Because its Easter Sunday you get some extra photo’s. I am excited to share these two suiters, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. I had the pleasure of meeting these two at Motorcityfurcon this year, despite not having my camera at the time I saw them out, next time! They are the cutest fursuiting rabbit couple I have ever seen! Male Black and blue rabbit is Raverrabbit and the Female White and Black one with the plugs is Yoshey.

Raver Fursuit made by FireStorm Six


Raver Fursuit owned by RaverRabbit


Yoshey Fursuit owned by Yoshey


Yoshey Fursuit made by MixedCandy


Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Have a wonderfully colorful day!


More Photos from FWA 2014!
~only photos taken by my bf are watermarked with his name on them as well!~ 

Some photos taken by RaverRabbit:

My Suits Yoshey and Katana Rose:

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Can’t Keep My Eyes Open… - by Katana_Rose
~((Lame title because i’m lame and sleepy and lazyyyyy))~
…Cause it’s moving day early tomorrow morning for my bunny and I; moving an hour away huzzah; and I’ve been awake the past 48 hours just scrambling to pack things and hrnggg not everything is packed but ugh… i’m so tired! I keep trying to nap but my mind is going so fast with thoughts I just can’t settle down and relax enough to actually snooze at all. 

Haven’t posted any pictures in a while sooooo tossing one up from AC of my bunny and me for you guys for being so patient with me this month! ;3; <3

Celebrating at our anniversary con~
Anthrocon 2014
  raverrabbit  katanarose
Lovely, Amazing photo by   abrahm

Anthrocon 2014 
NBC News asked me (Yoshey), Cynical-Sergal and RaverRabbit (my bf) to walk by a few times while they did a few takes.

(we show up around the 0:49 mark)
Video: http://t.co/8knVwMDrrV

I never knew who filmed us though until messages started flooding in from friends and fans notifying us they had seen us on NBC. I don’t watch the news at all but I was pretty excited to finally know who filmed us and get to see! I sort of wish I would have waved or did a little dance or something as we walked by; but I was too afraid of getting scolded if I did something like that since they only told us to walk by for a few takes. Maybe next time haha!