Hola people of tumblr.  This is a bit, well quite a bit, old news now.  I finshed a second Roomie octopi. This ones name is Henri.  That is the only thing I have finished.  However I am about halfway through knitting the heel of my sock, or I was till I accidentally snapped a stitch.  So now I haven’t moved it for fear of ruining it.  I may have to accept that I have to frog the whole heel and start it anew.  Oh well I have asked Ravelry for advice.  Well specifically my Badger cete, as I am currently a Hufflepuff for the first time in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.  Third term ( a set of three consecutive months) playing, though my terms have been rather spaced out, but my first term as a Hufflepuff, I was previously a Slytherin, and in truth I was hoping to be in Ravenclaw this time. But Hufflepuff seems very welcoming and I’m sure I\ll have fun.  

Inspired by one of my current WIPs, this week’s featured free pattern is Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart. One of the first shawls I recall admiring on Ravelry, as a beginner I was put off by its size and what appeared to be its complexity. As stunning as it is, this is actually quite a simple pattern and includes instructions for optional beading. 

You can find the pattern page on Ravlery or go directly to the instructions on Knitty. If you’re interested in seeing mine, you can find it here.