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Ka'kau Ha'as (Chocolate Banana) Smoothie Bowl ⚡️


4 frozen bananas
3 Medjool dates
2 tbsp natural unsalted PB
2 tbsp raw cacau
2 tbsp raw cacau nibs
1 tbsp hemp hearts
1 tsp maca
1 cup chilled water

Blend until creamy. Add to your fav bowl and top with fresh strawberries, raw granola (I used @Lonijane’s recipe), pomegranate seeds, more cacau nibs, coconut flakes and cacau dust.


Peri Peri BBQ Wings

Ingredients for Wings

2 lb chicken wings, separated into drums and flats

Seasoning blend (you may or may not use all of it) - 5 tbsp of each: smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, Indian red pepper, hot paprika, cumin + 2 tbsp kosher salt, + 1 tbsp baking powder

Ingredients for Sauce

½ cup Honey Chipotle barbecue sauce (purchased from Williams-Sonoma)

¼ cup Peri Peri sauce

3 tbsp sweet chili 

2 tsp raw honey 

½ apple cider vinegar 

Dash salt 


Preheat the oven  to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean and completely dry your chicken wings using paper towels. 

In a large bowl, toss your chicken wings into the coating mixture and ensure that each wing is evenly coated. 

Using a baking sheet (preferably with a wire rack), place the chicken wings in a single layer and cook for 20 minutes, flip and cook for an additional 15 minutes. 

After the last 15 minutes, remove the wings from the oven, turn on your oven’s broiler, brush the chicken wings with the sauce and broil for 1-2 minutes until caramelized. 

Repeat on the opposite side of the wings. 

NOTE: using a wire rack helps with the air circulation and ensures that the entire wing gets crispy. 

Remove from the oven, garnish with fresh cilantro, and serve. 


Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 100 (Raw Text Translation) Part 2

[In Shinohara’s Hospital Room]

Kuroiwa: Suzuya, what do you think about the One-Eyed King?

Suzuya: As soon as he thought of becoming Special Class he accidentally ended up as a King. I’ve always been thinking, if Haise was an enemy….

Suzuya: Since “that time”, I have fought against many more dangerous ghouls. I didn’t expect to be defeated by the ghouls there but… Haise..hehehe, he seems strong.

Kuroiwa: Can you kill him?

Suzuya: Iwaccho-san, Haise is my friend. He always gave me candy, and on my birthday he gave me delicious pudding that he made himself. My squad was also good friends with him. That’s rare inside the CCG. Don’t look at me with those awful eyes..

Kuroiwa: …

Suzuya: I decided that I would try to take over from Shinohara-san. There is an order to which important things must be done.

[In the director’s office]

Matsuri calls Urie into his office.

Matsuri: …Urie. I told you at that time, that you are my “dog”. Do you still feel the same? Can you kill Sasaki… your former boss?

Urie: Special class, you don’t need to confirm this with me, just “order” me to do it.

Matsuri shivers in delight.

Urie: I hope I’m not speaking out of turn. (Listen up!)

Urie: First Class Furuta cannot become Bureau Chief. (This is true!)

Urie: You are the only one suitable for the position. (This is flattery!)

Matsuri looks like his burden has been lightened.

Matsuri: I haven’t told anyone else this, but I’m going to tell you what I think. It is still unclear as to who the culprit was in the “Washuu Family Attack."Inside the CCG, we will say that it was someone guided by "HS”, but personally I suspect that First Class Furuta is suspicious. Please keep an eye on his movements.

Urie: Acknowledged.

Matsuri: I’m counting on you Urie.

Urie leaves the room and thinks “Furuta?? Is he able to do such an outrageous thing?”.

Matsuri waits until he hears the door close.

Matsuri: (Urie…)

He stands up and grabs at his suit.

Matsuri: (If it’s in front of you, I will bare everything!)

He tears off his suit and stands naked in front of his window.

Matsuri: (Urie…! I…!! Think I love youuuuuuuuuu!!!)

[Urie Side]

Urie: (There’s no-one I can use more than an influential person in a weakened position. I’m gonna use you as much as possible. I’ll make you grovel in front of me, Washuu Matsuri.)

Urie meets Saiko and Mutsuki in the hallway.
Urie: Mutsuki, Yonebayashi… We are going to start looking for "him” in earnest. How is the investigation progressing?

Saiko: We went to some places that Auracchi and Hige knew, but we didn’t find anything.

