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Status: Complete
Word Count: 3K
Category: One-shot; Behind-the-scenes canon-compliant; Humor; Friendship-Turns-To-More; On-the-case 
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): Dean, Sam, Reader/Female OC, Cas [ever-so-briefly*** ]
Pairing(s): Perhaps. I imagine it’ll depend on how pissed “you” are and how well Dean apologizes, right? [Nash leans over and whispers in your ear: You’ll have to read it - stories are better when you don’t know the endings]
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: post-story
Overall Summary: Dean, you thing-breaking dumbass, this is why we can’t have *nice* things.  [Okay, really:  A fellow hunter finally finds it, the answer to solving a case she never quite put to rest; enter Dean and his penchant for picking up, dropping, and breaking things.]

“I broke it.”

Dean immediately made some sort of slightly cringy face that I’m guessing he thought came off as adorable, then Sam looked over his shoulder at me with the same routine, albeit nervously.

I couldn’t say what expression my face had taken on, but Castiel was staring at me like I was either going to vomit or combust.

“It was an accident,” Sam tried. And failed. I was seething.

“I can’t kill you, I know, ‘cause that never seems to take,” I said to Dean. “But I sure as hell can beat the tar out of you.”

Dean narrowed his eyes a bit at me, and I knew he was trying to judge if I was serious.

I was serious.

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I know a lot of people are getting their college acceptance letters right now, and how exciting and nerve-wracking it can be!! But I also know that sometimes you don’t get into your first-choice school, and it can be a really unsettling experience for your life goals and perceptions of yourself, especially if you’re an intense overachiever and life-planner.

So, as a friendly note that you can either take or leave, I’m gonna tell you why the school you get into doesn’t matter. Because I, too, was one of the high-strung, Ivies-or-die, “I don’t care if I hate the school, I’m going there to prove to myself that I am worthy” trash heaps. I’d had my entire life planned out since 7th grade, and the first step in that plan was to go to Princeton, get a Ph.D. in some haughty nuance of American history, and validate everything my obsessive-compulsive self had bled, sweated, and cried for since the day I refused to hand in a kindergarten assignment without white-outing a tiny smudge.

I applied to five schools, almost entirely tiny liberal arts colleges, two of them already written off because their acceptance rate was higher than 30%, and I didn’t get into either of my first choices. And I’m not ashamed to tell you, comrades, that I absolutely //lost it.// I spent months berating myself, questioning my future, running circles in my mind like a RAVING LUNATIC, because I thought I’d ruined everything. I more or less dreaded telling people I was going to Gettysburg, because in my stupid, narrow little mind, Gettysburg was a mark of my failure.

But last August comes around, and September, October, on and on, and I’m living out here in Pennsyltucky, and…I love it? I love this town with my entire heart–I love watching the sunsets on the battlefield; I love singing?? Civil War songs?? With one of my history professors?? when he plays them before class; I love looking at Penn Hall in the evening light; I love that people walk around Servo in forage caps; and I love the history community here, even if it’s so hardcore it does intimidate the hell out of me sometimes.

I might not get the Ivy League bragging rights, but I get to screech over the episode of The Office where DM does GB. I get to eat my Dan Sickles burger at The Blue and Grey, have semi-religious moments of enlightenment at the Peace Light, and reassure myself that whenever something is lurking in the shadows, it’s probably just another statue of Abraham goshdarned Lincoln. I gave up black and orange for blue and orange, but I found a new spirituality, purpose, and sense of place here at Gettysburg.

So maybe you didn’t get into the school you thought you wanted to go to, but maybe you’re gonna go to the school you needed to go to. Maybe you’ll find a new passion or a new meaning in life. Maybe you’ll find people that force you to assert your own belief in yourself, or you’ll be thrown for a loop that’ll make you stronger in the long run. Maybe you’ll end up at your Gettysburg, and you’ll realize that everything is falling into place, even if you didn’t control it. But just…give it a chance.

Buck up and pack your bags, because the world’s happening, you’re getting swept along, and sometimes, it’ll take you to places better than the ones you’d hoped and planned for. Just give it a chance.

Glitched: Part 3 - A Storm is Coming

Author’s Note: A reminder that this is a dark, angsty horror story centered mainly on Anti torturing Jack as well as the egos. There is nothing remotely happy or positive about this fanfiction I’m writing. This chapter is rather intense, is quite dark (especially near the end), and there is a bit of bloodshed. There WILL be feels. You have been warned…..Enjoy!

Listen to this while reading it

Darkness – that’s all he saw now. Nothing but pure black.

