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Can you recommend any particular biographies on Arthur Wellesley? So far, all I've ever managed to get my hot little hands was Andrew Roberts' "Napoleon & Wellington" and that was some time ago.

oh yes! the bible on Wellington is of course Elizabeth Longford’s bio. It has two parts, Years of the Sword & Pillar of State. After that I’d suggest Architects of Empire by John Severn, it is a really great book that goes into how Wellington’s relationship with his brothers (primarily Henry & Richard) shaped his career. A couple of other bio’s are;

  • Wellington: The Path to Victory by Rory Muir
  • Wellington’s Wars by Huw Davies

and if you want something brief, Christopher Hibbert’s bio on Wellington really does summarize things nicely. 

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Top five poems?

excellent question. (no particular order; beware, rambling below.)

1. The Trees, by Philip Larkin (longer-time followers will be rolling their eyes in exasperation because i won’t shut up about it but i just love it ok)

2.  A God, or Sonnet 3, by Rainer Maria Rilke. The translation I link to is for reference only; I far, far prefer Don Paterson’s version, which unfortunately isn’t available online. I studied Paterson’s versions of Die Sonnette an Orpheus my last two years of senior school, and while I really didn’t like the way it was taught (our English teacher solemnly told us before we started that many people interpret Rilke as a sort of new-agey hippie kind of poet and that he didn’t like that interpretation, and then promptly talked about nothing but for the next year), I look forward to rediscovering the sequence on my own terms.

3. To Autumn, by John Keats. This poem has atmosphere like almost no other.

4.  (Carrion Comfort), by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Important to me for three reasons: because it’s an extraordinary, soul-searing poem; because I beat my head against it for a dissertation for the better part of a year; and because I understood it best with the help of one of my dear friends, who is a devout Christian and really identified with the struggle described.  

5.  Poem 101, by Catullus. Most of Catullus’ stuff is amazingly, hilariously bawdy and rude; even the love poems are laughing at themselves, never quite able to take themselves seriously. This poem is actually better read in that context; the contrast in tone makes you feel the sheer depth of emotion that much more. I read it with the same friend mentioned above in preparation for our Latin exam: we both have brothers, and I think it hit us both pretty hard.

thankee muchly for the question!

“You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping”

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*drum voice*

  1. Queen- We will rock you
  2. Jay-Z- 99 problems
  3. Ottis Redding- (Sittin’ On) The dock of the bay
  4. Lily Allen- Not fair
  5. Fito y Fitipaldis- Por la boca vive el pez
  6. The cure- Friday i’m in love
  7. Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX- Fancy Dabin & Apashe Remix
  8. Murray gold- I am the Doctor
  9. Maluca- El tigeraso
  10. Els Pets- Pantalons curts i els genolls pelats
  11. Hall and Oates- You make my dreams
  12. Frozen BSO- Vuelie
  13. The Sugarhill Gang- Rappers delight
  14. Tangled BSO-Kingdom dance
  15. Elton John- Crocodile Rock
  16. The green cards- Adelaide
  17. Florence + The Machine- Dog days are over
  18. Manel- Benvolgut
  19. Iggy Azalea- Walk the line

20. Yann Tiersen- Soir de fête


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  • M/F OTP: Uhhh… Either Flint/Miranda, Jack/Anne or the little more speculating one Silver/Max.
  • M/M OTP: … Billy/Flint?
  • F/F OTP: Max/Elinor 
  • OT3: Hmmm… Max/Elinor/Anne
  • Favorite Canon: Jack/Anne
  • Favorite Crack: Silver/Flint. I don’t know if that is crack or really angsty though.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Does Silver/Max count as a guilty pleasure? I just really want more interactions between those two.
  • Pairing I Hate: I don’t think I in particular HATE any of the pairings…

Thanks for asking!

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Her questions:

1.  Favorite Star Wars Character from just the 6 movies

Oh, God, I have to *choose?* Well, my default answer is Anakin/Vader, although I’ve been on an Obi-Wan kick for a while now. Runners-up include Qui-Gon, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Yoda.

2.  Favorite Star Wars Character from just The Clone Wars cartoon

Hondo Ohnaka! Runners-up include Ahsoka Tano, Quinlan Vos, and Cad Bane. (Yes, I know that Vos was in TPM for .05 seconds. That business on Tatooine doesnt, doesn’t count.)

3.  Favorite Star Wars Character from the EU

I don’t read much EU, but I’m going with Mara Jade just because if she’s good enough for Luke, she’s good enough for me. Runners-up include Cade Skywalker and Jools the Hutt from the first run of the Legacy comic.

