VIXX reaction - being teased by your fangirling over an actor

I guess title is fine, I think main a good title is the hardest thing in making reactions! Ok, leggo.

N: “Are you kidding me, I can act better than this??!”

Leo: *sad kitty mode on* Oh he won’t say a word… he’d just give you this eyes.

Ken: “You want a kiss scene? Here it is, I kissed it, now you come here and let me kiss you~”

Ravi: *smirks* “Oh just gimmie few minutes, and you will be sreaming MY name.”

Hongbin: “Huuuh, him, really? I thought you had better taste, like Lee Hogbin, he’s a pretty good actor you know and he freaking loves you girl.”

Hyuk: “Woah yes, he’s so good!” *fangirls with you bc he knows what you’re up to*


D-1 #HappyRaviDay