Shadows caressed and coiled around his weak and crippling body, chilling him to the bone and draining any hope he had left. This darkness was poisoning him just as bad as that unstable monstrosity’s words. The YouTuber was always known as a cheerful soul filled with so much positive energy, always being there for the community and getting them to have about as much fun as him. It was easy for him to be happy and think positive.

But not now – not after everything he’d heard, everything he’d seen.

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Wear the Pink One

AO3 Link (Here)

“Trini… Trini… Earth to Trini.”

“Huh?” Trini pokes her head up from the confines of her Biology textbook.

“I asked which one you like better. Green or pink?” Kim huffs out in slight annoyance. She holds up two similar looking shirts against her chest, in an attempt to model them for Trini.

“I dunno,” Trini mumbles back in response, retreating back into her book. “They kinda look the same to me.”


But Trini doesn’t respond. She gives a “I could give a fuck” shrug her shoulders, never once pulling her eyes away from the text on the page.

An uncomfortable silence falls upon the two of them, as Trini tries to remain focused in on studying. She re-reads the same paragraph on single-cell organisms for the umpteeth time but doesn’t manage retain a single solidarity word. Trini can’t. She can’t focus in on anything except for what’s transpiring right in front of her.  

Trini is camped out on Kim’s bed, watching her best friend – and the girl that she, not so secretly, desires to call her girlfriend –  rummage through her closet like a stark raving lunatic in search of “the outfit to end all outfits” simply because she has a date. A date with Bryce Rivers. Newly christened star of the football team and king of the douchebags, Bryce Rivers.

Trini’s still not 100% sure why Kim even said yes to Bryce in the first place. Sure, he’s good looking in a “I could be an extra on a CW show” sorta way. And yes, there’s the rumors that his rock hard abs have been known to make girls openly weep for joy. But, Bryce is also a major asshole to anyone he doesn’t deem worthy. He’s always going out of his way to pick on Billy and has been talking trash about Jason ever since he was kicked off of the football team.

Hell, Bryce even managed to “accidently” knock Trini over without even an apology last week at their lockers when he swung by to ask Kim out.

And yet… Kim said yes. She didn’t even freakin’ hesitate for one single solitary second. Kim just up and yes. No questions asked.

“What the fuck, T?” Kim replies in flat out frustration. She grabs a nearby t-shirt, balls it up, and chucks it at Trini’s head. “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Yeah and you’ve done nothing but ignore me since you got here. What the hell’s up with you?”

“Nuthin’” Trini grumbles as she shuts her textbook and starts to compulsively pick at her cuticles, eyes still glued to anything else but Kim. She knows that one glance in Kim’s direction and the her paper-thin “I don’t give a shit” facade will instantly disintegrate.

“Bullshit. You’ve been acting strange all day.”

“No, I haven’t…”

“Really? So, you normally don’t respond to my notes in Bio? And skip out of lunch with me so you can go hang out under the bleachers with Zack?”  Kim fires back as she inches closer. Although there’s a hint of sarcasm to her voice, it isn’t cold or cruel. No, it’s actually the opposite… it’s laced with genuine concern.

Trini lets out an exasperated sigh and then without another word, begins to pack up her belongings. She needs to get out of that room and now.

A look of confusion sweeps across Kim’s face. “Wait. That’s it? You’re just gonna up and take off?”

Trini still doesn’t respond… she can’t. She knows that if she even attempts to open her mouth, that the tidal wave of emotions that she’s been fighting tooth and nail to hold back will come crashing down upon her.

So instead, Trini does what she does best… She simply shuts down.

Trini finishes stuffing her backpack, slings it over her shoulder and then gets up off of the bed, all the while refusing to look Kim in the eyes. Just as she reaches the bedroom doorway, though, she pauses for the briefest of moments and finally utters, “Wear the pink one. It looks amazing on you.”

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Tell us more about Writscrib baby days, when this idea came up? How many were you? Did you encounter any difficulties, what kept you going? I'm curious, haha.

At first, it was just me, ranting and raving like a lunatic to any friend unfortunate enough to be within earshot. But once a few flopped “tumblr alternatives” tried to crop up, I went silent and kept it to myself. Instead, I watched their shortcomings and tried to think of how best to overcome those. The site was slowly tweaked and refined over the years until the concept was more solid, until finally I brought Karu into the fold to work on it at the beginning of this year (the rest of the team came later). 