Urie: And you Mutsuki? (You’re wearing a coat today)

Mutsuki: … Yeah, we’ve looked into places, but we haven’t found much more than that…

[Flashback to Mutsuki outside of the :Re cafe.]

Mutsuki: How do I read that? Re? Or maybe Ri?

Sasaki: My nose-kagune is whispering to me!
Shirazu: Wow, Rc Cells are awesome.
Mutsuki: Nose Kagune?

[Back to the present]

Urie: I see. (That coat suits you.)

Urie: There is a higher chance of us, the first generation Quinx, of finding him.

Saiko: Did he really… do that to Cochlea… and kill Arima Kishou? I mean, recently Maman had been different to before, but I can’t think of him as a bad person….

Urie: Yonebayashi. Don’t let your personal feelings interfere. I know this is hard (Really.) But (We can’t do anything about it can we?) we have to do this. Shao, get the car.

Shao: Yes.

Saiko and Mutsuki are left alone.

Saiko: Uri is… becoming stronger. Sanpei is furious because of what happened to Aunt Kiyoko. The CCG won’t say Maman’s name. Mucchanko.. is it just me? This depressed feeling…

Mutsuki: Saiko-chan…. I believe in Sensei. He must have had a reason to do this. After all, he was so kind to all of us.

Saiko: … Mucchan… I want to know what’s really going on. You’re hiding something from everyone aren’t you.

Mutsuki’s eyes widen and he stiffly turns his head towards Saiko.

Mutsuki: I’m sorry… you noticed didn’t you…. that I’m “female”. Urie-kun also knew though…

Saiko is confused, but then Hoki comes past and Mutsuki has to leave with her.

Mutsuki: I’m sorry Saiko-chan. I have to go. I’m glad we talked.

Saiko: Ah, oh, ooh (No, no, it’s not that… it’s that I can smell human blood on you Mucchan…)

She starts to cry.

Saiko: (I already know you were a girl, Mucchan.)

[At the Ghoul Hideout]

Akira is lying in bed and Banjou is sitting next to her. His kagune is connected to her, and he is healing her. Hinami comes into the room.

Hinami: You should take a break, you haven’t slept have you?

Banjou: No, it’s just that I’m too scared to take my eyes off her. If I fall asleep she might suddenly die. It’s because I haven’t healed a “human body” before…. I don’t know if it’s working or not. I’m more worried about you Hinami-chan. Didn’t her father kill your…..

Banjou: Ah sorry!! Please forget I just said that! This is why Ichimi and the others say I have no tact.

Hinami: No it’s okay, this person is… important to Big Brother.

Banjou: To Kaneki.

[Kaneki Side]

Furuta is walking down the street humming a tune. “Aaaaahhh, aaabura zemi~” (A song about cicadas)

Kanki appears in front of him.

Furuta: Oh, Associate Special Class? Come to kill me? (sweat)

Kaneki: Good evening. That should be “Former” Associate Special Class, Furuta-san.

Narration: Striking while the iron is hot??

Hiroyuki Sawano on recording the Season 2 soundtrack

“From the day after tomorrow and onwards, recording for Attack on Titan S2 is on schedule! Like the music used in the PV, I plan on using a raw and powerful feel . I wonder what kind of sound we’ll get. Let’s put some spirit into this!” 

(x) (x)


Cubes by Lernert & Sander

The original photograph by the artist duo was of raw foods cut into 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5cm cubes, followed up by the second photograph of 72 dutch cheeses.

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 101 (Raw Text Spoilers Part 2)

[In the Re Cafe]

Hirako is sitting at the counter drinking coffee, and Yomo talks to him.

Yomo: Hirako Take…. Ken is an open-minded guy. He has he capacity to accept other people. That has it’s own dangers, though…

Yomo: You need to be that open-minded for the world he imagines of “Ghouls and Humans Understanding Each Other”. However, I and many others aren’t like that. Arima… killed my sister… she was Touka and Ayato’s mother.

Yomo: Even if you tell me now that he was on the side of us Ghouls, if he was in front of me now I would kill him. I….

Hirako: When I was a new recruit… Arima-san said something to me.

Arima: You resemble me. You’re empty inside like me.

Hirako: I don’t know what his true intentions were, but he felt something about that part of me. Perhaps that’s why he entrusted the 0 Squad to me. The people around him tried so hard just to hear a single robotic word of praise from him. I’m also here because of that. I always wanted him to recognise me.

He takes a sip of coffee.

