Louis’ emotions are always so clear and raw when he sings. Like god, his singing is the definition of “heart on his sleeve” and that’s so so painful because he’s so calculated and deliberate the rest of the time, and never really shows how he’s feeling. But then when he sings you’re just like oh, okay, and then you cry for days.

But the Quinx arrive so Tsukiyama and Haise can’t talk to each other properly. Haise says he’s going back to work and Tsukiyama has this awful expression on his face.

Tsukiyama: The little ones were on the way so I couldn’t be alone with Kaneki-kun…

I am very very full and wearing cute as heck socks and super dooper content… Weekend is off to a great start! (10+ frozen bananas blended with maca and vanilla, muddled with a berry compote and topped with more fruit, chocolate buckinis and coconut and later, date syrup) One more month of winter… Couldn’t go fast enough if you ask me 🌻💕 Summer baby all the way! (Instagram: feedingmindbodysoul)