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Happy birthday to the actual light of my life, Kim Wonshik. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that you exist, that you make music, that you’re a part of VIXX, that you’re such an angel and such an amazing human being. You cheer up my days when I’m feeling down, and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without you here. Thank you for existing Kim Ravi ♥

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VIXX as types of cookies please

N: Our hard working, sexy, cute, amazing leader N. N needs a cookie that gives as much as he does. Based on that, I believe the cookie picture below does a great job of giving all it can offer. 

Leo: What does Leo love? Coffee! Now what would be a better representation of Leo in cookie form than a cookie mug. I think that is a pretty fair representation don’t you think?

Ken: Ken is just a bundle of color and surprises. Therefor this little firework is this pinata cookie. You break one of these suckers open and get a candy explosion just like Ken’s random energy explosions of kenness.

Ravi: GOLDEN BOY RAVI! Now Ravi, as I have said before, is too fancy for me. Don’t get me wrong I love this boy but he is most defiantly going more places then I am and as too fancy for me with his song writing and stuff. Naturally this boy deserves a cookie as fancy and rich as he is in talent and ambition. Therefor the cookies below is a Ravi cookie.

Hongbin: Our gorgeous baby fruit bat. This magical little creature is too stunning and pretty for this world and is too much for my little human to handle. Therefore Hongbin is going to be the most elegant and ornate cookie there ever was. The cookies below are pretty, neat, and very detailed making them too pretty for me and therefor a perfect representation of our fruit bat Hongbin.

Hyuk: Oh god Hyuk. Hyuk is a beast and he needs a beast cookie. Therefore this giant ass cookie should be pretty good at representing our overgrown baby.

Is There A Difference (Werewolf AU Ravi)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Ravi of vixx au?

“I can’t believe you would refer to me with such a rude term” Wonsik said as he glared at you. “I am no dog I am purebred werewolf” he spoke “werewolves are humans” you told him as you played with your new dog a pruebred Chow Chow named Puff. “I came from two werewolf. Means I am pure” he said as he showed you his sharp teeth. You shoved him off. “And now you’re a lap dog to a human” you told him as he looked at you. “You’re my human. I marked you as so” he spoke.


You didn’t know many other people who could say they were marked by a wolf but one day when you were walking home you were followed by the odd boy Wonsik following you. He was a very protective male who clung to you as much as he could. And over time you grew used to your needy manwolf.


“We are nothing alike” he spoke as he laid on the floor acrossed from Puff. Puff wagged his tail as he leaned forward to Wonsik “we share a common ancestor. The wolf but nothing more. I’m more advanced than you” he told Puff who barked at him. “See your master will love me more than you. I’m her lover and her partner, she does things to me that she wouldn’t dream of doing to you” he teased as he felt his hair being yanked. You dragged him up as he whined. “Don’t talk to my dog like that. You two can understand each other” you say as he smirks “thats why I said it. He knows I’m better” he says as you push him onto the couch. “I like it when you’re rough” he growled as he chuckled.

“God Wonsik” you groan “I like when you say that” he continued as you get up and both of your dogs chased after you.

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What would your VIXX boyfriend do if they see a text show up on your phone (they're not snooping, they just see it arrive), and it's a picture of sexy lingerie that someone they don't know sent you? It's actually a girlfriend of yours, but the name sounds like a boy's name, so they think a guy sent you that with the caption "It'd look so good on you!!!"

N: As soon as that text tone goes off he’s all up in your face asking you to explain, but before you can even open your mouth N has already unlocked your phone. And it won’t even take but five seconds for him to realize it’s a girl texting you because as he scrolls through the texts he’ll see the words “Lol. Why are our periods in sync?” and then throw the phone back at you like ‘what?’ “I demand to know who this guy is sending you this lingerie that I should be picking out for you and—EW. Carry on. *Drops the phone like its a dirty tissue*”

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Leo: Without hesitation he’ll ask who the sender of that text message is, however he won’t get all hostile or freak out or jump to any conclusions. Leo can be rational and he wants to hear an explanation from you first. “Umm, who is this that just texted you this photo? I don’t recall the name.”

