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So my sister and I agreed that Obi-Wan would make an awesome president. Called to serve, he would be fair-minded, compassionate, intelligent, and impossible to intimidate. 

Qui-Gon would be a good VP but my sister and I came to the conclusion that Vice President wouldn’t be Qui-Gon’s chosen job. No, Qui-Gon would actually really love being the First Spouse. Think about it, he could passionately support social issues, tour the nation fighting illiteracy and AIDS, help out LGBTQIA youth and the poor, etc. But he would also be able to do all the traditional stuff of you know, redecorating the White House, showing up at political events at his husband’s side, and dealing with critical, obnoxious reporters — all with a new, I-don’t-give-a-fuck abandon and sense of fun. He’d encourage nationwide fitness through some archaic, oddball and slightly dangerous sport. He wouldn’t just write a book about his pet, he’d have an animal rights blog with pictures of all of his kittens AND updated info about animals needing rescue/adoption. He’d go to White House dinners wearing a trim, elegant blazer with a Save the Whales T-shirt. He’d go on a hunger strike for starving children around the world, and he would use his gift of sass to basically reduce his husband’s critics to jokes. Hey, you can’t impeach the First Spouse. 

Also, this man would totally have the time of his life with the White House Easter Egg Roll.     

Guide to British politics
  • Labour Party: The socialist one. Wants a revolution but doesn't know how to start it. Led by a vegetarian, beige person. The lesser of two evils
  • Conservative Party: The evil one. Is actually in power. Probably planning to murder the poor. Led by a massive tit. Will steal ur tax money to do a rave if need be.
  • Liberal Democrats: Nobody knows who are these. Coalition? Centrist? Clegg but now no Clegg? No idea what's happening there.
  • SNP: The Scottish National Party. The ones who asked for independence. Pretty sure they start their meetings by watching Braveheart
  • The Green Party: Hippies. Pretty sure their leader is an endagered type of bird...

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Teen Wolf x The West Wing

I don’t knowwwww. There’s such a big age gap between the main characters. 


CJ’s name is Claudia Jean. The Sheriff’s wife was Claudia. OMG.

Totally Sheriff/CJ in an AU where Claudia didn’t die, she just had to move to DC to work, and Stiles learned everything he knows about sarcasm from both of his parents.

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can you please make a list of things that make green arrow the person who he is. like essential characteristic stuff. i need this now more than ever now that stupid show is calling their faux batman green arrow


  • He started off as a Robin Hood allegory. While he doesn’t necessarily steal from the rich, his focus is on helping the poor and underpriviledged - both inside and outside of his hero life.
  • He’s aware of his priviledge as a cis straight white man in the 1% and knows how to use it to help the underpriviledged. This is something that’s usually ignored in mainstream media about both Ollie and Bruce Wayne. Both pool resources into half-way home, youth centres, etc as a way to help the underpriviledged and prevent further crime from happening. It also pays to consider that his extended team is made of minorities in some form. 
  • He’s notorious for being a radical left-winger. Freaking everyone who knows of Ollie Queen knows that he’s a raving liberal. He became mayor of Star City and pissed off a bunch of conservative by standing in front of city hall and marrying every gay couple that turned up. An early bad guy in vol3 was actually able to gain Ollie’s trust by pretending to be gay.
  • He’s not the brooding, deep dark anger type. He rants, he raves, he makes sure his disappointment is known he doesn’t bury it down. When Ollie’s anger is the dark broody kind of anger? That’s a really freaking dangerous thing.
  • No one takes his crap. One thing that annoys me so much about Arrow!Ollie is that people just continually let him get away with all his bullshit. No one in the comics takes Ollie’s crap - they call him out on it and make him fix it. And usually, he’ll try his best to do so.
  • He actually tries to learn from his mistakes and fix them whoa how amazing.
  • Family is a big fucking thing for him. For the whole arrowfam, actually. If you mess with one of them you’re going to end up with about 4-6 others that are going to fuck you up.