The biggest difficulty early on was wondering if anyone would even want such a service, especially since people had been let down in the past. I was really nervous when we first pushed the blog live in May–we only had a handful of people noticing us, and I was starting to feel like my worst fears were confirmed. It was only through a stubborn desire to provide something better for creators that we kept going. It was a huge relief when people started getting excited!

But really, the biggest drive of all was just seeing creators struggling to make ends meet, seeing how out of control callout culture had become, and wanting to disengage from this endless cycle of everyone being at each other’s throats.

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after the war, harry potter is tired. he attends the funerals of his loved ones and then kind of falls off the grid. he avoids the press and stays away from diagon alley and no one really sees him.

so the first time, draco finds him in his mothers garden late June, he’s utterly gobsmacked. not only because harry fell off the face of the earth, but also because after their last meeting here, draco didn’t expect to ever see harry potter at malfoy manor ever again.

after a surprising civil conversation where harry explains that he’s been stopping by nearly twice a week to chat with draco’s mother and draco thanks him for returning draco’s wand and testifying for he and his mother, narcissa finds the pair and they part with small smiles. 

of course, after that, they run into each other quiet frequently. all of their conversations are friendly and it seems that the end of voldemort’s reign and the war has allowed them to let go of their childish feud. draco tells harry about how, towards the end, he stopped believing that muggles were worthless and started to believe that the Dark Lord and draco’s father were likely raving lunatics. harry tells draco about how being the Boy Who Lived Twice isn’t really all that great and about his search for the right profession for him. apparently chasing evil, psychopathic lord’s since your childhood makes a career doing that exact thing unappealing.

soon enough, harry begins to come to the manor not to see narcissa, but to visit draco. talking turns to flirting and flirting turns to dating. draco can’t believe how well they get along and how happy harry makes him. harry and draco’s friends handle their relationship surprisingly well and only ron holds some hostility towards the blonde. he lets go pretty quick when he sees how well draco fits in (and how draco is much better at wizarding chess than harry).

they move into a two bedroom flat in muggle London a year and a half after the war and draco helps harry decide on becoming a healer. harry still has a hero complex and this can help him satisfy it (at least that what draco tells him.) andromeda brings teddy over often and although draco pretends to be irritated by him, when teddy clings to him and laughs, draco can’t hide his pleased smile.

it’s not perfect. the Prophet is unrelenting and sometimes one of them can be a real arse, but it’s them and they are nothing if not stubborn. they fight often and snap at each other frequently. draco gets howlers every morning from witches and wizards that have a problem with either two men being together or the Savior and the Death Eater Who Avoided Azkaban being together. 

they manage though. they manage well.

harry still gets tired, but it’s okay. cause when being the Chosen One gets to be too much, he has draco to fix him a pot of tea, turn on one of those horror movies with awful special effects, and let harry rest his head on his shoulder as they lay on the couch.

[003] Hanyu, Y.

I swear, that darn 4CC gold just keeps eluding me!!! How is it possible that I somehow managed to reel in the one from the flippin’ Games but not this…?

Yuzuru HANYU, speaking to whoever’s listening at the leading scorers area @4cc 2017 (Shoma, probably…but just as likely was talking to himself like the raving lunatic that he’s capable of being)

Ok, but completely mad Xena in ‘The Furies’ is hilarious and kind of adorable. Like, also totally heartbreaking when she says things like “I’m a raving lunatic with lethal combat skills,” but just when the Fury asks Ares what he’s afraid of and Xena says “Me!” And taps her nose with her sword and giggles? It’s just so cute. 


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: Mild cursing

Word count: 2609

Thought I would give it a try after reading a bunch of Percival x Reader fics! So thanks for the inspiration! And if you want send me requests!

He had been reluctant to leave the bedside, reluctant to leave the warmth of your arms that were wrapped protectively around him; fingers running lazily through his hair as you soothed away the nightmares from the night before. It had only been two months since he had been rescued, two months of recovery for the both of you. You both had been captured on an investigation in Europe, and while he had been held hostage, you had been returned to the U.S. with little to no memory of what had happened. Queenie had managed to get a partial amount of your memories back, but it had only been the revelation of Grindelwald impersonating him that you had remembered it all.

At the moment your relationship was tentative. You two couldn’t go back to the way things had been, and you were both still trying to figure out the new dynamics of this relationship. He didn’t want to leave you alone. He didn’t want to go without you. But go he did, kissing your temple and brushing the hair back for a moment before getting dressed and heading to the MACUSA, glancing one last time at your form, curled up under the covers, before apparating away.