Hirako: Arima Kishou is dead. No matter how much you curse him, you won’t ever get a chance to kill him, just like how your sister can’t come back, Yomo Renji. I believe we are “the ones that Arima Kishou chose”. You all believe in Kaneki Ken, isn’t that enough? To understand each other, I don’t think we have to believe exactly the same things. At least that’s what I think.

Yomo: In that case, I think I can do it.

Hirako: I wonder how different human and ghoul sense of taste is… I dunno… But this coffee is delicious.

[0 Squad are watching TV]

0 Squad kid: Take-san!! Look at the TV!!

News: Look, there is black smoke rising from the CCG building in the 22nd ward. The one in the 19th ward is the same. We have breaking news! It appears to be the doing of Ghouls!

Touka: It’s not us.

Hirako: After killing the Washuus, destroying the offices is next. I guess they want to match the appearance of the One Eyed King with the “internal cleaning”.

Touka: That’s the way the “other side” operates.

[22nd Ward: Kuroiwa Squad]

A group of Pierrot are rioting.

Pierrots: Gyahahaha! Toraa!

Kuroiwa comes and mows them down. “Mun!”

Misato: Recover the building! Don’t let a single rat escape!

Takeomi: No matter how many we kill, their morale doesn’t drop…

Itou: What a creepy bunch…

[19th Ward: Suzuya Squad]

Mizuroo: There’s no end to them Nakarai-san  *crying*

Nakarai: There is an end. Just keep fucking killing em! (Since the Rushima attack, attacking our weakened offices certainly makes it seem like they have “insider information”.)

Hanbee: Fierce gravity potential… (After all, “That person” is…)

Suzuya attacks ghouls with Jason’s 13.

Suzuya: Move your hands, not your mouth Hanbee.

[16th Ward: Q’s Squad]

A group of exhausted Investigators see that the Quinx have come. “Qs! We’re saved! Please relieve us!]

Urie: (These bastards sure are flaunting their violence. Aogiri were a lot less fierce.) Release Frame 3! There’s 120 seconds until release. In preparation for attack, stock 300 seconds!

Higemaru: Roger!

Aura: Yes!

Urie: (Is it you… Sasaki!!)

[Watching the city from the top of a building]

Donato: Let the hymns resound! Until I can hear them in every ward!

[Main office control room]

The main office control room is in chaos trying to deal with all the separate attacks.

"Another new attack?”
“What’s the total number?”
“We don’t know.”
“There are 100.”
“Which squad can provide support?”
“Where are the Qs?”
“In the 16th Ward!”

Staff run up to Matsuri.

“What should be do, Acting Director? Director?”

However, Matsuri is dumbfounded and doesn’t react.

“Suzuya’s Squad is available!”

“Roger, send them for urgent back-up.

Matsuri feels that he can’t do anything unless Urie is around.

News: According to the CCG, the attack on the 22nd Ward was ordered by the One Eyed King.

Furuta hears the news. "How sad….”

[In the same meeting hall as last week, Kaneki’s team]

Tsukiyama: They’re making it so that we look evil! Do they intend to crush us like this? Gedoh style. (TN: He says “Gedoh” in English. It means “Demon”)

Ayato: Fuck! We haven’t even started yet, and they’re already in our way….

Miza: If it continues like this, they will keep doing evil deeds in our name. What should we do, Kaneki Ken?

Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san, I have a request for you..

Tsukiyama: I’ll do whatever you like. ….However if it requires a lot of money I can’t. We have some financial circumstances….

Kaneki thinks for a moment.

Kaneki: I want you to prepare a great number of “White Suits”.

Miza: ?

Ayato: What will you use that for?

Tsukiyama: …

[Akira’s bedside]

Banjou: Her fever is terrible.

Nishiki: Her condition isn’t good. It looks like her healing wounds are infected. Perhaps it’s her body rejecting Rc Cells.

Akira is slightly conscious, and calls out the name of her cat.

Takizawa is shocked and concerned.

Nishiki: Her consciousness hasn’t returned much. If it continues like this…

Takizawa: What will happen? Oi!!!!!

Banjou: Wah, stop, my hand is…!!

Akira moans.

At that moment, a man appears.

Nico: Heheh, hiiiiiii Banjou-kun! Long time no see!

Narration: Filled with mystery, the Pierrot Mask Squad! And here is one more….

Pomegranate seeds on errrythang. Açaí bowl for one. Made with 4 scoops of Açaí Roots açaí sorbet, 2 tbsp PB + 2 tbsp raw ka'kau nibs and topped with frozen blueberries, fresh pomegranate seeds and Loni Jane’s rawnola. ❤️