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Hi everyone, I wanted to stop by and tell you I’ve been pretty sick the past week and it’ll be probably at least another week before I’m really back on my feet again. I’m going to try to keep up with posting and gif making but there’s a very good chance I’ll fall behind or completely disappear. Hope y'all will understand and I’ll get back into the swing of things once my body is body gets better.

Did you ever consider that Ravi, a grown man who’s helped come up with the Conception concepts, wanted to cut his hair the way he has it? That saying ugly things about it because you don’t like it adversely affects him? It’s Error all over again, and I for one am proud of him for still cutting his hair this way despite all the hate he got for his hair back then. I loved his buzzed hair then, I love it now, and I love Ravi no matter how he decides to cut, shave or style his hair.

I for one also cannot wait for all of VIXX to be petting Ravi’s freshly buzzed hair again! They did it nonstop during Error and it was so cute.

@VIXX and also everybody ever




I swear if you stan VIXX you will never, ever be bored.
Ravie's near-future plans:

These are what I’m hoping to get done in the near future.

Red-Haired EAH Backgrounder: workin on her. I’m hoping I’ll like her better finished than I’m liking her now (which is not really at all)

Scaryn Crowe - This is going to be a scarecrow girl. I have a nocturnal CaM head and I’m hoping I can get a cheap Cedar Wood for her body pretty soon. Theorectically I could be working on her now, but I want some better yellow and brown paint before I even attempt it.

Dahlia Ganger - a faceless doppleganger. The CaM lab doll with hair. No ideas about colors or anything.

Garfunkel (Garf) Gook- another Vampire boy turned goblin. I have to get enough capital together to buy his ears. He’s probably going to have green hair as well, but I’m hoping for some curls or an afro-esque style.

And by near future…I mean…probably not soon at all but I hope so. I have been in a creative funk ever since I finished Fineas.

From the Desk of Ravie

……in case anyone actually cared…..cuz I was bored and wanted to write out my plans I guess…….or something….ionno……………………………