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Ken: At first Ken would just loudly announce that you have a text message from so and so about some lingerie. He won’t even register what he just said until it comes out his mouth. With that being said he’d just stare at your phone mulling it over and trying to figure out if he should stay cool or freak out. “Wait what? Idk this person? Is it really a guy? Or is it a girl? Am I hungry or am I thirsty? I don’t know anymore.”

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Ravi: He’ll almost break his neck doing a double take to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. Ravi would then pick up your phone and attempt to swipe to open, but then realize your relationship is solidly built on trust and that he shouldn’t snoop. But since he can’t wait, he’ll bring the phone to you and make you explain right then and there? “Wait what? *Checks again* Is this a joke? *Goes up to you* Tell me I’m crazy! And was the one I bought you last week bad enough to the point who let some other chump buy you one???”

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HongBin: HongBin’s the type to jump to conclusions and jump super far that you’d have to literally drag him back to reason. And by jump, we mean leap, grand jeté, turn this single person into multiple people texting you and about other things. It might take a day or two depending on how risqué the lingerie looked and how believable your friend’s profile pic looks proving that she’s indeed a girl. “Random guys are now recommending you lingerie? I don’t believe this. What else are they recommending hmmmm?”

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Hyuk: What’s trust? Well Hyuk trusts you but y'know if he can snoop without you knowing then why not do it? Now if you go looking for trouble, you’ll find trouble, so he’ll look at the text messages between you and your friend and get thoroughly confused and then he’ll go into a scrolling fury that may cause you to catch him. You’ll get mad or whatever but he’ll bring up an issue that’s not even related to the lingerie. “Who is Sam and why did he buy you bubble bath the other day, huh?!”

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Pairing: Blaine Debeers x Reader 
Fandom: Izombie
Warnings: ——
Summary: Christmas with Blaine 
Author’s note: My sister is in love with Blaine and wanted me to write something. Again I must apologize if there’s some grammar mistakes I’m spanish. Anyway, enjoy. 

It was Christmas Eve.
Ravi’s house was filled with Christmas atmosphere, there were socks hanging upon the fireplace, beautiful lights everywhere, a bunch of presents under the tree and “Rudolph the red nose Reindeer” was playing on the radio. But even if everything looked so peaceful from the outside from the inside was very different. Everyone was stressed.
Ravi was running around the kitchen trying to have everything under control, controlling the turkey in the oven, cutting vegetables for the salad, washing some dishes… you meanwhile were trying to prepare the pudding as fast as you could and at the same time Major was setting up the table.  
Tonight, Liv was coming to dinner and she was going to bring her new boyfriend, Lowell. That’s why you (with Major’s help) prepared really spicy pasta so they could taste at least something.
Ravi approached to you with a worried look in his eyes.

“(Y/N), tell me you bought the champagne, I can’t find it anywhere.”

“What? No. That was Major’s job.” You said giving him a confusion look. Ravi put his hand on his forehead and started to panic- “Ok, calm down Ravi you’re making me more nervous than I already am. Major!”

Major appeared in the kitchen with a candle and a lighter in his hands. When he saw Ravi he gave you a very confusing look as if he was wondering why his friend was so … nervous.

“You forgot the champagne.” You said, shrugging-

“Oh, crap!” Major left the candle and the lighter in the kitchen table and started to check his pockets- Don’t worry, I’ll get in a near shop or something.

“Run! Run or I will kill you Major Lilywhite!” Ravi shouted, but Major was already closing the door-

Ravi always panicked when something was wrong in any celebration he was preparing and that made you laugh.  
You met him three years ago when you arrived from New York to Seattle looking for a house and a job after your father died. You found the job in the morgue and that’s where you and Ravi became good friends, you two were always together, drinking in a bar, playing video games, watching a movie in the cinema…so after two months Ravi told you he needed a roommate and you accepted the offer without hesitations. Eighteen months later you met Liv and Major and after knowing that he was looking for a flat you and Ravi agreed to let him move to your house.
You loved your friends; they were the most perfect human (and zombie) beings in the world, but although you had the most wonderful friends of all time you missed someone.

“(Y/N) where is the salt?”  Ravi was by your side moving his hand in front of your face, but you were lost in your thoughts to realize that “Heeeey, earth to (Y/N).”

You blinked a few times and went to the dining room to pick the salt for Ravi.


