuming you’ve cleared any health issues with your vet that would prevent your animal from eating a particular kind of food, just find something you like. Check out online reviews. Sample different kinds (with gradual transitions of course, to avoid GI upset). Alternatively, if you really don’t like processed food, you can provide your own COOKED diet. Again, consult your veterinarian because you can just as easily provide an unbalanced diet as you could have with raw.


DID SOMEBODY SAY DARK! ETHAN, HERE MY VERISON OF THE SPOOKY @crankgameplays  I know it doesn’t actually look spooky but I imagined him as a pretty passive spook until he gets trigger by a code or word then BIG spook comes out .<. I dunno still a pretty raw concept and I wanted to do a ‘crank’y antique version but I like this ‘updated’ version instead 

If you have any suggestions/add-ons/theories/asks PLEASE message me and we can shape this character together :>

C a s u a l t y

Pairing: Suho (Junmyeon) x Reader

Genre: Angst

Synopsis:  The heart wants what it wants, it is a fact. Sometimes what we think we want isn’t what we really need, and what we need isn’t what we really want.

Life works in interesting, and meeting Suho, was the weirdest moment of them all.

Word count: 1322

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“Lie to me, then”, he begged, but it was useless. 

Asking for something to be true, even though it wasn’t, was a complete waste of time. Actions hurt, he knew that, but words? Just the raw concept of them could ruin your life in a second, and just for the day, he wanted them to be a lie.            

Her gaze was everywhere but his face, seeming like she didn’t have the guts to properly talk to him. He was the one that had kept the night alive, not noticing her change of mood. Talking about his career was what he was doing before she exploded. The words burped out her lips like water out of a river, making his heart stop every time she mentioned the presence of someone else.            

She was leaving him, it was crystal clear, and he couldn’t do a sole thing to save the remaining pieces of a broken memory. Words kept coming out of her overly painted lips, explaining how unhappy she was in that “fake relationship” they had been wasting time on for what seemed like ages. She was slipping from his fingers like sand, flowing with the wind and leaving him behind.            

“I-I can’t save it anymore”, she continued. “I have been lying to you. I’ve been lying to myself, Suho! This,” she made a signal between them, “isn’t healthy anymore. We’re not a couple since such a long time ago, and it’s for the better if we leave it here.”            

She tried to hold his hand, lying still over the table, but he tore it apart like her touch was burning him. He felt empty, disgusted, and most importantly, naïve. He thought she was happy, since he put so much effort in making everything in his power to please her.            

How wrong he was.            

“I met someone else, and-”, she said, “I am happy, Suho.” 

Her smile was small, but it was there. It was a genuine smile, one that he hadn’t seen in her face in such a long time. There’s when he realized. It was all a lie, made up by his head telling him that it was correct. That they were meant for each other, even though it wasn’t the truth.

They met too young, too full of false expectations. That relationship was meant to fail from the very beginning, but he was too stubborn to let it go. Until now, when she just had enough and was leaving him for good. He was lost of words, but his head was racing like lightning. Thousands of things rushed in his mind, but none of them related to the action of keeping her beside him.

“I’m really sorry, I-I…”, her voice made a way through his foggy mind. 

She was looking him with pleady eyes and a small frown on her forehead. He thought about those days were that sight made his heart skip a bit, but now, he didn’t feel a thing. After what seemed like hours, he nodded at her, and stood up. He left a 50-dollar bill over the table, and took his things before steeping out of the booth.

“Goodbye, Yoon.” He said with a small smile, leaving her perplexed and frozen.

He didn’t feel as heartbroken as he thought he would, because he came to the realization that she was telling the truth. No matter if she had made him happy once, it was in past tense. The feelings weren’t the same anymore, and the fact that she had ended up the relationship made him feel… relieved.

He felt like hell for thinking that.

Their relationship was good the very first years, but after the “honeymoon” stage, it began to become a burden. Their messages began to be less than two sentences long. Their calls began to be less and less until they barely recognized each other’s voices anymore.  They never saw each other unless it had passed too long, when they scheduled a “date” in their tight lifes.

The fact that they were a couple wasn’t right anymore, not when they were better without each other. He knew that it would take him some time to date again, especially since his band had him really busy lately. His life wasn’t easy and having a relationship that didn’t work anymore was making him anxious, thinking in ways to save what was already lost.

The ride in the car was really silent, giving Suho some time to think about what was next. His bandmates weren’t home, since they had left for a night out without him. He had some time for himself, out of the questions and worried expressions of his friends. But he didn’t want to go home, so he drove. He drove and drove until he reached a far point of the city, right in front of the sea.

The waves were soft and the breeze was fresh, messing a little bit of his hair. The street lights were tenuous, letting him have a glance of the shinning stars and moon. The sky was clear of clouds, all dark and sparkly. He sighed loudly, content with the view and the loneliness, feeling slightly less stressed. He closed his eyes, leaving his mind blank, before he heard a sob.

