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‘Scream & Shout’

Thank You @tapefaceboy for the perfect inspirational photo behind this portrait… one of my favorite, creative, celebrity personalities! You can view more detailed photos of the process for this artwork on my Instagram page (link in bio). ‘Scream & Shout’ is the name and that’s what i’m doing right at this moment with the launch of my Etsy Shop! 

Yes, you can now buy some of the artwork i’ve created using the following source link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kulorbandit?ref=shop_sugg 

You’ll find quite a bit of familiar 'faces’ with new artwork to be added in the near future. I’ll let you explore what’s available, but for now I would like to point you to one section in my shop under items: Downloadable. Here, you will find download links for The Muppet Series. I felt this was the best way I could make these available immediately. In addition $5 from every Muppet download purchase will go to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As a child Sesame Street and similar shows like it were a part of my upbringing and continues to be a source of positive inspiration for all… kids and adults. This will be one of many ways of trying to use my talents to afford the same opportunity to those in need. With that I would like to say Thank You for all your continued support, words of encouragement, and friendship! 

Sincerely, Kulorbandit


Tiny Tattoos Matched With Fitting Backgrounds.

Big, intricate tattoos are cool, there’s no denying that. But what about some tiny tattoos with matching backgrounds? That’s the idea of “Tiny Tattoos”, a photography series by Austin Tott. He takes wrists with the smallest of ink, and takes picture so that the background would complement it nicely. So, a tiny boat tattoo is accompanied by a naval map, and an envelope tattoo has some letters and envelopes in the background.

Austin Tott comes from Seattle, Washington. He is an art director as well as a product and concept designer. Usually, he works with abstract photography, fusing conceptual ideas and styles with raw emotion. Tott’s goal is to bring light to dark emotions… and naval maps to ship tattoos. credits by Austin


DID SOMEBODY SAY DARK! ETHAN, HERE MY VERISON OF THE SPOOKY @crankgameplays  I know it doesn’t actually look spooky but I imagined him as a pretty passive spook until he gets trigger by a code or word then BIG spook comes out .<. I dunno still a pretty raw concept and I wanted to do a ‘crank’y antique version but I like this ‘updated’ version instead 

If you have any suggestions/add-ons/theories/asks PLEASE message me and we can shape this character together :>

safetypin-smiles  asked:

Tbh, i feel like vasilis lolos's art would have fit the comic way better than becky cloonan's art. Becky's art is nothing short of great of course, but vasilis's concept art gives me way more killjoy vibes than the actual comics. There's the flashy colours and a certain edge and rawness to the concept art that i felt was lacking in the comics but present in like, the twitters.

Yeah, agreed. Becky is a great artist, but Vasilis’s art really captured the strange, eerie vibe from the Twitter accounts. I feel like Becky’s art would be better suited for something like TUA. Gabriel Ba would have been a good choice for Killjoys, too. I thought his variant covers captured the old Killjoy vibe really well. Killjoys should be gritty and weird, imo (but without taking itself TOO seriously.)

concept: tragic raw-voiced elven folk singer with little round sixties glasses and burgeoning heroin problem.

concept: honestly anything late 60s/early 70s + fantasy races just let me have my rugged vietnam war vet halfings and beatnik dwarrows 

Confidence. Found the beauty in me.

I want to do a photoshoot.. I need to ask one of my fellow black photographers! The concept: Raw & Unedited…. no filter being used. Every scar, bump etc I want the real me to be seen. Because I am a masterpiece, my dark skin is not a crime, my big lips and accent does not make me less of a man. The reason why I am so confident in myself is that I stop comparing myself to those on here IG, Tumblr, Twitter who have spent hours in make up and been Photoshop to death. I want to be bare faced. #TheRestWillBeRevealedLater.


What’s in a name ?

I the honor of styling a photo shoot for Frognation. I decided the girls should embody the brand by smoking and having blank face for the brand. I brought my favorite RAW Concepts’ jackets and denim ! I’ve been shooting all over Philadelphia and I’ve been taking advantage of the great art in my city instead of the simple studio this summer.

Photo Cred: brandnmc