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Build A Boyfriend - Ravi

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Summary: Your friend has a boyfriend and the the only one without is you. So they like to tease you about it. Your friend boyfriend sends you a link to a site called “Build A Boyfriend” online. He must he joking with you, right? …No its 100% real.

There was nothing more annoying than a couple teasing others for being single. You just happened to have that annoying couple as friends. It was a movie night with your friends Angel and her boyfriend. Yeah they were friends but it was ridiculous that they kept being all cute and then try to make a joke about your relationship status. You were fine the way you were. For the most part.

“(Y/n) I actually heard that there was a site where you can make a boyfriend. You should check it out.” Angel’s boyfriend laughed.

“Hahaha, you’re so funny.” You replied the sarcasm dripping from your lips like venom.

You shut the door as the two walked out hands intertwined together. You wouldn’t say it out loud but you wanted what they had. They rarely fought and were all friends with the same people so there was no “I want to be with MY friends today.” How do you even find a love like that.

“Heh, maybe she made him.” You giggle remembering the ‘site’ he brought up earlier in the night.

You grabbed your laptop and sat on the couch getting ready to watch videos when a message appeared. It was Angel’s boyfriend. It said “I wasn’t joking” along with a link. You clicked on it only to be taken to a site called ‘Build A Boyfriend’. Immediately there were questions some about what kind of guy you liked and others for what your type looked like. You decided it would be fun just to see what it might do. You filled in the survey and clicked send. It only closed out and sent you to your original page.

“Of course. What was I even expecting?” You huffed in annoyance.

You opened your eyes when you felt the bed sink in on the opposite side of you. You quickly rolled off the bed and to the light switching it on. By the bed was a man. Be wore pajama bottoms but no shirt. You scanned his body then his face. Something about him was weirdly familiar. No way in hell or earth! He was the exact same as how described your type on the site. You stood in shock as he moved slightly towards you. He seemed intimidating the way he walked.

“Is something wrong, babe?” He spoke. His voice was low but alluring. He sounded tired as his voice rolled.

“Uhm, no. Who are you?”

“Baby it’s me. Wonsik!” He announced his name excitedly. He had a childish aura to him.

There was no doubt he was cute but what would you do if he was just some random guy who broke into your home. He could be some pervert looking to get something from you.

“Where did you come from?” You question suspiciously.

“You made me…Build a boyfriend sound familiar?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t think it was real. A JOKE!” you stammered.He hung his head and sighed. He gave you a disappointed look.

He started walking to you making you side step. He dragged his feet towards your front door getting ready to leave. You felt your chest tighten seeing him so sad. You ran up to him and slammed the door shut with your body. He stumbled back in surprise.

“You don’t have to go. Stay here and we can figure out this in the morning.” You mumbled.

He smiled and inched closer to you. He pressed himself against you forcing you to the door. He set his hand on your hip before lowering his lips to meet yours. You snaked your arms around his neck and kissed back with equal force. You didn’t understand it but at this point you weren’t complaining.

I will start tagging this series with bab so you guys can find it faster.