It was soft, almost muffled, but he heard it pretty clear. It was close to the border of the dock, behind a huge rock.

He moved slowly, very cautious, to the sound source; expecting for the worst, but he was wrong. It was a girl, curled over the sand, with her head buried in her legs and her hands around her knees. Her body was shaking a bit, while she sobbed incomprehensible words to herself.

Suho felt anxious once again. He debated himself in whether leaving her alone or asking her what was wrong, and before he could make an actual decision, his hand was already over her shoulder. She gasped for a second, snapping her head out the position she was currently in, and making her chestnut curls bob with it. He felt breathless.  

Her face, normally pale, was blushed. Her eyes, makeup-less, were lightly swollen and wet. Her heart-shaped lips were worn, all out of her constant lip biting. She was the mere image of broken, and yet, he thought she was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. She stared at him, cautiously, slowly standing up while she cleaned her face.

Suho stayed silent, not daring to open his mouth as he eyed her with curiosity. She cleared her throat, seeming ashamed to had been discovered by someone even though she thought that the beach was abandoned at that hour. The man in front of her seemed like a model, towering over her, and there was she, crying over an asshole who barely knew what two plus two was.            

“Hello?”, she croaked, almost immediately cursing at herself silently. Her voice felt raspy, but he didn’t seem to mind, since he offered her a warm smile.    

“Hi, um”, he said. She felt her stomach tingle at his velvet-like voice, but she brushed it off. “My name is Suho and I-I…”, he continued to stutter, but she smiled widely.            

“I’m Y/N.”, she said, extending a hand to him. He gasped a little, before taking her hand with his, clearly bigger than hers. His body heat rushed over her arm like a spark, and she seemed to lose her words. He was there, warm and welcoming, and it made her feel in peace, almost forgetting why she had been crying in the first place.            

Suho smiled once again, pulling her hand a little towards him, as he offered his coat to her. He didn’t ask any question, gesture that Y/N thanked silently, while she began to walk beside him. He didn’t look at her direction, knowing she was following his steps, and Suho began to talk towards the moon.            

So, Y/N, tell me about you…”

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lmao the youkael shipping makes me wonder if anyone on this site has friends irl, like me & my friends sure look and act like we're more than friends sometimes?? and it just means we are really good friends 😛 not saying there couldn't be anything between those two but in general i find it funny how much people are reading into everything ... like MAYBE not everything is romantic

But more seriously: SKAM is not IRL, is it? It’s a show written by people for people and every element, in a good story, should have a purpose.

You wouldn’t write in a dinner scene just because people eat IRL and your characters need to eat to stay alive. No.
Either you just leave it out of your story and let your audience/readers assume that their characters have eaten since they are…you know…still alive.
Or you write it for the purpose of advancing your story, whether by giving the readers/audience a deeper insight into the characters’ minds/motivations/relationships/etc or by introducing key plot elements, or both, or neither and something else entirely.
But you don’t write it “just because”.

Those pictures, on Yousef’s Facebook, were written and staged for a purpose. They’re not “just” to show that Yousef has a Facebook and friends.
So it is safe to say that we’re not doing so outlandish by reading into it.

Put it more simply: imagine you are watching a magic trick.

As a spectator, maybe you know nothing about magic. If that’s the case, then the trick works wonderfully (if done properly). At the end, you are astonished. How did the magician make that bunny disappear? How was that person sawed in half and still alive?
Or maybe you know a bit about magic, you picked up a “Magic for Dummies” book when you were younger and learned some basic card tricks and how to make a coin disappear. In that case some of the magician’s moves are familiar. You still can’t tell exactly how the magician made that bunny disappear, the details of it. But you understand the raw concept of it.
You know that “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts.“
So you are now able to try and figure out the trick. You have the basic tools to do so. You might not succeed or be a hundred percent right, but you have the basics you can build upon. You have fuel for your theories.
Or maybe, you are an experienced magician and you know exactly how the other person, on stage, did the trick. It’s a trick you performed yourself. Maybe not exactly the same way: you didn’t use the same hand gestures to confuse the audience, you didn’t have the part with the flowers, … but it’s a trick you know all the same.

The trick is not wizardry. It’s not something from Harry Potter. It is a trick, that was written and performed with an intent. It is not someone who has real magical powers and decided to make a bunny disappear just to show the world that magic is real and that an imminent war between witches and trolls is upon us.

Stories are magic tricks.
I know a bit about magic tricks and want to know more so I can, one day, hopefully device my own great magic trick and daze the audience who doesn’t know about magic, intrigue the one who does know a bit, and be recognised by the one who knows exactly how to perform this magic trick.

(also, I say what I want about fictional characters. if i want to say that mikael is nonbinary or that linn has bipolar II, then i’ll say it and write about it and talk about it if i damn please.)