ravi's thighs


Leo demonstrating the leg dance while Ravi holds him in place ^^

usernameshawna  asked:

Can you do Vixx reaction when their GF has very sensitive thighs and always shivers when they touch them? Please and thank you~ I really love you btw❤

Thanks! I love you too!! Sorry this has taken so long! 


N – N would probably take advantage of this like no one else! He would tease you in public to get you ready for what will happen later. Especially when you are on your way home. To others, it may look like a casual thing, his hand resting on your thigh, but he knows what it does to you and he would take it a step further and rub his thumb against your thigh as he rests his hand on you.

Leo – Leo would love to take advantage of this while he is going down on you. He makes sure to kiss your thighs before he gets to your core and then he rubs his hands up and down your thighs while he eats you out, his hands massaging you as he works until you can’t stand it anymore it feels so good.

Ken – Ken would like to tease you with this knowledge. You could be out having dinner with him and he would rub his hands up and down your legs. I can see him grabbing a piece of ice if you are wearing a skirt or shorts and rubbing that on your under the table just to watch your reaction and the lust come into your eyes. 

Ravi – Ravi would love showering your thighs with attention just because he knows how good it feels to you. He wants to see you shiver and eventually shake for him. He would kiss and lick and bite your thighs, leaving marks on you as he was at it. He would love for you to even wrap your thighs around his neck as he went down on you so he could grab them when you are close to reaching your peak.

Hongbin – Hongbin may not understand how this could be such a sensitive area of your body, but he will be amused (and turned on) to see your reaction when he touches you there. He would love to have you ride him while he massages your thighs during sex.

Hyuk – Hyuk would tease in a way that was more like, “you like this, baby?” He would also want to see if he could make you come just be touching, biting, massaging, etc you thighs. Seeing your reaction to everything he is doing is going to be a huge turn on for him too. He would also encourage you to wear thigh-high stockings and a garter belt so he could have a bit of bare skin on your thighs to tease you with, plus the look is super hot.