raver moments


I had one of the best festival experiences of my life at Paradiso 2014. Despite the long line to get in Friday and the seriously over-done security check on Saturday (the security guards made me take off all of my kandi, my shoes, etc and threw away some of my things that were NOT dangerous), the music I heard and the people I meant blew me away. I felt such positive energy at the Gorge and everyone I met was warm and kind. PLUR was everywhere!

Thank you Paradiso for restoring my faith in festivals!

I am looking forward to moving to Seattle and experiencing more of the EDM scene in Washington. I can’t wait for FreakNight!


UMF 2014 was amazing. I had an epic time with my rave sister Feisty and my bf Out of Control. Sunday at the ASOT stage blew my mind. Walking toward the stage made me feel like I was coming home. All of my love to the people I met there who embody the spirit of *PLUR*!

Thank you to my girl CareBear for making all of my crazy outfit ideas a reality!!https://www.etsy.com/shop/CareBearPLUR

And thank you Kandi Man for making my lox complete!! <3!