Seraphina had at first denied the request for Percival Graves to interrogate Gellert Grindelwald himself. Too personal, she had stated. But it was something he pushed.

If anyone was going to interrogate Gellert Grindelwald, it was going to be him.

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Fred Weasley x Reader: Emotionless

A/N: Yeah, I know yet another swap of the twins with the gif. It’s all good.

Request: by @agentcarter24601

Warnings: N/A

The Weasley twins were well known throughout Hogwarts for their trickery. Most people found it amusing – until it happened to them. It was like Peeves had doubled and grew a shock of red hair, slipping sickening chocolates among sweets, swapping weakened chair legs for the sturdy ones, anything and everything to piss as many people off as they could. Y/N, regrettably, was basically a practice dummy for most of their stunts. The twins adored poking and prodding at Y/N because it was easy to get a rise from her. She could transition from cheerful to livid within seconds.

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Bear with me guys, I have been up since 3 AM for reasons that can be best described as my brain is an asshole who hates me.  I swear, I am so close to retaliating by stabbing it with a q-tip you don’t even know.  Anyway, the disadvantage to being up for 8 hours at 11 AM is that it is approaching mid day and suddenly I am starting to feel my tiredness.  So this could be loopy, I misspelled know by adding an e to the end of it and I had to look at it for a good 10 seconds before I figured out why that red line was there.  My work won’t suffer at all today I am sure.  There are advantages to being this tired though.  I used to write a lot in my youth after being up for 50 hours straight and so on. Looking back at them they read like the deranged ravings of a lunatic or at least a deeply insecure and depressed 20-something.  Everyone else seemed to think they were really, really entertaining though.  So good news, you might be entertained by this.  Better news, if you make sarcastic comments about liking it I will be too tired to detect the sarcasm.  Best news, I sometimes feel like I am at my purest while this tired.  The truest me.  Like, I am too tired to put in any sort of effort in the falsities and masks we cover ourselves in in the performative art that is life and how we present ourselves to others.  So I can tell you quite honestly I have no idea why Priyanka Chopra is here today other than she popped into my head.  I guess with my defenses down my brain went to her because she’s really hot.  So hey, that’s simple.  Priyanka Chopra is here because she’s hot.  She’s here because today I want to fuck Priyanka Chopra.

This life is not for me. There is nowhere for me to put my energy and passion for life; no contact with people, no art, no work—nothing but total loneliness all day while L.N. writes, with games of vint all evening for his recreation. Oh, those hateful shrieks of “Little slam in spades! No threes!” It’s like the raving of lunatics, and I can’t get used to it. I have tried joining in this madness myself so as not to have to sit on my own, but whenever I play I always feel ashamed of myself and more depressed than ever.
-Sofia Tolstoy, from a diary entry dated 17th November, 1903[tr. Cathy Porter]

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DAily reminder you are a racist cunt! And 0 people care about you so please!!

The hilarious thing about this whole thing is I’m actually not a racist. Unlike liberals who judge people solely on the color of their skin, I judge people by their character and how they conduct themselves. I’m also not a coward hiding on Anon that shows up to yell, scream and act like a child throwing a temper tantrum (if I have something to say to someone you’ll know its from me) nor am I bothered by name calling or hate mail. You’re boring and if you expect me to respond to the ten other messages you’ve sent me, you’ve mistaken me for someone concerned with the opinions of raving lunatics. You want to have a discussion? Act like an adult. You want to send me anonymous messages with incorrectly spelled words, foolish assumptions and childish rants? Go right ahead, I’m not going to waste my time responding. Boom. With that, have a piss day you crazy, crazy clambag.


It’s a monster, Scully, plain and simple. And not just your every day run-of-the-mill monster, we’re talking transformation here: man into monster and back again. To which, I know you’re going to say, “But Mulder, that only happens in wear wolf myths that were originally concocted to explain the violent behavior of people who’ve been bitten by rapid animals before the medical discovery of rabies.” 

But is it so outlandish that some legends are based on actual occurrences and not just ignorance? To which I know you’re going to say, Scully, you’re going to say, “But Mulder, it defies every known law of science and nature 

EXACTLY, SCULLY! Every known law. What if this creature that we’ve stumbled upon is here to create a whole new paradigm for our understanding of life itself? Or maybe science was used to create this unnatural being. Maybe this is some GMO experiment run a muck. Maybe this guy is its chief geneticist who recklessly experimented on itself and now transforms into a fiend that feeds on human flesh. To which I know you’re going to say, “But Mulder, that sounds like the paranoid ravings of some lunatic madman.”