He gave you a worried look and then put a hand in your shoulder; he knew that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing Ravi” You smiled at him but he was not going to let you go until you told him what was worrying you, he was very persistent sometimes. You sighed “I’m thinking about him… It’s Christmas and maybe he is alone. It makes me sad.”

Ravi disliked Blaine but he knew how you felt about him despite knowing all the things he has done. He was always nice to you; he visited you while you were working and invited you to fancy restaurants and cocktail bars. He was a really charming and funny guy and you loved to spend time with him, unfortunately you never found the courage to tell him how you felt. You were afraid about being rejected.

“Do you want to be with him?” Ravi asked, smiling sadly. You knew the answer and that made you feel sorry for your friends, you didn’t want to leave them but the thought of Blaine been alone in his apartment made your heart shrink “You can leave if you want (Y/N)… no one here is going to judge you.”

“I can’t leave… Lowell is going to bring his guitar; I promised I was going to sing something with him after the dinner…”

“Hey, Lowell will understand the situation… you can sing with him other day.”

“Damn it Ravi, why you have to be such a good friend?” That wasn’t a question. He was the best friend you ever had, even if Christmas was his favorite holiday he put your happiness over his.

“Go” He laughed

You gave him a soft smile and ran upstairs to your room to pick the present you bought for Blaine. You stopped in front of the mirror a few seconds to check your hair and makeup and then ran downstairs to get to your car.

You’ve been in Blaine’s apartment once, when he was going to have lunch with you but he forgot to pick one of his “deliveries” so the two of you had to return and grab the yellow bag and give it to Julien. It was a bit disturbing but you forgot it when you started to talk with Blaine.
Before arriving to his apartment you stopped in a Chinese restaurant and bought food, you didn’t know if Blaine liked noodles considering that he was a zombie a few months ago, but you had no idea what to bring to him.

You had to knock three times before he opened the door.  Blaine looked as good as always even if his hair was a mess and he was holding a bottle of wine.

“Are you drunk?” You asked raising your eyebrow-

“No.”  He smiled. You crossed your arms “A bit. C’mon in” Blaine closed the door behind you and you noticed few empty wine bottles in the kitchen table “I thought you were going to spend the night with the good doctor and company.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want you to be alone. It’s Christmas.” You placed the food on the table and started unpacking everything

“Are you worried about me?” Blaine chuckled

That gesture made you feel sad because no one in his life worried about him. The only person who loved Blaine was his grandfather and now he was in a residence in a vegetative state.
No matter who he was you could never push him away. That was the problem, everyone did the same to him. Obviously you wanted him to stop murdering people to sell their brains to zombies, but even though he didn’t you never once thought about leaving him alone.

“I bought Chinese food, I hope you like it” You said, avoiding the question. He approached you and started to check what you bought but he stopped when he saw a paper bag with a ribbon.

“What’s that?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” You rolled your eyes; it was obvious you got him a Christmas present, I mean, you LOVED Blaine although he didn’t know.

“I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I was eight” He confessed, you looked at him sadly, but he was wearing a smile “Wait here”

And that’s what you did. Sitting on a chair you poured yourself a glass of wine and started to drink. Two minutes later Blaine appeared with a tiny box in his hands and gave it to you.

“What’s this?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” He answered in the same tone you did a moment ago

You couldn’t do anything but laugh, he really was a funny guy. You opened the box and let out a little surprise scream when you saw the golden necklace with a small heart and a tiny diamond in the middle. He bought you a freaking gold necklace. You looked at him directly to his blue eyes and hold back the tears that wanted to escape from your eyes.

“I’m not good with feelings and I’ll stop if you want me to but…” he murmured, gently cupping the back of your neck “I hope you don’t.”

You gave him a smile and pressed your lips to his. The sparks that raced along your skin at the contact made heat blossom on your cheeks.  He is gentle, he kisses you with love. Nobody knows this side of Blaine, but you are more than glad to be the only one.

“I…” You started to say with a smile, but he stopped you.

“I know.”

And you two kissed again.

Thoughts on The Love Triangle

This is it. I give up. I finally broke down and wrote out all my thoughts and feelings about the one iZombie plot line to make me fully cringe.

The Blaine/Peyton/Ravi love triangle. And to keep this as concise as possible, we’re making a pro/con list!

