raw car

IT ships as types of kisses

Reddie - First kisses; awkward, surprising, messy

Benverly - Domestic kisses; familiar, daily, always

Stenbrough - Nose kisses; affectionate, loving, cute

Bichie - Forehead kisses; sweet, could be platonic but who knows

Stozier - Heat of the moment kisses; long, desperate, passionate

Kaspbrough - Cheek kisses; innocent, playful, quick

Billverly - ‘For Now’ kisses; beautiful, heartbreaking, slow

Hanlon - Private kisses; secret, gentle, soft

Streddie - Jealous kisses; harsh, consuming, dominant

Lover Boys - Neck kisses; lustful, raw, sparks

Beverie - Car kisses; cheeky, dangerous, caring

Bike - Summer kisses; hot, adoration, butterflies