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not even ironically, i feel the emotion in that beyblade commercial. raw power and strength...... it's inspirational


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I hope you don't mind if I ask more questions. Would you mind sharing the brand of dog food you feed Sparta? And are there any other information I should know before adopting a Sheltie in the future? Thank you :)

Not at all!

Sparta is on a 50/50 kibble/commercial raw diet. The dry is by Kingsmoor, which is a Danish made and sourced grain free kinda thing, the raw is Vom & Hundemat which is made and sourced here in Norway. Of the internationally available brands I’ve fed Acana and I’ll probably be going back to that eventually.

There are three general things I think everyone should be aware of when getting a sheltie, not because you’re bound to have problems, but because I believe in being prepared for the worst (and it makes it easier to notice red flags.)
One is the barking. Everything can be trained, but a certain amount of barking must be expected. Don’t get a sheltie if noise is a deal breaker.
The second is fear and reactivity. Due to “reservation” being allowed by the standard, certain mental issues aren’t as frowned upon in the breed as they probably should be, and thus they may be predisposed to wariness and nervousness. On its own it’s a challenge, and paired with poor socialisation it’s a genuine problem. So that might be worth keeping in mind when deciding what you’re willing to and capable of handling.
The third is health. Luckily, shelties aren’t really disproportionally prone to any major problems. Their best-known issues are eye disorders, one of which is already detectable at a few weeks old and normally doesn’t affect the dog much (CEA), and another which can cause blindness later in life but is blessedly rare these days (PRA). Von Willebrand’s disease appears in the breed (about 11% of American shelties are carriers of the mutation). As does some allergies and food sensitivity. None of these are either prevalent or serious enough that I’d say to back off, but it’s nice to be aware of, at any rate.

Other than that I’d say it depends on your plans! I’m really into DIY puzzle toys these days.

The local store I buy a lot of the dog’s things from had samples for a brand of raw food from a local company. Their stuff is half the price of Instincts raw food and Daisy and Maggie seem to like the samples they’ve had. I did the math and it would cost $1 less for me to feed the commercial raw vs the kibble and canned they currently get so I’m switching!!! After a year of wanting to switch I finally am. I’m excited

Southwestern Gothic (pt. 2)
  • People say you should own cats because they keep scorpions away. They pause as they decide whether or not to tell that cats keep other things away. Things that we cannot see
  • Every road side stop has a local ghost story or a place to avoid, and those are just the stories we know about
  • The abandoned domes outside Casa Grande, are they truly abandoned?
  • Mexican voodoo shops that occupy prominent corner stores, but only at certain times of the day
  • White, shining cactus ribs baking in the sun next to the bleached bones of a cow
  • Abandoned houses at the end of narrow streets, whose window sill collection of small animal skulls seem to grow impercetibly
  • The White Sands of Alamogordo rippling with the remnants of more than atomic waste
  • Tourists stopping to buy Native goods, dreamcatchers, blankets, turquoise jewelry, worrying about curses from ancestors. Little do they realize that Native magic is beyond their comprehension
  • Each arch in Utah is a doorway
  • People vacationing in Sedona making light of the power of the vortexes, commercializing raw energy they cannot comprehend
  • Place names contain references to the Devil for a reason. It’s a dry heat at least

Hey Dogblr! Just a heads up that the Maryland Dept of Agriculture has issued a Stop Sale on Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried chicken patties due to the detection of Listeria. This is a popular commercial raw diet and Listeria is no joke. This isn’t my image, I’m just spreading the word.

“Listeria is not only dangerous to dogs, it can also be deadly to small children, the elderly and those with auto immune disorders. Consumers who have unopened bags of this dog food are urged to keep it sealed, away from people and to throw it away. Those who have opened bags of this dog food are urged to use disposable gloves, place them in double plastic bags, seal it and throw it away.”