142. Strangers I Know

Summary:  One evening to be alone. Two nights to curl together. Three days to fall in love.

[After almost 5 months of waiting, it’s finally time to begin Cabin AU! I’d like to dedicate this story to all of my ‘Monochromie Homies’ or otherwise friends and senpais who have helped/inspired me and been there for me along the way! This is for you guys~ noxypep , kokkoro , dashingicecream , bonpyro , v4xlukamegurine , and a-ravvy (happy birthday!)

And special thanks to @princessdemoness , dasaethelwulf , and unoriginalfailure ]

Chapter 1. Through The Woods

[Happy RWBY Tuesday!]

anonymous asked:

I don't like the stereotype that Ravenclaws apparently think that they're better than everyone else. Where did that even come from? The main Ravenclaw in the series was the exact opposite of that. Why does knowing things automatically mean that you think you're better than everyone else? Along with wisdom and knowledge, Ravenclaw also values open mindedness and acceptance. We're not stuck-up.

I’m putting this under a cut because I’m attempting to explain how I think this stereotype started and my own experiences with it and I dunno.

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So me and a-ravvy (A.K.A. Aaron, A.K.A. My soul friend with different equipment downstairs as we’ve discovered…) Collaborated together for a birthday present for hanasaku-shijin with his beautiful story ’Sweet Coffee and Write Roses’. He requested me to draw a scene from it and I was more than happy to!

Have a lovely birthday Hana!