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Hi 👋🏼 My name is Rhiana and I’m a #chocoholic 🌟🍫

PB Chocol'ha Bowl made with 4 frozen bananas blended w 3 tbsp raw ka'kau, 3 tbsp coconut milk & 3 tbsp PB topped w more bananas, strawberries, ka'kau nibs, desiccated coco and a freshly baked vegan PB cookie. Raise your hand if you love chocolate like I love chocolate. 🖐🏼

Photo inspo: @talinegabriel 🌟



60g fine oats , gluten free
2tsp carob or raw cacao powder
1cup tigernut milk (i used AMANDIN)
1tbsp chia seeds
1tbsp raw hemp protein
2-3 medium dried figs
1/2tsp maca root powder


fresh purple fig
frozen blackberries
cashew butter (i used TERRASANA)
raw food bar (i used PULSIN ‘maca bliss’)
raw buckwheat groats
raw cacao bean nibs


In a small sauce pan heat up the tigernut milk , add the fine oats , chopped dried figs and carob powder and leave cooking. Stir from time to time. When its close to the consistency you want , remove from the stolve and add the chia seeds , raw hemp protein ‘n maca root powder. Stir until it combines well.
Move to a bowl , add your toppings and enjoy.

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Dragon Offerings

Use this list of possible offerings as a guideline, but be creative, follow your intuition, and try to learn the personal preferences of any dragon you work with.


In general having a shrine or altar space dedicated to any spirit or spirits you work with a good idea. If only to have a place to leave offerings. A shrine may take nearly any form. Simply a flat surface on which to place significant objects.

Gems, Crystals, Statues, Etc.:

Once you have a shrine, you need things to decorate it. Make offerings in the forms of statues, drawings, and otherwise images of dragons. Offer crystals, gemstones, jewelry, shiny things and valuables of all kinds. Obviously gold is a favorite.

Obviously all such offerings may be left in place permanently on the shrine.

Food Offerings:

Dragons tend to think with our stomachs. Food is always a suitable offering. Anything you have will do, but there are always certain favorites. Sharing your own food is a nice gesture. A bit of your meal set aside on a shrine, and/or burned in a fire.

It should be understood when making a food offering to a spirit that they take the psychic energy from the food. It should be later disposed of according to your preference. Most commonly this means taking it outdoors somewhere and leaving it to be taken by scavenging animals, though this method should not be used with chocolate or anything else which may be toxic to wild animals. Some choose to simply eat such offerings themselves, but many find that the taste has changed and become unpleasant.

Meat is a safe bet. We are predators, after all. Cooked or raw doesn’t matter. Red meat especially.

Most dragons also have a sweet tooth. I myself begin the day often with straight cream and raw honey. Dark chocolate and honey is divine. Pies, cakes, cookies. Honey cakes are a very traditional offering to dragons.


Incense is a standby offering for almost all spirits. Notably it is not as commonly offering to chthonic spirits, with specific exception of certain necromantic herbs, but that is another topic.

Any incense is a suitable offering to a dragon, but the irony of dragonsblood incense is enjoyable.


An offering of wine or other drink may also be well received. I do believe I am not alone among dragons in my strong preference for sweet drinks, so consider things like dessert wines and mead.

If you don’t drink alcohol, then tea or coffee, or even fruit juice, is just fine.

Creative Works:

Some of the most profound offerings can be what you create yourself. Paintings, poetry, music, dedicated as an offering to a dragon is a precious thing.


This is a bit of a departure from other kinds of offerings, but most dragons have a fondness for stories and information. So talk to them. Share something you know or a story that speaks to you.


Light a candle as an offering. Dedicate oil or wax in a diffuser to a dragon. Play some music, even better if you can play an instrument yourself.

You may also offer to help them with magic, rather than the other way around. 

You’d be hard pressed to find any spirit who wouldn’t appreciate the gift simply of your energy. This can be a way to form a very close connection with a spirit.

Once again, as you get to know the individuals you work with, ask about their preferences.


Recipe for the “Royal Golden Pinkness” nicecream from one of my latest posts (find it here):
• raw & really rich and creamy in flavor & texture
• vegan & without any animal byproducts, so it’s good for the environment & not harming anyone or anything
• consists of just natural products coming out of nature
• healthy & great as a yummy & fancy - tasting treat/dessert or regular meal (for example breakfast)
• no refined sugars/oil
• great for everyone, even little children or non-vegans
• easy to make, you don’t need to be a total pro in the kitchen
• share it with your friends or family (or both), because if you don’t, you will be terrorized for probably a week (that happened to me and they still ask about the recipe…:))
-> decided to post this recipe, because I received quite many asks about it, so I hope you like it! Feel free to give me some feedback, would make me super happy!! :)
for the nice cream:
• around 3 - 6 frozen & ripe (!) bananas (depends on how hungry you are and if you like the finished product to be a snack or main meal)
• around a handful of frozen raspberries 
• a bit of creamy coconut milk (if you like the added richness of flavor and crunch of frozen coconut cream) 
• a tiny bit of cinnamon 
• a splash of maple syrup (optional)
• more frozen raspberries 
• a piece of dark chocolate (I used “Willies’Cacao - Peruvian Gold” from the mountains of beautiful Peru)
• organic coconut sugar (tastes like liquid caramel when melted a bit)  
• a bit of maple syrup (if you like it really sweet) or homemade caramel syrup

- cut your frozen bananas in small pieces and throw them in your high speed blender/food processor  
- add the frozen raspberries, coconut milk & syrup
- mix everything together on pulse until the texture gets creamy, well mixed together and ice-cream-like 
- spoon your finished base into a pretty glass or bowl and swirl in the cinnamon
- now decorate the beauty with all your lovely toppings and get creative - there are so many different options!
- enjoy and share it with friends, family or your regular ice-cream addicts! :) 
xx Amber :) ( quite new Instagram: littlesunnyday_ )