raw citrine crystal

Just added these crystal prints to my Etsy shop, worldwide shipping is available!

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Some stuff i picked up this last week. I told myself I wouldnt go too crazy but tomorrow is the last day of the gem show sooo i know i wont be able to tell myself no lmao

The geode is a light ive had for awhile this is just my bedside table and i havent made space for these babies yet lmao. Plus i got this DOPE piece of flourite ill share later im so happy


X ⇢⇢Citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is a stone of success, positivity, happiness, & abundance. It can be used to magnify & clarify personal power & energy. Citrine eliminates negative energy & can be used to clear your environment of unwanted negative energies. (learn more about treated Citrine like these on my shop’s site) || www.shopcrystaltribe.com


etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 7.26.15

looking for: mix and match stud earrings
requested by: hellosunshineandsnow

featured items: mix and match raw gemstone studs (sold in pairs) by xuanqirabbit

>amethyst + citrine
>emerald + clear quartz
>apatite + clear quartz

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Hey gang, how have you been?

I have a lot of rough gemstones and crystals for sale. Pick what you want and make me an offer. Go ahead ^_^ I have had these lovelies for far to long and  just want to see them go to new homes. There is a lot of stuff here great for lab work including chevron amethyst, unakite, rodonite, pyrite. The scepters are glass that are a pretty citrine color and a few small mixed tumbled stones. There is also peanut wood, Tibetan quartz and a few small ammonites. Again, make me an offer :) 



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