4.  Be honest, could you follow the Jedi Code?

HELLS, NO! I get in a lot of deep “discussion” with my guides about this. I see the Jedi Code AND the Sith Code as extreme opposites that don’t go anywhere near the center point (y'know, where all the balance is) where everyone should be. My hybrid code is as follows: Self, but not at the expense of Others. Others, but not at the expense of Self.

5.  Your pets! If you don’t have any, what type of pet would you wan?

I don’t keep pets. I don’t have the time or energy to give them the attention they deserve. Plus when we kept pets we grew superattached to them and it broke our hearts when they passed on, so we both said ‘never again.’ We used to have a tree frog named Pierre and a betta fish named Louie. If I had the wherewithal and discipline to keep pets, I’d probably have some tropical fish, maybe a frog or two. I like pets that you can’t pet.  :)

6.  Your tattoos! If you don’t have any what would you like to get?

Not into tattoos myself. Had fleeting thoughts that it might be fun to have one, but the needle pain and the idea of marking myself with a symbol that I might regret in the future keeps me away. But if I got one, probably a really cute fish on my ankle.

7. Favorite Superhero?

Thor! Which is ironic, because I’m terrified of thunder and lightning. But Thor’s a cutie with nice manners.  :)

8. Favorite Villain?

Vader. DUH!  :-P

9. Choose one: Harry Potter or LOTR?

Lord of the Rings. Haven’t seen the last two Harry Potter movies and have yet to crack open any of the books. Nothing against Potter, but I grew up with LOTR, and I always wondered why everyone would study magic in HP, but not use any of it to make the world a better place.

10. Choose one: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. Not to put too fine a point on it, but again, DUH!

10. Choose One: Marvel or DC?

Make Mine Marvel!

My Questions:

  1. What is something you’re a fan of that no one else 'gets?’
  2. What was the last REALLY GOOD book you read?
  3. What do you do when someone plays music that you can’t stand?
  4. Do you sing in the car? (or comparable transportation mode?)
  5. What kind of food is everyone else wrong about?
  6. What cause or issue really resonates with you?
  7. Favorite Sidekick (any story)
  8. Favorite Minor Character (any story)
  9. Choose one: Elsa or Jack Frost
  10. Choose one: Original books or movie adaptations
  11. Choose One: Benjamin (Hawkeye) Pierce or Clint (Hawkeye) Barton

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Les Questions

1) Do you prefer your food spicy or savoury?

Spicy. An ethnic dry sort of spice that only comes from peppers from my hometown.

2) What’s the sexiest hair colour, in your opinion?

Auburn?… I think… I don’t have a legitimate preference though. My other has dark brown/blackish hair and pale skin and I think it’s sexy as fuck …?

3) What do you think of the concept of reincarnation? Would you like to live another lifetime as anyone or anything in particular?

I may or may not have been Lady Castlereagh and Roxana of Bactria in my past life. Consult djezhofmacedon for details.

Also I was raised with a Christian side and a Buddhist side so religiously, I’m all confused as to the concept of reincarnation, despite really accepting it as an inevitable.

4) Have you ever skinny dipped?

HAve  I ever

5) Do you have a de-stressing song (something that you listen to either relax to or simply vent through angry dance)?

I Can’t Decide by Scissor Sisters is a good one. It’s my Napoleon/Talleyrand song.

6) Would you rather go on holiday to a warm climate or a cold one?

WAAAARRRRRMMMM. Winter in this Goddamn country goes from October to April if we’re lucky. I’m so done.

7) What would your DJ name be?

I’ve never really thought about it. My alter-egos are Marchesa Medici or Lady Cas as always.

8) Are you more worried about doing things right or doing the right things?

Doing things right for sure. I’m such a perfectionist, I’d do anything to succeed and get what I want.

9) Do you have any childhood mementos or toys that you still have in your possession?

Nah, I’ve uprooted and moved wayyy too many times to keep those old keepsakes. All I have are photo albums and glimpses of the memories of old forgotten things.

10) What, if any, famous person have you been told you resemble?

Choose any Asian famous person. I’ve heard it all. And yes it is racist.

11) You’re on Death Row, what have you chosen as your last meal?

Authentic thick noodles from my home town. with Creme Brulee for dessert.

My Questions:

1. Who is the most important non-family member in your life? Why?

2. Who is the most important family member in your life? Why?

3. Would you prefer to dance or to sing professionally?

4. If you could travel back in time where and when would you go?

5. Do you believe that the entire world order is fundamentally flawed and needs to change? How?

6. Describe your Utopia.

7. What was the last video game you were addicted to?

8. What thought would you have to summon your patronus (best memory/hope/dream)?

9. What would you see if you faced a dementor (worst memory/fear)?

10. What are your views on religion?

11. What would you name your children?

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