raving girls


Kiwi, Peaches and HoneyDew 

Does the Samurai like fruit salad? Fruit cocktails? Fruit Medley? 
We know he likes hot water and tea but maybe something more sweet? 
Sugar honey ice tea? Strawberry Jam? Brown sugar? Guava? Coconut rum? Sweet cream?
How open are you Jack? You’ve traveled all over the world. How many flavors are you willing to taste?

Needless to say, the episode would be about them going out to lunch. 


Peaches and Cream.

Such a sweet dance with 2 sweet characters. 
Maybe he’s dipping her a little too deep? 
Who knew the Samurai had it in him!
Well…I guess she does since it’s in her now.

See GENDDY. I can do metaphors without  the act actually happening too!

They are dancing. 
Making love on the dance floor! 
Shame on you for thinking otherwise!


What I respect most about all these female characters is that they were portrayed in the show as being very comfortable in their own bodies, from Flora to Ashi.  I wanted to draw something badass and a little sexy. Kinda like them! 

Well, woke up at 2 AM, watched a marathon of King of the Hill and managed to finish this before I have to go into work. But I was determined.

I kinda toned it back a little bit. I kinda wanna to play off of strengths so Ashi is of course acrobatics, Flora about to body slam those Aku minions and Rave Girl (Peaches) ..well…she’s really just a bonus break out star at the end of the damn series. Everybody wants a piece of her. Or at least Jack too. Which he will…stay tuned. 

My next Samurai Jack pic is NOT going to be toned back however.
Nah, you’ll know what’s going on.
It’s pretty clear. 
God forgive me