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*note: I’m going to be pretty critical of the Blaine/Peyton pairing, but I have really nothing against it. I don’t ship it, and have qualms about the writing, but I don’t hate it *

*note 2: i wrote this at 2 am so i’m sorry if it gets rambly and unfocused*

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Sky Full of Stars (A Navi fic in progress)

The last thing Wonshik expected was to end up taking a trip only with Hakyeon. Yet, he was there, leaving his sandals at the cabin to step comfortably in the sand. He had already given his share of affection to the resident dogs, a bit embarrassed that Hakyeon was taking pictures, cooing loudly at him. The leader was very lucky that the dog had kept the rapper in place for so long, squatting down and giving the pup its much desired pats on the head. Wonshik was certain Hakyeon would waste all of his phone memory on that moment alone, considering the amount of camera snaps he heard go off nonstop.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have enough for sure! I even brought extra SD cards just in case.” Hakyeon boasted, a huge grin on his face even as Wonshik rolled his eyes.

The younger took the older’s word for it, shaking his head when Hakyeon had rushed over to the black labrador, squishing its cheeks before scooting over to its side. Wonshik chuckled as he saw Hakyeon give out instructions, resulting in the pup laying down in the sand as if it were reluctant to follow the commands. It took another few minutes for the labrador to soften up to Hakyeon, lifting his head up to reveal a sandy lower jaw. It nuzzled up to his cheek once the hesitance was put aside, Hakyeon giggling when he felt rough particles on his skin. The pair proceeded to take an unbelievable amount of pictures, constantly looking back at each other and the camera. Wonshik knew that Hakyeon would group a set of pictures together of them at the end of the day and felt his body stir a bit in anticipation.

That wouldn’t happen until they went back inside, so Wonshik let the adorable camera hogs be, strolling closer to the ocean. He took a seat where the cool water could pass over his toes, sighed deeply as the sound of crashing waves filled his ears. It had been a long time since Wonshik, or any of the VIXX members for that matter, had been allowed to have a relaxing day as he was having in that moment. He was always grateful that their group had done well, continuously receiving praises and job offers alongside their recent comebacks. There was nothing that could stop Wonshik from being thankful to their Starlights, supporting them through everything, but the rapper couldn’t help but miss the simpler times, where all he needed was the peace of the beach.

A flock of seagulls flew overhead as Wonshik leaned back, his fingers sinking in the warm sand, his shoulders slumping as his focus remained on the fizzling foam that narrowly grazed his calves. There were many people he knew that complained about the salty scent that surrounded places like this, but Wonshik preferred to take deep breaths and inhale the smell as much as he could. Although it wasn’t as crisp as a forest, perhaps a garden too, it was more than enough to reignite Wonshik’s senses, refreshing his body and mind as if he were given a chance to start anew.

Wonshik was easily lost in the calming trance, watching the ocean sway to and fro until he was suddenly snapped out of it, a familiar snap going off behind him. The rapper wasn’t surprised to see Hakyeon when he turned his head, the older smiling nervously as Wonshik gave him a knowing look.


The two of them knew each other long enough to know that Wonshik wasn’t mad in the slightest. There was no reason for Hakyeon to go to the younger’s side, to whine out apologies as he snuggled up against him. It could have been avoided, but he did so anyway, kicking up sand as he found a comfortable position next to Wonshik. The more the younger pushed him away, the more the older crept back, sporting huge eyes and pouty lips.

“Shikkie. Are you still angry with me?”

“What are you talking about?” Wonshik asked, poking Hakyeon’s sides.

“You’re definitely angry with me.” Hakyeon’s blinding smile betrayed his needy tone.

“Why would you say that?”

“Well for one thing, you wouldn’t let me take proper care of you before we came.”

“I know how to apply sunscreen on myself well enough.”

“Second of all, you chose ordering dinner instead of accepting my offer to cook us something after we played.”

“Considering you tried cutting carrots with a butter knife, I think I made an excellent choice.” Wonshik almost fell over, though he wasn’t sure if it was from laughter or from Hakyeon’s rough shoulder nudge.

“That was years ago! Are you ever going to let that go?”

“Don’t think so.”

Hakyeon huffed. “Meanie.”

“But I’m your meanie.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Wonshik blinked. “Huh? Why not?”

“Because of my third reason of why I think you’re angry at me.” Pulling the younger closer, Hakyeon intertwined their fingers, looking down. “You haven’t given me a kiss all day today.”

