Miraculous Ladybug Ep. 18 - Marionnettiste

Here’s the link to everyone who missed the stream!!


Kane Appreciation Day - Favorite Promo 

Raw: April 20, 2015 

“You are nothing but a spoiled little punk who’s been given everything and thinks that he earned it! You’re only champion because we made you champion! I handed you the Money in the Bank contract myself. Seth do you really think anything would be different if we had recruited Dean Ambrose instead of you?! Hell, if we’d have wanted to we could have made El Torito champion!”

This had to have been one of my favorite Raws, being the fact I was there to witness it! 

CHOC PEANUT BUTTER RASPBERRY CHEESECAKES #RAW & #VEGAN 👅👅💦 Created this new recipe & it’s sooo delicious👌🏼(used ingredients from @thesourcebulkfoods)