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Animated card of the day – 04/27/2015

Dark Confidant (Ravnica, City of Guilds)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Tomorrow’s animated card features a scene from Masters of the Universe. Can you guess which card will it be?

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SELESNYA | Ravnica Style Guide

The Selesnya Conclave combines white’s passion for order and peace with green’s connection to the natural world. Saprolings on Ravnica are animated plants wrapped around large chunks of glimmering crystal. The crystals’ reflective properties tie into the white associations of light and order, while the wild vines and bushes of their plant aspects reflect their green origins.


GOLGARI | Ravnica Style Guide

The Golgari preach that death is part of the natural cycle, which seems like a harmless and logical belief. However, they take it one step further, actually embracing death, and encouraging it to enhance and strengthen life. After all, all they’re doing is speeding up the natural cycle so that Ravnica can be reborn after death into something better. It’s not so much death itself that they like, but the rebuilding that comes afterwards.


With decades of history and Vorthos to pick from, there are plenty of pets named after some of the most memorable characters in Magic’s history. Here are a few we found – send us a picture of your MTG-named critter and we may reblog them!

Elspeth the rat is owned by Natasha Harrington. This friendly white-aligned rat is as likeable as her namesake, though probably not as talented with a spear.

Jace Bauleran is owned by Philip Bau! As all cats are expert manipulators it was a natural choice to name this cat after everyone’s favorite mind sculptor.

Booster is owned by R&D member Ken Nagle. He was originally supposed to be named Ravnica, City of Guilds (true story) but the name was deemed “inconvenient.” Booster is a bit easier to yell in a crowded park.

Kemba belongs to Matthew Martell and Chris Peeler. She isn’t very good at holding onto equipment, but she is very talented (under the right circumstances) at producing more cats.