“Seriously? Is that what this is about?”

“Don’t say it like that! This is a big concern! On normal days, you would have given me at least ten kisses by now.”

“I can’t believe you …”

Before Hakyeon could complain any further, Wonshik gave the older a kiss on the cheek, pulling away once his face started to heat up. Hakyeon remained wide-eyed until Wonshik cleared his throat.

“Happy now?”


“Whoa -”

Ambushed by a flurry of kisses, Wonshik could only groan as he was weighed down to lay back on the sand. Their lips met gently, their breaths matching the wind blowing against them. All else was lost in those sole minutes, the only sensations Wonshik could recognize were the taste of Hakyeon’s sweet lip balm and his own fingers clutching the back of the other’s shirt. The intimacy remained languid, perhaps even more so when Hakyeon pulled back. His adoring eyes were searching for something in Wonshik’s, peering in so deep that it gave the younger goosebumps. Hakyeon chuckled when Wonshik remained still, the amusement shining clear in the older’s irises.


“What… what is it?”

“You love the beach, right?”


“Do you love it more than me?”

“Hakyeon.” Wonshik looked away. “Why are you comparing yourself to a beach?”

“No reason. But, this place does wonders to you, Shikkie. I wish I could see you like this all the time.” Hakyeon lifted one hand to caress Wonshik’s jaw, to bring back the eye contact. “Should we come by every weekend…like we used to?”

“You know we can’t.”

“I know.” With a sigh, Hakyeon flopped over next to Wonshik, watching the orange and pink clouds above their heads. “What’s your favorite part of this place?”

Wonshik didn’t need to think about a response for too long, his body instinctively taking a deep breath. “The smell.”

“Even if it sometimes smells like fish?” Hakyeon asked incredulously, which had the rapper grinning.

“Even when it smells like fish.”

Happy first anniversary, VIXX LR ♡
I’m waiting for a comeback ♥‿♥


N: Our cutie leader is one of those people you just want to hug. Now I don’t know about you but I also get the strong urge to snuggle pandas. That is why these sweet, cute, and aesthetically pleasing donuts are a nice match for our leader in need of love.

Leo: I associate Leo with green tea. I know know why but I just do. Maybe because of it’s earthy and recognizable flavor or maybe because I associate green tea with social isolation. Either way I am sticking with my choice of donut for our cat like Leo.

Ken: Fruit peddles are colorful and fun and donuts are sweet and fluffy. Now I don’t know about you but that is how I would describe out cutie main vocal Ken. I mean seriously how is this doughnut not Ken…. I am waiting…. Yea that’s right you got nothing.

Ravi: RAVI IS COOL AS FUCK! THE UNIVERSE IS COOL AS FUCK! DOUGHNUTS ARE COOL AS FUCK! What represents Ravi better that a mother fucking galaxy doughnut? Just look at the color and the EATABLE GLITTER!!! It’s too cool form me just like out dag daddy Ravi. I honestly cringed while writing dog daddy.

Hongbin: BEAN MY BEAN MY LITTLE FRUIT BAT THAT IS A BEAN! Look at that this has no fruit in it. That is new now isn’t it. These sushi doughnuts are technically not  doughnuts but we are just going to ignore that. These  doughnuts are aesthetically pleasing and picture worthy just like our Bennie bat. Therefor our precious bean will be represented by a sushi doughnut.

Hyuk: Hyuk pesters his hyungs, he teases his hyungs, he even goes as far as dragging his hyungs across the floor. Our Hyuk is a monster! He is a force to be reckoned with and will take you down before you can even begin to sing Chris Brown’s Take You Down. For our giant makna,  we need a doughnut that is equivalent to his top ranking not so baby monster status.

Why do you love Jesus Christ?
  • Ravi Zacharias: That's an easy question for me to answer. The harder question is, 'Why does Jesus Christ love me?'"
  • You see, love must be defined from God's perspective, not from man's. Only in the Christian faith does love precede life. In every other faith, life precedes love. The love and grace of forgiveness, because God Himself has paid the price for our sin, is a Christian distinctive and stands splendidly against our hate-filled, unforgiving world. The love of God is what gives us the beauty with which He has created us, and without Him I am not even capable of demonstrating love.