Look at that line! News from the Michigan Cup: 1. We smoked a lot 2. We made a lot of new friends 3. We raised a lot of money for a great cause If you can’t make it to our fundraiser at the Michigan Cup and want to donate direct the link is in our profile above http://ift.tt/1KF3zjd 100% of everything sold or donated goes 100% into our Water Wells in Africa and is 100% tax deductible. (there isn’t some POS fat white dude taking a cut, this is a real-deal smokers saving a world fundraiser) by @rawlife247

Why Zahra Schreiber Has Got to Go

Why Zahra Schreiber Has Got to Go

Schreiber with her ex-fiance (the one she cheated on with Seth Rollins) I’m not Marc Middleton of WrestlingINC, I won’t defend stupidity with more stupidity. If you’re in Oklahoma, and you hear the sound of hooves stomping; you think horse, not zebra. This is what Middleton and several others do not get. This is now the THIRD scandal that Schreiber has been involved in SEVEN MONTHS. First there…

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Remember to believe in yourself. Bringing in the week with positivity, let’s go!!👊🏼👊🏼 @thehealth.corner #weekend #Monday #anxietyrecovery#avocado #lean #eattherainbow #wholefood #wholesome #melbourne #foodblogger #nourish #organic #wellnes #paleo #superfoods #health #weightloss #healthy #healthyeating #cleanfood #salad #nourishnotpunish #bbg #kaylaitsines #raw #vegan #vego #whatveganseat


Forever Vegano - Colonia Roma, Mexico City 
Guanajuato 54, Roma Norte

Social media: Facebook - Twitter -  Instagram
Website: Forever Vegano (check for full menu)

Walking through the city and looking for something healthy, delicious and possibly cruelty free? This nice little spot is located in one of my favorite areas in DF and certainly makes for a great area to have lunch with a friend or two especially if their diet options is a tad more limited. Full of vegan, raw and even vegan deserts, plenty of options and food everyone can enjoy before continuing to explore the many nearby galleries, museums and local music spots. 

“Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, ‘My appetite is more important than your suffering’?” - Moby  

Hello breakfast!!! ❤️Avocado, red berries, cucumber, salad, sprouts, gomasio, olive and colza oil, lime juice, cacao-coco milk❤️•❤️•❤️Une idée de petit-déjeuner multicolore, alliant fruits, légumes, pousses germées, oléagineux, et bon gras! 😍😄👍

Avocat farci aux fruits rouges, beurre de graines de tournesol, mesclun, concombre, pousses germées de lentilles et de soja, jus de citron vert, huiles d'olive et de colza, sel rose, gomasio de la mer (graines de sésame, sel, algues séchées).

C'est pas beau ça???

Un beau dimanche à vous! Buvez de l'eau, mangez des plantes, et tout ira bien! ❤️

Vicca 😘

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Assiette from madeinjapan.ch #vegan #breakfast #plantbased #healthy #food #glutenfree #dairyfree #allaboutveganfood #vegetalien #alimentationsaine #raw #rawfood #yummy